300 Spanish Words That Start With J

Embarking on a linguistic adventure, today we delve into the vibrant world of the Spanish language, exploring 300 captivating words that start with the letter ‘J’. This collection is a treasure trove for language enthusiasts, encompassing nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs. Each word is a unique glimpse into the rich tapestry of Spanish vocabulary.

We’ve meticulously curated this list to include words of varying lengths, from succinct 4-letter gems to eloquent 5-letter expressions. Whether you’re a seasoned polyglot or a curious beginner, these words promise to enhance your linguistic repertoire and deepen your appreciation for the Spanish language.

Our journey through these 300 words is not just an academic exercise, but a cultural expedition. As you familiarize yourself with each term, you’ll be unlocking new doors to understanding and expression, revealing the nuanced beauty of Spanish. Let’s embark on this exciting voyage together!

Spanish Words That Start With J

Below are Spanish words that start with J and their meaning in English.

Spanish English
juicioso judicious
joven young man
judiciario judiciary
jerga jargon
juvenil juvenile
junta joint
joya jewel
jugador player
jerarquía hierarchy
jirafa giraffe
justificar justify
juez judge
japonés Japanese
jefe boss
juego set
justificado justified
junto, juntos together
jugo Juice
jurídico juridical
jueves Thursday
joven youth
Julio July
jornada journey
junio June
juguete toy
juicio judgment
juego, partido game
Justicia justice
jamon hamburger
jefe/a employer
juicio trial
jamas not ever
jugoso Juicy
jarra jar
jardinero gardener
justo just
jugo de naranja orange juice
jurado jury
judio Jewish
jabon soap
jazmín jasmine
joyas jewelry
Japon Japan
jungla, selva jungle
jubiloso jubilant
jubilación jubilation
jardín garden

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Spanish Nouns That Start With J

Spanish Noun English Translation
Juego Game
Jardín Garden
Joya Jewel
Joven Youth
Juez Judge
Jabón Soap
Joyería Jewelry
Jirafa Giraffe
Jornada Day/Workday
Justicia Justice
Jaula Cage
Jersey Jersey
Jalea Jelly
Jugador Player
Juguete Toy
Jamón Ham
Jefe Boss/Chief
Jengibre Ginger
Jarra Jar/Pitcher
Juventud Youth

Spanish Adjectives That Start With J

Spanish Adjective English Translation
Joven Young
Juguetón Playful
Justo Fair/Just
Jubiloso Joyful
Juicioso Judicious
Jocoso Jocular
Jactancioso Boastful
Japonés Japanese
Jovial Jovial
Jugoso Juicy
Jumbo Jumbo
Jeque Sheikh
Jazmín Jasmine (as in color or scent)
Juntado Joined
Juvenil Juvenile
Jabonoso Soapy
Jaspado Speckled
Jorobado Hunchbacked
Jadeante Panting
Jabalí Wild boar (as in aspect)

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Spanish Verbs That Start With J

Spanish Verb English Translation
Jugar To play
Juzgar To judge
Jubilarse To retire
Juntar To join/gather
Jurar To swear
Jadejar To pant
Jactarse To boast
Jalonear To tug/pull
Jamás To never
Jerarquizar To hierarchize
Jeopardizar To jeopardize
Jeringar To needle/inject
Jerarquizar To rank
Jorobar To bother/annoy
Jibarizar To shrink/reduce
Justificar To justify
Jalonear To yank
Juguetear To toy with
Jactarse To boast
Juzgar To judge

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Spanish Adverbs That Start With J

Spanish Adverb English Translation
Justamente Justly/Fairly
Juiciosamente Judiciously
Jovialmente Jovially
Jubilosamente Joyously
Jocosamente Jokingly
Juntos Together
Justo Exactly
Jactanciosamente Boastfully
Judicialmente Judicially
Juzgadamente Judgedly
Jovialmente Jovially
Jejeje (onomatopoeic for giggling)
Jerárquicamente Hierarchically
Jocosamente Jokingly
Junto Next to
Jurídicamente Legally
Jocosamente Jokingly
Juguetonamente Playfully
Juntos Together
Jocosamente Jokingly

Spanish Words that start with j

4 Letter Spanish Words That Start With J

Below are 4 letter Spanish words starting with J.

Spanish English
jugo juice
jira picnic
juan male given name
jaca pony
jota the name of the letter j
jebe latex, rubber
jumo drunkenness
joya jewellery, jewelry
jugo substance
jaez harness
jebe alum
juro ownership
jade jade
jazz jazz
joya jewel
jeta snout
jefa (female) boss
juez judge
joya gem; treasure
jaca mare
jaja haha
juan john (biblical character)
jaez sort; ilk
juez umpire; referee; official
jota jot; iota
jote vulture
jeta anger face
jote turkey vulture
jeta sleep (act)
jaro arum lily
judo judo

5 Letter Spanish Words That Start With J

Below are 5 letter Spanish words starting with J.

Spanish English
Joven Young
Jugar Play
Jadeo Panting
Juega You play
Jarro Pitcher
Juzga You judge
Jaleo Racket
Jarra Pitcher
Jalar Pull
Jaque Check
Justo Fair
Jefes Folks
Jaula Cage
Jurar Swear
Jabón Soap
Jamás Never
Juzgo I judge
Jamar Stuff oneself with
Judío Jewish
Junto Together
Jején Gnat
Juego Game
Jerga Jargon
Jamón Ham

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