About Us

At EngDic.org, we believe that language is the fabric of life. It’s not just about learning English; it’s about weaving words into the very essence of our daily experiences. Our platform is a celebration of how language intersects with every aspect of life, from the food we savor to the hobbies we cherish.

Who We Are

We are a dynamic team of language aficionados and lifestyle enthusiasts, hailing from diverse backgrounds. Since our journey began in February 2020, EngDic.org has evolved into a vibrant community, seamlessly blending the art of language with the tapestry of life.

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What We Do

EngDic.org blends the richness of the English language with the vibrancy of lifestyle. Our offerings include:

  • Slangs and Adjectives: Dive into the colorful world of slang and adjectives, enhancing everyday conversations with flair and precision.
  • Poems by Maya Anthony: Discover the beauty of language through our featured poet Maya Anthony, whose work adds a lyrical dimension to our collection.
  • Engaging Stories: Delve into a variety of stories that entertain, educate, and inspire, spanning genres and cultures.
  • Grammar Concepts: We simplify complex grammar, making it accessible and relevant to daily communication. Our focus on practical grammar aids in speaking with confidence.
  • Lifestyle Vocabulary: Explore words and phrases that animate different aspects of life:
    • Food Words: From exotic cuisines to local dishes, expand your culinary vocabulary.
    • Business Terms: Navigate the corporate world with our comprehensive business lexicon.
    • Fitness and Health: Embrace wellness with terms related to fitness, health, and nutrition.
    • Fashion and Trends: Stay stylish with our fashion-forward vocabulary.
    • Children’s Toys & Games: Explore language that brings joy to children and gamers alike, from traditional toys to the latest in video gaming (PC & Mobile).
    • Nature & Environment: Dive into the names of vegetables, a variety of transport modes, and learn about different rivers and stones, enhancing your connection with the world around you.
    • Seasonal & Thematic Words: Season-specific terms like summer, winter, autumn, and fall, alongside categories like space, religions, and even spooky words.
    • Culinary Delights: Indulge in vocabulary covering everything from appetizers, soups, nuts, and an array of global cuisines including Mexican food, seafood, and different cheese types.
    • Health & Wellness: Navigate through terms related to exercises, diseases, skin care, autoimmune conditions, and even drugs.
    • Emotion & Expression: Learn words that express emotions – from sad to silly, motivational to scary. Understand the power of compliments, and cuss words, and delve into deep, powerful expressions.
    • Educational & Developmental: Words essential for preschool learning, children’s vocabulary, and educational topics like biology.
    • Hobbies & Interests: Words relating to hobbies and interests like movies, electronics, cooking, and tools.
    • Sports & Personality: Enhance your sports-related vocabulary with terms from soccer, baseball, and more. Learn words that describe different personalities and traits.
    • Specialized Topics: Engage with diverse topics such as women’s vocabulary, swear words, and even historical terms related to World War II.

At EngDic.org, we believe in the power of words to shape experiences, conversations, and perceptions. Join us in this enriching journey where language is not just a tool for communication, but a bridge to a more vibrant lifestyle.