Spanish Words That Start With K

In the vibrant tapestry of the Spanish language, the letter ‘K’ stands out as a unique character. Unlike its more frequently used counterparts, ‘K’ is often a harbinger of words with foreign roots, making it a gateway to a world of diverse linguistic influences within Spanish.

This uncommon letter paves the way for an array of intriguing words that enrich the language’s lexicon with global flavors. From everyday terms borrowed from English to specialized words derived from various languages and disciplines, ‘K’ introduces Spanish speakers and learners to a fascinating segment of vocabulary.

In this exploration, we delve into an eclectic mix of Spanish words beginning with ‘K’, including verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and nouns.

As we uncover these words, we not only expand our Spanish vocabulary but also gain insight into the cultural and linguistic exchanges that shape the evolution of this beautiful language.

Join us in this unique linguistic journey, discovering the charm and peculiarities of Spanish words that start with ‘K’.

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Spanish Words Starting With K

Here are some Spanish words that start with k, mostly borrowed from other languages.

Word Meaning in English Origin Example in a Sentence
Karaoke Karaoke Japanese “Vamos a cantar en el karaoke esta noche.”

(Let’s sing at the karaoke tonight.)

Ketchup Ketchup English “Me gusta poner ketchup en mis papas fritas.”

(I like to put ketchup on my fries.)

Kiwi Kiwi English “El kiwi es una fruta rica en vitamina C.”

(Kiwi is a fruit rich in vitamin C.)

Karma Karma Sanskrit “Creo en el karma y en las consecuencias de nuestras acciones.”

(I believe in karma and the consequences of our actions.)

Technical or Specific Terms Starting with ‘K’

Below are some other techanical words:

Word Meaning in English Example in a Sentence
Kilómetro Kilometer “Hay diez kilómetros hasta la próxima ciudad.”

(There are ten kilometers to the next city.)

Kilogramo Kilogram “Este paquete pesa exactamente un kilogramo.”

(This package weighs exactly one kilogram.)

Kinesiología Kinesiology “Estudié kinesiología porque me interesa la mecánica del cuerpo humano.”

(I studied kinesiology because I’m interested in the mechanics of the human body.)

Kilovatio Kilowatt “Esta máquina consume tres kilovatios por hora.”

(This machine consumes three kilowatts per hour.)

Spanish Verbs Starting with ‘K’

Spanish also has a few verbs that start with letter ‘K’.

Word Meaning in English Example in a Sentence
Karatear To practice karate Mi hermano karatea todos los sábados.”

(My brother practices karate every Saturday.)

Kinesiar To perform kinesiology techniques El fisioterapeuta kinesia para recuperar mi rodilla.

(The physiotherapist uses kinesiology techniques to recover my knee.)

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Spanish Adverbs Starting with ‘K’

Spanish only has one adverb with the letter ‘K’.

Word Meaning in English Example in a Sentence
Kilométricamente In terms of kilometers Kilométricamente, estamos a poca distancia de la ciudad.

(In terms of kilometers, we are close to the city.)

Spanish Adjectives Starting with ‘K’

It also has one adjective that start with ‘K’.

Word Meaning in English Example in a Sentence
Kitsch Kitsch (considered to be in poor taste but ironically appreciated) Esa decoración es un poco kitsch para mi gusto.

(That decoration is a bit kitsch for my taste.)

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4 Letter Spanish Words That Start With K

Below are 4 letter Spanish words starting with k.

Spanish English
kilo kilo
kiwi kiwi (fruit)
kiwi kiwi (bird)
kaón kaon
kril krill

5 Letter Spanish Words That Start With K

Below are 5-letter Spanish words starting with k.

Spanish English
kilos kilos
koala koala
karma karma

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