Spanish Verbs That Start With Q

Spanish Verbs That Start With Q

Here are common Spanish verbs that start with the letter “q,” along with their meanings:

Spanish VerbsEnglish Meanings
Quitarse to take off or remove (clothing, accessories, etc.)
Quitar to remove, take away, or subtract
Querer to want, love, or desire
Quedar to stay, remain, or meet up (when referring to plans with someone)
Quemar to burn
Quedarse to stay or remain (when referring to a person)
Quásar quasar (in astronomy, a celestial object that emits an extremely large amount of energy)
Quebrar to break, shatter, or fracture
Quejarse to complain or grumble
Quejar to complain (less common form of “quejarse”)
Quehacer chores, tasks, or duties
Quebrarse to break or fracture (referring to a bone or a similar object)

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spanish verbs that start with q

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All Spanish Verbs That Start With Q

  • quinchar
  • quintaesenciar
  • quintuplicarse
  • querochar
  • quintar
  • quinolear
  • quillotrarse
  • quejarse
  • quásar
  • quillotrar
  • quemar
  • quimerizar
  • quietarse
  • quebrarse
  • quietar
  • quilatar
  • quimificarse
  • querellarse
  • quejumbrar
  • quemarse
  • quedar
  • quimerear
  • quebrajarse
  • quimificar
  • quilificar
  • quilificarse
  • querer
  • quehacer
  • quitar
  • quintuplicar
  • quistarse
  • quejar
  • quesear
  • quedarse
  • quebrajar
  • quebrar
  • quitarse
  • quebrantar
  • quebrantarse