150 Spanish Words That Start With N

Dive into the enchanting world of the Spanish language with our comprehensive exploration of 150 words beginning with the letter ‘N’. This rich assortment, featuring nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs, is a testament to the diversity and vibrancy of Spanish vocabulary. Each word is a portal, opening up new avenues of communication and understanding.

We’ve carefully selected a range of words, from concise 4-letter expressions to more elaborate 5-letter terms. This variety caters to learners of all levels, offering a unique way to enrich your Spanish lexicon and enhance your linguistic skills.

Our journey through these words is more than a linguistic endeavor; it’s a cultural odyssey. As you acquaint yourself with each term, you’ll gain insights into the nuanced beauty and cultural richness of the Spanish language. Ready to embark on this captivating linguistic adventure? Let’s begin!

Spanish Words That Start With N

Below are Spanish words that start with n and their meaning in English.

Spanish English
negro black
ningun, ninguno/a not any
novelista novelist
noche evening
nublado/a foggy
no no
novio boyfriend
nuez nutritive
nativo native
navegable navigable
nube nebula
nariz nose
nilon nylon
nobleza nobility
ninguno none
neutro neutral
noticias news
normalmente normally
naturaleza nature
notario notary
nota note
nueve nine
necesitado necessitous
narcótico narcotic
narración narration
nocturno nocturnal
nos us
nieve snow
novio fiance
normalidad normality
nación nation
numerador numerator
necesidad need
notificar notify
nada nothing
nunca never
noticia notice
nanotubo nanotube
norte north
núcleo nucleus
neblina fog
nieto grandson
novelesco novelistic
nevada snowfall, snowstorm
nosotros we
necesitar necessitate
nido nest
necesidad necessity
natacion swimming
novia bride
Neptuno Neptune
ninguna vez never once
noción notion
narrar narrate
nervioso nervous
negociante businessman
novia fiancee
noviembre november
novelesco novelesque
notación decimal decimal notation
negociar negotiate
necesario necessary
nieta granddaugther
nivel level
Naciones Unidas united nations
numeroso numerous
no digas dont say!
nube cloud
naranja orange (fruit)
noche night
norma norm
negocio business
norteño northern
no obstante regardless
no colineal noncollinear
nordeste northeast
nacionalidad nationality
numero de telefono telephone number
negligencia negligence
nanómetro nanometer
nublado cloudy
nadie nobody, no one
nutritivo nutritive
Nihilismo Nihilism
nuevo new
notorio notorious
novela novel
negativo negative
ni…ni neither …nor
novia girlfriend
nuera daugther in law
nombre name
navegación navigation
nacional national
número number
novedad novelty
nuestro/a our
nanosegundo nanosecond
noventa ninety
ninez childhood
nada not anything
nunca mas never ever
nervio nerve
no convencional non-conventional
navaja de afeitar razor
no coplanar non-coplanar
novio groom
naturalmente naturally
noveno ninth
novecientos nine hundred
nadie no one
nutrido nourished

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Spanish Nouns That Start With N

Spanish Noun English Translation
Noche Night
Nombre Name
Niño Child
Nariz Nose
Noticia News
Nube Cloud
Naturaleza Nature
Número Number
Novela Novel
Navidad Christmas
Nación Nation
Necesidad Need
Nivel Level
Negocio Business
Novio Boyfriend
Neblina Fog/Mist
Naranja Orange
Norte North
Nacimiento Birth
Nota Note

Spanish Adjectives That Start With N

Spanish Adjective English Translation
Nuevo New
Necesario Necessary
Noble Noble
Normal Normal
Nervioso Nervous
Natural Natural
Nítido Sharp/Clear
Nutritivo Nutritious
Notable Notable
Navideño Christmas-like
Neutro Neutral
Nublado Cloudy
Nutrido Well-fed
Nulo Null
Nocivo Harmful
Naútico Nautical
Nacional National
Nocturno Nocturnal
Numeroso Numerous
Negligente Negligent

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Spanish Verbs That Start With N

Spanish Verb English Translation
Necesitar To need
Nombrar To name
Navegar To navigate
Notar To notice
Negar To deny
Nutrir To nourish
Narrar To narrate
Nadar To swim
Nacer To be born
Negociar To negotiate
Normalizar To normalize
Nevar To snow
Ningunear To disregard
Noveler To novelize
Nacionalizar To nationalize
Nublar To cloud
Necesitarse To be needed
Nominar To nominate
Nurtir To nurture
Neutralizar To neutralize

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Spanish Adverbs That Start With N

Spanish Adverb English Translation
Nunca Never
Normalmente Normally
Naturalmente Naturally
Necesariamente Necessarily
Notablemente Notably
Nítidamente Clearly
Nuevamente Again
Nocturnamente Nocturnally
Nominalmente Nominally
Negativamente Negatively
Notoriamente Notoriously
Navideñamente In a Christmas-like manner
Nerviosamente Nervously
Naúticamente Nautically
Numéricamente Numerically
Nacionalmente Nationally
Noblemente Nobly
Neblinosamente Mistily
Nutritivamente Nutritively
Narrativamente Narratively

Spanish Words that start with n

4 Letter Spanish Words That Start With N

Below are 4 letter Spanish words starting with n.

Spanish English
niza nice (city in france)
nata skin (on boiled milk)
neto net
nulo null, void, invalid
nabo heart (of split wood)
nave ship
nota note (music)
nana nanny
nono ninth
ñoño whiny
nota note, memo
neo- neo-
nodo node
nudo knot
nabo mast
ñame yam
ñoño senile
nuez walnut (nut)
nabo turnip
nada anything
nene baby
nuca nape, back of the neck
nube a cloud
nasa weir
nasa fish-trap
nilo nile
nazi nazi
nabo any thick root
nada nothingness
neón neon
naco indigenous; indian
niño boy, child
nato born
nazi nazi
nota mark, academic score
nata (dairy) cream
nave nave, aisle
nata elite
nada nothing, zero, zilch
nido nest

5 Letter Spanish Words That Start With N

Below are 5 letter Spanish words starting with n.

Spanish English
Noria Ferris wheel
Nevar Snow
Nivel Level
Nadar Swim
Niega You deny
Novio Boyfriend
Naves Ship
Norte North
Notas Notes
Novia Girlfriend
Ninfa Nymph
Norma Rule
Nuevo New
Naipe Playing card
Naval Naval
Notar Notice
Nunca Never
Nadie No one
Natal Native
Niñez Childhood
Nuera Daughter-in-law
Nubes Clouds
Negar Deny
Necio Foolish
Noble Noble
Nimio Trivial
Nacer Be born
Napia Schnoz
Niños Children
Nalga Buttock
Noche Night
Nicho Niche
Nieve Snow
Novel New
Negro Black
Nieto Grandson
Neura Obsession
Nariz Nose
Níveo Snow-white

5 Letter Spanish Words That Start With Ñ

Below are 5 letter Spanish words starting with ñ.

Spanish English
Ñandu Rhea
Ñoños Dull

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