100+ Spanish Verbs That Start With U

50 Spanish Verbs That Start With U

Here are 50 common Spanish verbs that start with the letter “U,” along with their meanings:

Spanish VerbsEnglish Meanings
Usar to use
Unir to unite
Utilizar to utilize
Ubicar to locate
Unificar to unify
Unir to join
Usurpar to usurp
Unir to link
Unificar to standardize
Urgir to urge
Utilizar to apply/use
Unir to connect
Usar to wear (clothing)
Ubicar to position/place
Unificar to centralize
Unir to tie
Unificar to merge
Usar to operate
Unir to bind
Usar to employ
Unir to attach
Unir to stick
Unir to stick together
Unir to merge
Usar to handle
Unificar to integrate
Unir to bond
Unificar to unify
Unir to fasten
Unir to fuse
Unir to lace
Unir to hitch
Ubicar to situate
Unir to couple
Unir to combine
Unificar to homogenize
Unir to attach
Usar to wield
Usar to manipulate
Unificar to consolidate
Unir to cinch
Usar to work (machinery)
Usar to ply
Unir to yoke
Unir to blend
Ubicar to place
Unificar to make uniform
Unir to meld
Unir to knit
Usar to exercise

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spanish verbs that start with u

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All Spanish Verbs Starting With U

  • unir
  • uncir
  • untar
  • urajear
  • unimismar
  • unirse
  • uniformarse
  • untarse
  • univocarse
  • usurear
  • ulcerarse
  • ulular
  • uñir
  • utilizar
  • usurpar
  • usar
  • usucapir
  • urdir
  • undular
  • unisonar
  • ultimar
  • urgir
  • ungir
  • usurar
  • umbralar
  • usarse
  • utilizarse
  • ubicarse
  • ubicar
  • unificar
  • ufanarse
  • urbanizarse
  • unificarse
  • universalizar
  • uniformar
  • urbanizar
  • ulcerar
  • ultrajar
  • upar