30 Spanish Words That Start With Z

As we reach the final stretch of our alphabetical exploration of the Spanish language, we focus on the letter ‘Z’. Here, we present 30 intriguing Spanish words that begin with ‘Z’, a collection that includes nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs.

This selection, although modest in size, is rich in cultural and linguistic significance. The words range from common terms to more unusual ones, each showcasing the distinctive flavor of Spanish.

Ideal for language enthusiasts and learners alike, these ‘Z’ words are more than mere entries in a dictionary. They represent the vibrant and diverse tapestry of the Spanish language, each one a unique piece of the linguistic puzzle.

Spanish Words That Start With Z

Here are 30 Spanish words that start with the letter “Z”:

Spanish English
Zanahoria Carrot
Zorro Fox
Zapato Shoe
Zoológico Zoo
Zumo Juice
Zanjar To settle/resolve
Zambullirse To dive
Zona Zone
Zafiro Sapphire
Zoológico Zoo
Zafar To untie
Zambomba Drum
Zurrón Satchel
Zampar To gobble up
Zurdo Left-handed
Zarcillo Earring
Zafacón Trash can
Zarpar To set sail
Zarpazo Claw slash
Zanja Trench/ditch
Zurcir To mend
Zángano Drone (male bee)
Zamarra Jacket
Zaguán Hallway/entrance
Zarza Blackberry bush
Zagal Boy/lad
Zarcillo Tendril (botany)/earring
Zamorano From Zamora (a Spanish city)
Zureo Murmur/whisper
Zurear To murmur/whisper

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Spanish Nouns That Start With Z

Spanish Noun English Translation
Zanahoria Carrot
Zapato Shoe
Zoológico Zoo
Zumo Juice
Zafiro Sapphire
Zona Zone/Area
Zumbido Buzzing
Zorro Fox
Zanja Ditch
Zigzag Zigzag
Zafarrancho Bustle/Uproar
Zapatería Shoe store
Zócalo Baseboard/Plinth
Zepelín Zeppelin
Zenit Zenith
Zagal Youngster
Zambullida Dive
Zapatilla Slipper
Zarzamora Blackberry
Zodiaco Zodiac

Spanish Adjectives That Start With Z

Spanish Adjective English Translation
Zalamero Flattering
Zafio Uncouth
Zarco Light blue
Zen Zen (relating to Zen Buddhism)
Zigzagueante Zigzagging
Zonzo Silly/Dumb
Zafirino Sapphirine
Zumbón Buzzing
Zapatero Related to shoes
Zonal Zonal
Zaino Dun (color)
Zumbador Buzzing
Zanjador Ditch-digging
Zalamero Coaxing
Zambullidor Diving
Zampabollos Gluttonous
Zaragatero Quarrelsome
Zapoteco Zapotec (ethnic group from Mexico)
Zarcilloso Tendril-like
Zoológico Zoological

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Spanish Verbs That Start With Z

Spanish Verb English Translation
Zambullir To dive/plunge
Zumbar To buzz/hum
Zarandear To shake/jolt
Zanjar To settle/resolve
Zapatear To tap/stomp (with feet)
Zafarse To wriggle free
Zigzaguear To zigzag
Zambutirse To dive in
Zozobrar To capsize
Zurrar To thrash/spank
Zangolotear To wobble/joggle
Zampar To gobble/devour
Zapear To switch channels
Zanjonear To dig ditches
Zafar To release/unfasten
Zurear To buzz/hum
Zampuzar To splash
Zamarrear To shake roughly
Zambullirse To dive
Zanjear To ditch

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Spanish Adverbs That Start With Z

Spanish Adverb English Translation
Zalamamente Flatteringly
Zafadamente Rudely
Zambullidamente With a dive
Zigzagueantemente In a zigzagging manner
Zonalmente Zonally
Zapaterilmente Like a shoemaker
Zurdamente Clumsily (as in left-handed)
Zumbonamente Buzzingly
Zambamente Divingly
Zarandeadamente Shakingly
Zurradamente Spankingly
Zafíamente Uncouthly
Zozobrantemente In a capsizing manner
Zumbadoramente In a buzzing manner
Zapateadamente With stomping
Zanjonamente In a ditch-digging manner
Zampadamente Devouringly
Zambullidoramente Like a dive
Zangoloteadamente Wobblingly

Spanish Words that start with z

5 Letter Spanish Words That Start With Z

Below are 5-letter Spanish words starting with z.

Spanish English
Zuñir Buzz
Zafio Coarse
Zarza Blackberry bush
Zampo I wolf down
Zarpa Claw
Zambo Knock-kneed
Zarco Light blue
Zonas Areas
Zoclo Clog
Zafar Untie
Zanco Stilt
Zanca Leg
Zurdo Left-handed person
Zorro Fox
Zueco Clog
Zanja Ditch

4 Letter Spanish Words That Start With Z

Below are 4 letter Spanish words starting with z.

Spanish English
zeta the letter z
zuñi the zuni (people)
zona zone, district, area
zumo juice
zeus zeus
zulú zulu (language)
zuro corncob
zaga defense
zulú zulu
zoo- zoo
zulú zulu

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