50 Spanish Words That Start With X

Diving into the linguistic depths of the Spanish language, we explore the enigmatic letter ‘X’. Here, we present 50 Spanish words starting with ‘X’, an eclectic mix of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs.

This compilation, though a challenge due to the rarity of ‘X’ in Spanish, offers a fascinating array of words. They range from the every day to the exotic, each shedding light on different aspects of Spanish vocabulary and culture.

Ideal for linguists, language learners, and cultural enthusiasts, these ‘X’ words are not just vocabulary. They represent the unique and sometimes hidden facets of the Spanish language, each word a testament to its richness and diversity.

Spanish Words That Start With X

Since “X” is less common in Spanish and many words starting with “X” are borrowed from other languages or used in specific contexts, you’ll notice a mix of specialized terms and loanwords.

Here is a list of some Spanish words that start with “X” along with their English meanings:

Spanish English
Xenofobia  Xenophobia
Xilófono  Xylophone
Xilografía  Woodcut (engraving)
Xeroftalmía  Xerophthalmia (a medical condition)
Xilófago  Xylophagous (feeding on wood)
Xenón  Xenon (a chemical element)
Xerocopia  Xerocopy
Xilográfico  Xylographic
Xerografía  Xerography
Xerojardinería  Xerogardening (gardening with minimal water)
Xeroderma  Xeroderma (a skin condition)
Xilografista  Xylographer
Xifoideo  Xiphoid (pertaining to the xiphoid process)
Xerófilo  Xerophilous (adapted to dry environments)
Xilosa  Xylose (a type of sugar)
Xenotrasplante  Xenotransplantation
Xilocaína  Xylocaine (a local anesthetic)
Xileno  Xylene (a chemical compound)
Xerocole  Xerocole (animal adapted to desert)
Xantoma  Xanthoma (a skin condition)
Xantofila  Xanthophyll (a pigment in plants)
Xantoproteína  Xanthoprotein (a protein)
Xenócrata  Xenocrat (a ruler of a foreign country)
Xerografía  Xerography (dry printing)
Xilología  Xylology (study of wood)
Xistosa  Schistose (pertaining to schist rock)
Xerófilo  Xerophile (an organism adapted to dry climates)
Xantelasma  Xanthelasma (a skin condition)
Xantófito  Xanthophyte (a type of algae)
Xenofilia  Xenophilia (an attraction to foreign peoples, cultures)
Xantopsia  Xanthopsia (a vision condition)
Xist  Schist (a type of rock)
Xeroftálmico  Xerophthalmic (related to xerophthalmia)
Xerografico  Xerographic
Xerodermia  Xeroderma (dry skin)
Xenoestrogen  Xenoestrogen (a type of synthetic estrogen)
Xilogravura  Xylogravure (a form of wood engraving)
Xilogravado  Xylographed
Xero  Xero (used in compound words to denote dryness)
Xilema  Xylem (a type of plant tissue)
Xerodermático  Xerodermatic
Xarope  Syrup (alternative spelling)
Xerófito  Xerophyte (a plant adapted to dry climates)
Xilografiar  To make wood engravings
Xifoides  Xiphoid
Xerocopiar  To make a xerox copy
Xenomorfo  Xenomorph (an alien form, often in science fiction)
Xerófita  Xerophyte (a plant that thrives in dry conditions)
Xantina  Xanthine (a chemical compound)

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5 Letter Spanish Words That Start With X

Below are 5-letter Spanish words starting with x.

Spanish English
Xiote Corn smut (botanical disease)
Xolos Mexican hairless dogs
Xénon Xenon

Spanish Words that start with x

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