80 Spanish Words That Start With Q

Embark on a linguistic expedition with our curated list of 300 Spanish words that start with the letter ‘Q’. This collection is a kaleidoscope of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs, reflecting the dynamic and expressive nature of the Spanish language. Each word is more than a sequence of letters; it’s a glimpse into the soul of Spanish communication and culture.

Our compilation thoughtfully balances between succinct 4-letter words and more intricate 5-letter expressions. It’s an ideal resource for both budding linguists and seasoned Spanish speakers, aiming to broaden your vocabulary horizon and deepen your understanding of this beautiful language.

As you explore these ‘Q’ words, you’re not just memorizing; you’re embarking on a cultural journey. With each term, you unlock a new aspect of Spanish, enhancing both your linguistic abilities and cultural insights. Let’s dive into this enriching linguistic adventure!

Spanish Words That Start With Q

Below are Spanish words that start with q and their meaning in English.

Spanish English
quiosco newstand
queja complaint
químico chemical
quiza, quizas maybe
quimica chemistry
quince fifteen
que what?
ques hora es? what time is it?
quietud quietude
quinto fifth
quinientos five hundred
Querido dear
quimera chimera
que hay? whats the matter?
quienquiera whoever
quien whom
que which
quietud quiescence
queroseno kerosene
queso cheese
quizas perhaps
quien who

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Spanish Nouns That Start With Q

Spanish Noun English Translation
Queso Cheese
Química Chemistry
Quinta Farm/Villa
Quiebre Breakdown
Querella Lawsuit
Quimera Chimera
Quizás Quiz
Quintal Quintal (weight unit)
Quebrada Creek/Gorge
Quetzal Quetzal (bird)
Quincena Fortnight
Quiosco Kiosk
Queja Complaint
Quiste Cyst
Quinoto Kumquat (fruit)
Quijada Jaw
Quinteto Quintet
Querubín Cherub
Quebranto Ailment
Quehacer Chore

Spanish Adjectives That Start With Q

Spanish Adjective English Translation
Querido Beloved/Dear
Quieto Quiet
Químico Chemical
Quebradizo Brittle
Querendón Affectionate
Quimérico Chimerical
Quinceañero Fifteenth (referring to age)
Querido Beloved
Quirúrgico Surgical
Quitinoso Chitinous
Quejumbroso Whiny
Quinqui Delinquent
Quimérico Imaginary
Quebrantado Broken down
Quimérico Chimerical
Quisquilloso Fussy
Quemante Burning
Quinario Quinary
Quebradizo Fragile
Quimérico Unreal

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Spanish Verbs That Start With Q

Spanish Verb English Translation
Querer To want/love
Quitar To remove
Quejarse To complain
Quemar To burn
Quebrar To break
Quedar To stay/remain
Quijarse To creak
Quemarse To burn (oneself)
Quintuplicar To quintuple
Quebrantar To break/weaken
Quispear To glimmer
Quebrantarse To get tired
Quintar To take a fifth
Quincenear To occur every two weeks
Quebradizar To make brittle
Quedarse To remain/stay
Quilificar To grade
Querellarse To sue
Quincunxar To arrange in a quincunx
Quilatar To verify the quality

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Spanish Adverbs That Start With Q

Spanish Adverb English Translation
Quizás Perhaps
Queridamente Affectionately
Químicamente Chemically
Quietas Quietly
Quinceañeramente In the style of a fifteenth birthday
Quejosamente Whiningly
Quirúrgicamente Surgically
Químicamente Chemically
Químicamente Chemically
Querubínicamente Cherubically
Quebrantadamente Weakly
Quincenalmente Biweekly
Quemadoramente Burningly
Quimeramente Chimerically
Querubínicamente Angelically
Químicamente Chemically
Quinceañeramente Like a fifteenth birthday
Quitinosamente In a chitinous way
Quijotesamente Quixotically
Queridamente Dearingly

Spanish Words that start with q

4 Letter Spanish Words That Start With Q

Below are 4 letter Spanish words starting with q.

Spanish English
quia denotes incredulity
quid gist; point; crux

5 Letter Spanish Words That Start With Q

Below are 5 letter Spanish words starting with q.

Spanish English
Queja Complaint
Quien Who
Quema Burning
Quedo Quiet
Quizá Maybe

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