300 Spanish Words That Start With O

Step into the world of Spanish language with our vibrant exploration of 300 words beginning with ‘O’. This diverse collection includes nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs, each offering a unique perspective into the intricacies of Spanish. These words are not just vocabulary but gateways to a richer linguistic experience.

Our list is thoughtfully compiled, featuring both succinct 4-letter words and more complex 5-letter phrases. It’s an ideal resource for language learners at all stages, providing a comprehensive tool to expand your Spanish vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.

Embark on this linguistic journey and immerse yourself in the Spanish language. As you familiarize yourself with each ‘O’ word, you’ll not only enhance your language skills but also gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural and expressive depth of Spanish. Let’s start this exciting exploration together!

Spanish Words That Start With O

Below are Spanish words that start with o and their meaning in English.

Spanish English
oculto occult
oficio office
organizar organize
operador operator
oscuridad darkness
olvido oblivion
originalidad originality
otro other
observado observed
obsesionado obsessed
oro gold
obrero worker
oficial official
operación operation
ojo eye
ocurrido occurred
ordenado ordinate
optimismo optimism
observar las ballenas whale watching
orden order
orador orator
ototropismo phototropism
ochenta eighty
obra play
obscuridad obscurity
oponer oppose
opuesto opposite
offender offend
orilla wave
opresión oppression
o … o either … or
otro/otra another
océano ocean
ordenado/a neat
objetivo objective
ordenado ordered
obligatorio obligatory
optimista optimist
oscuro dark
obviamente obviously
oferta offer
organizado organized
odio odium
oración oration
ocho eight
oeste west
ocasión occasion
observación observation
orientación orientation
ocupación occupation
ojala god willing
opinion opinion
obscuro obscure
ocurrencia occurrence
octavo eighth
orientado oriented
origen origin
organización organization
orbe orb
octavo octave
obvio obvious
ofensa offense
olor odor
obediente obedient
oxígeno oxygen
opaco opaque
ortodoxo orthodox
obra opus
operar operate
oposición opposition
octubre October
optimista optimistic
opción option
omisión omission
oportuno opportune
obediencia obedience
ovni ufo
ocoso jocose
obligado obliged
ortogonal orthogonal
obligación, compromiso obligation
oficial officer
otra vez again
ordinario ordinary
organismo organism
ochocientos eight hundred
odioso odious
oriente orient
oso bear
oportunidad opportunity
obstáculo obstacle
o or
oveja sheep
orgánico organic
otono fall (season)
obligar oblige
orgulloso/a proud
oficina office
objeción objection
ocupado busy
once eleven
obsesión obsession
ontono autumn
ornamento ornament
observatorio observatory
órgano organ
oreja, oido ear
objeto object

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Spanish Nouns That Start With O

Spanish Noun English Translation
Ojo Eye
Oreja Ear
Océano Ocean
Oficina Office
Objeto Object
Oportunidad Opportunity
Obra Work (as in a work of art)
Olivo Olive (tree)
Oso Bear
Olor Smell/Odor
Onda Wave
Oveja Sheep
Otoño Autumn
Oro Gold
Origen Origin
Orden Order
Ovni UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)
Oxígeno Oxygen
Obrero Worker
Órgano Organ

Spanish Adjectives That Start With O

Spanish Adjective English Translation
Oscuro Dark
Obvio Obvious
Ordenado Organized
Optimista Optimistic
Opulento Opulent
Original Original
Obediente Obedient
Ofensivo Offensive
Olvidadizo Forgetful
Obsoleto Obsolete
Oportuno Timely
Ocasional Occasional
Orgulloso Proud
Ornamental Ornamental
Ovalado Oval
Oleoso Oily
Opaco Opaque
Obstinado Stubborn
Omnipresente Omnipresent
Opresivo Oppressive

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Spanish Verbs That Start With O

Spanish Verb English Translation
Oír To hear
Ofrecer To offer
Observar To observe
Olvidar To forget
Operar To operate
Organizar To organize
Obtener To obtain
Oponer To oppose
Ocupar To occupy
Ordenar To order
Orientar To orient
Oler To smell
Oxidar To oxidize
Opinar To opine
Oscurecer To darken
Obedecer To obey
Ornamentar To ornament
Ofuscar To obfuscate
Omitir To omit
Ostentar To show off

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Spanish Adverbs That Start With O

Spanish Adverb English Translation
Obviamente Obviously
Originalmente Originally
Ocasionalmente Occasionally
Ordenadamente Orderly
Oficialmente Officially
Ostensiblemente Ostensibly
Oportunamente Opportunely
Obscuramente Darkly
Obedientemente Obediently
Ocupadamente Busily
Optativamente Optionally
Orgullosamente Proudly
Ordinariamente Ordinarily
Obstinadamente Stubbornly
Opulentamente Opulently
Oblicuamente Obliquely
Odiosamente Hatefuly
Oníricamente Dreamily
Olfativamente Olfactively
Oficiosamente Officiously

Spanish Words that start with o

4 Letter Words That Start With O

Below are 4 letter Spanish words starting with o.

Spanish English
onza ounce
óleo oil
once eleven
orco hell
obra construction
olio see óleo
orbe world
ogro ogre
opio opium
orar to pray
orbe orb
olor smell, scent
otan nato
open open
orco orc
ocio diversion
ogro fiend, brute
oral oral
orco orcus
orto sundown
orín urine
ocho eight
ogro crank
olmo elm
orco male orca, killer whale
orca orca, killer whale
oído hearing
ohio ohio
onda style, fashion
olla a stew
otro other, another
oboe oboe
oreo breeze
ocre ochre
orín rust (caused by moisture)
óseo osseous, bony
omar male given name
ocra okra
ónix onyx
olga female given name
olla a pot or pan; a kettle
osar to dare
orbe globefish
oreo fresh air
ojal buttonhole
olla a pool, a whirlpool
ojal loop
odio hate
onda vibe or mood

5 Letter Spanish Words That Start With O

Below are 5 letter Spanish words starting with o.

Spanish English
Orlar Edge
Oliva Olive
Orden Order
Oblea Wafer
Ollas Pots
Oveja Sheep
Oírse Sound
Oruga Caterpillar
Otear Scan
Otoño Fall
Opina You think
Ornar Adorn
Obras Work
Ogros Ogres
Ostra Oyster
Obrar Act
Oeste West
Ópalo Opal
Ozono Ozone
Oxear Shoo away
Ojear Have a look at
Ojalá Hopefully
Oreja Ear
Opaco Opaque
Oasis Oasis
Ocaso Sunset
Optar Opt for
Obvio Obvious
Orina Urine
Ollar Nostril
Ondas Ripples
Otero Hillock
Ojera Bag under one’s eyes
Omiso Negligent
Ojota Sandal
Odiar Hate
Orear Air

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