300 Spanish Words That Start With U

We continue our alphabetical adventure with the letter ‘U’ in Spanish, a linguistic journey revealing 300 captivating words. This diverse array encompasses nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs, all starting with ‘U’.

In this selection, the concise charm of 4-letter words mingles with the depth of 5-letter expressions, each word reflecting the unique nuances of the Spanish language. This compendium is not just a vocabulary list; it’s a celebration of linguistic diversity.

Perfect for both seasoned linguists and new Spanish learners, these words offer more than mere meaning. They provide a window into the rich cultural fabric of Spanish-speaking societies, all through the unique lens of ‘U’.

Spanish Words That Start With U

Below are Spanish words that start with u and their meaning.

Spanish English
Útero Uterus
Univalente Univalent
Universo Universe
Unidad Unity
Utilizar Utilize
Univalvo Univalve
Urgente Urgent
Unidad Unit
Unido United
Urgencia Urgency
Un, Una A, An
Unas, Unos Some
Urano Uranus
Uva Grape
Urgir Urge
Urbano Urbane
Uniforme Uniform
Util Useful
Unificar Unify
Utilizado Utilized
Uso Use
Usted You (Form)
Urbano Urban
Último Ultimate
Único Unique
Utensilio Utensil
Ultimo Last
Usado Used
Una Pelicude Accion Action Movie
Una Fingernail
Urología Urology
Unos Cuantos A Few
Ultimamente Lately
Unánime Unanimous
Un Poco De Bit Of
Utilidad Utility
Universidad University
Universidad College
Un, Uno, Una One

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Spanish Nouns That Start With U

Spanish Noun English Translation
Universidad University
Uva Grape
Unicornio Unicorn
Uniforme Uniform
Usuario User
Urgencia Urgency
Umbral Threshold
Utopía Utopia
Utilidad Utility
Ubre Udder
Ultrasonido Ultrasound
Unión Union
Uso Use
Utensilio Utensil
Unificación Unification
Úlcera Ulcer
Ubicación Location
Urbanización Urbanization
Urraca Magpie
Ultraje Outrage

Spanish Adjectives That Start With U

Spanish Adjective English Translation
Único Unique
Universal Universal
Urgente Urgent
Usado Used
Útil Useful
Unánime Unanimous
Urbano Urban
Ultrajante Outrageous
Ubicuo Ubiquitous
Unificador Unifying
Ulterior Ulterior
Ufano Proud
Ultramoderno Ultra-modern
Unilateral Unilateral
Utopista Utopian
Ubérrimo Very Fertile
Ultrafino Ultrafine
Uniforme Uniform
Unísono Unison
Ultravioleta Ultraviolet

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Spanish Verbs That Start With U

Spanish Verb English Translation
Usar To use
Unir To unite
Urgir To urge
Ulular To howl
Ubicar To locate
Uniformar To uniform
Untar To smear/spread
Utilizar To utilize
Ufanarse To boast
Urbanizar To urbanize
Ujierar To usher
Ulcerar To ulcerate
Unificar To unify
Untarse To anoint oneself
Universalizar To universalize
Urdir To plot/weave
Uribificar To urbanify
Ubicarse To place oneself
Ultrapasar To go beyond
Ultrajar To outrage

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Spanish Adverbs That Start With U

Spanish Adverb English Translation
Últimamente Lately
Unánimemente Unanimously
Usualmente Usually
Urgentemente Urgently
Únicamente Only/Exclusively
Utilmente Usefully
Unilateralmente Unilaterally
Uniformemente Uniformly
Unívocamente Unambiguously
Ufano Proudly
Ultrajantemente Outrageously
Urbanamente Urbanely
Utópicamente Utopically
Ufanamente Boastfully
Ulteriormente Subsequently
Unánimemente Unanimously
Unificadamente Unifiedly
Ultrafinamente Ultra-finely
Unipersonalmente Individually
Ubicuamente Ubiquitously

4 Letter Words That Start With U

Below are 4 letter Spanish words starting with u.

Spanish English
unir to merge, to conflate
usar to use
urbe metropolis; city
usar to consume
unir to unite
usar to be used
utah utah
usar to wear
ubre udder
urna urn
urna poll; ballot box
útil helpful; useful
usar to be fashionable

5 Letter Spanish Words That Start With U

Below are 5 letter Spanish words starting with u.

Spanish English
Ubres Udders
Usado Used
Ungir Put ointment on
Urnas Polls
Ufano Proud
Urgir Urge
Usual Usual
Usted You
Ubica You locate
Unión Union
Unido United
Útero Womb
Úvula Uvula
Untar Spread

Spanish Words that start with u

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