500 Spanish Words That Start With H

There are many Spanish words that start with the letter H. Some of these words are: hábito, hacer, hambre, and humor.

Learning a second language can open up many opportunities. With that in mind, Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world and could very well be on your list of “must-learn” languages.

If you’re just starting out with Spanish, learning words that start with specific letters can help you get a better understanding of how to construct sentences as well as build your vocabulary base.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some common Spanish words beginning with “h” – perfect for anyone wanting to embark on their journey into speaking and understanding Spanish!

Spanish Words That Start With H

Here are some Spanish words with H & their English meanings:

Spanish English
heroina heroin
hipótesis hypothesis
hotel hotel
hombro shoulder
histórico historical
húmedo humid
hecho fact
helicóptero helicopter
humor humorous
hasta luego until then
hipopótamo hippopotamus
hombre man
historia, cuento story
hielo ice
horno oven
honesto, honrado/a honest
hegemonía hegemony
hormiga ant
horizontalmente horizontally
herido/a wounded
hasta up to
hasta manana until tomorrow
homicidio homicide
hora time
himno hymn
humildad humility
honestidad honesty
habia there was
herencia inheritance
horrendo horrendous
hace viento windy
hormona hormone
harto de sick of
honrado honored
hemisferio hemisphere
hijo son
hostilidad hostility
hierba herb
horario schedule
hermana sister
higado liver
hereditario hereditary
haz! make!
huevo egg
heroísmo heroism
historia history
homeopatía homeopathy
hay there is, are
hidrógeno hydrogen
hermoso beautiful
huevos duros eggs hardboiled
humano human
hostil hostile
horizonte horizon
héroe hero
heredero heir
hija daugther
historiador historian
habitante inhabitant
holografía holography
humorístico humorous
hasta unitl
homenaje homage
homogeneización homogenization
heroico heroic
hora hour
holograma hologram
hoja leaf
homocíclico homocyclic
habitación habitation
hermano brother
hamburguesa hamburger
huracán hurricane
hambre hunger
hiperactivo hyperactive
horticultura horticulture
hosquedad gloominess
hermandad brother hood
hierba grass
humanidad humanity
homínido hominid
helio helium
habilidad ability
hospitalidad hospitality
harina flour
hueso bone
hipoteca mortgage
hábito habit
herramienta tool
hola hello
helado de vainilla vanillia ice cream
holgazan loafer
humilde humble
helado ice cream
hoy today
hospital hospital
hacha hatchet


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Spanish Words that start with h

Spanish Adjectives That Start With H

Spanish English
Habitable Habitable
Hábil Skillful
Hablador/A Talkative
Hacedor/A Productive
Halcónido/A Hawk-Like
Halagador/A Flattering
Hámbriento/A Hungry
Hamacable Hammock-Able
Hambrón/A Starving
Hambriento/A Hungry
Hápax Hapax
Hápido/A Quick
Harapiento/A Ragged
Harinoso/A Floury
Harto/A Fed Up
Hastiado/A Jaded
Háusico/A House-Like
Hechizado/A Bewitched
Hediondo/A Stinky
Helechoide/A Fern-Like
Helénico/A Hellenic
Heliocéntrico/A Heliocentric
Helvético/A Swiss
Hemático/A Blood-Related
Hemisférico/A Hemispheric
Heráldico/A Heraldic
Hereditario/A Hereditary
Hermanable Brotherly
Hermético/A Hermetic
Heróico/A Heroic
Herrumbroso/A Rusty
Heterodoxo/A Heterodox
Heterogéneo/A Heterogeneous
Hidrofóbico/A Hydrophobic
Higiénico/A Hygienic
Hilarante Hilarious
Himaláyico/A Himalayan
Hindú Hindu
Histórico/A Historic
Hirsuto/A Hirsute
Hispánico/A Hispanic
Histriónico/A Histrionic
Hocicudo/A Snub-Nosed
Hogareño/A Homely
Holográfico/A Holographic
Holístico/A Holistic
Homérico/A Homeric
Hondable Tameable
Hondamente Deeply
Honesto/A Honest

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Spanish Verbs That Sart With H

Spanish English
Hablar To speak
Hacer To do/make
Habitar To inhabit/live in
Helar To freeze
Herir To injure/hurt
Hallar To find
Hojear To leaf through/flip
Honrar To honor
Hospedar To host/lodge
Huir To flee/escape
Hechizar To bewitch/enchant
Hervir To boil
Hundir To sink/submerge
Hilvanar To baste (in sewing)
Halagar To flatter
Heder To stink
Henchir To swell/fill
Homologar To homologate/equate
Hostigar To harass
Humedecer To moisten/humidify

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Spanish Nouns Starting With H

Spanish English
Habilidad Skill
Habilitación License
Hábitat Habitat
Habla Speech
Hablante Speaker
Habría Potential Future
Hacienda Estate
Halcón Falcon
Hambre Hunger
Hambruna Famine
Hamburguesa Hamburger
Harina Flour
Harén Harem
Hazaña Feat
Hazmerreír Laughingstock
Hebra Thread
Hechicería Witchcraft
Hecho Fact
Hechura Making
Helado Ice Cream
Hélice Propeller
Helicóptero Helicopter
Hemisferio Hemisphere
Hemorragia Hemorrhage
Heno Hay
Herencia Inheritance
Herida Injury
Hermano Brother
Hermosura Beauty
Herencia Heritage
Hermandad Brotherhood
Heroína Heroine
Heroísmo Heroism
Héroe Hero
Herramienta Tool
Herrero Blacksmith
Hervidor Kettle
Hervor Boiling
Heterogeneidad Heterogeneity

4 Letter Spanish Words That Start With H

Below are 4 letter Spanish words starting with h.

Spanish English
hoja foil
hiel bile
hito landmark
hule natural rubber
haba nodule (in stone)
hijo son
hora time
hato herd
hoja leaf
hoja pad
hora hour
hilo hilum
hoja glass pane
huir to escape
hala come on! let’s go!
hato flock of sheep
hoja side of bacon
huir to flee, to run away
huno hun
humo smoke
hada fairy
hato a clique; a ring of people
hilo thread, yarn, string
huir to avoid
hoyo hole
haya beech, beech tree
hato cattle ranch
hoja blade of knife or sword
hilo linen
haba ballot ball
hule rubber tree
hala wow!
humo fume
hipo a hiccup
hala hey!
hoja blank sheet of paper
higo fig (fruit)
hilo edge of something sharp
huso spindle
hola hello, hi
huma tamale
heme here i am
hilo crosshair, reticule
heno hay
hamo fish-hook
hito milestone

5 Letter Spanish Words That Start With H

Below are 5-letter Spanish words starting with h.

Spanish English
hueco hole
heñir knead
hongo fungus
hábil skillful
héroe hero
hurón ferret
harto fed up
hueso bone
huida escape
hunde you sink
hogar home
huele you smell
hacer do
halla you find
huevo egg
habla speech
halar pull
hobby hobby
hurto theft
hurta you steal
hecho fact
hasta until
hotel hotel
hipar hiccup
haber have
hacia toward
hondo deep
hacha ax
hucha cash box
herir wound
himno anthem
humor mood
heder stink
hielo ice
helar freeze
hadas fairies
horda horde

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