50+ Spanish Adjectives That Start With W

50 Spanish Adjectives That Start With W

In Spanish, adjectives that start with the letter “W” are extremely rare since “W” is not a native letter in the Spanish alphabet. As a result, there are very few Spanish words that begin with “W,” and most of them are loanwords from other languages.

Check these spanish adjectives starting with w.

Wélshico Welsh
Wéstern Western
Wéstfaliano Westphalian
Windsurfístico Windsurfistic
Waguense From Wagga Wagga (a place in Australia)

spanish adjectives that start with w

Positive Spanish Adjectives That Start With W:

Here are positive Spanish adjectives that start with the letter “W”:

Wármico/a Warm (used in scientific contexts to describe a warm period)
Welwitschia Welwitschia (a type of plant)
Waw Waw (the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet)
Web Web (used to describe web-related topics)
WhatsAppero/a WhatsApp
Whisky Whisky (used to describe whisky-related topics)
Westfaliano/a Westphalian (related to Westphalia region in Germany)
Wind Wind (used in meteorology and related topics)
Walkman Walkman (used to describe Walkman devices or similar portable music players)
Wahoo Wahoo (a type of fish)

Note: Most of these words are borrowed from other languages.

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