50 Spanish Words That Start With W

In Spanish, there are not many words that start with the letter “W” as it is not a native letter in the Spanish alphabet. However, there are a few loanwords and foreign names that use the letter “W.”

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Here are 50 Spanish words that start with “W” along with their English meanings:

Spanish Words That Start With W

Spanish (Borrowed) English Words
Waffle Waffle
Walkman Walkman
Wallpaper Wallpaper
Wáter Toilet
Waterpolo Water polo
Waterfall Waterfall
Webcam Webcam
Western Western
Whisky Whiskey
Whisker Whisker
WiFi WiFi
Wikileaks Wikileaks
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Wok Wok
Walkie-talkie Walkie-talkie
Whopper Whopper
Wombat Wombat
Woodstock Woodstock
Wrestling Wrestling
Wurst Sausage
Waffle de Lieja Liège waffle
Walkman de cassette Cassette Walkman
Western spaghetti Spaghetti Western
Whisky escocés Scotch whisky
Whisky irlandés Irish whiskey
Whisky bourbon Bourbon whiskey
Waffle de arándanos Blueberry waffle
Walk of Fame Walk of Fame
Wallaby Wallaby
Wampi Wampi (a fruit)
Wassabi Wasabi
Website Website
Webmaster Webmaster
Wellington Wellington (boots or dish)
WhatsApp WhatsApp
Whiteboard Whiteboard
WiFi gratuito Free WiFi
WiFi público Public WiFi
Windows Windows (Operating System)
Wok de pollo Chicken wok
Whisky escocés de malta Single malt Scotch whisky
Watusi Watusi (dance)
Wolfpack Wolfpack
Wallapop Wallapop (online marketplace)
Windbreaker Windbreaker (jacket)
Waterpolista Water polo player
Waffle con helado Waffle with ice cream
Weekend Weekend


Spanish Adjectives That Start With W

Spanish Verbs That Start With W

5 Letter Spanish Words That Start With W

Below are 5 letter spanish words starting with w.

Spanish English
Wafle Waffle
Wáter Toilet

4 Letter Words That Start With W

Below are 4 letter words starting with w.

Spanish English
watt watt
wiki wiki

Spanish Words that start with w

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