1000+ Singular and Plural Words List A to Z

Are you struggling with English plurals? You’re not alone. English has many rules related to singular and plurals, and they can be confusing for ESL students. This list of singular and plural words will help you understand the difference between the two. It includes words from A to Z, so you can practice your skills whenever you have a free moment. Good luck!

A-Z Singular and Plural Nouns List (Most Common)

Certainly! Here are some examples of singular and plural nouns in alphabetical order:

  1. apple – apples
  2. bag – bags
  3. ball – balls
  4. book – books
  5. car – cars
  6. cat – cats
  7. desk – desks
  8. dog – dogs
  9. egg – eggs
  10. elephant – elephants
  11. fish – fish
  12. fox – foxes
  13. girl – girls
  14. goat – goats
  15. hat – hats
  16. horse – horses
  17. ink – inks
  18. insect – insects
  19. jar – jars
  20. juice – juices
  21. key – keys
  22. kitten – kittens
  23. lemon – lemons
  24. lion – lions
  25. monkey – monkeys
  26. mouse – mice
  27. nest – nests
  28. nut – nuts
  29. orange – oranges
  30. owl – owls
  31. pen – pens
  32. puppy – puppies
  33. queen – queens
  34. rabbit – rabbits
  35. rose – roses
  36. shoe – shoes
  37. spoon – spoons
  38. table – tables
  39. tiger – tigers
  40. umbrella – umbrellas
  41. van – vans
  42. vase – vases
  43. whale – whales
  44. wolf – wolves
  45. xylophone – xylophones
  46. yarn – yarns
  47. yogurt – yogurts
  48. zebra – zebras

Over 1000 Singular and Plural Words List A-Z

Singular Plural
auto autos
cantaloupe cantaloupes
canvas canvases
cap caps
cargo cargoes
carrot carrots
carry carries
case case
cat cats
catalog catalogs
catalyst catalysts
catch catches
category categories
cattle cattles
century centuries
ceo ceos
cereal cereals
certificate certificates
chair chairs
chalk chalks
change changes
chassis chassises
cheese cheeses
cheetah cheetahs
cherry cherries
chick chicks
chicken chickens
chile chiles
chilli chillies
chimney chimneys
chocolate chocolates
choose chooses
christmas christmases
chrysalis chrysalides
citrus citruses
clay clays
clipper clippers
clock clocks
cloth cloths
cloud clouds
clutch clutches
coach coaches
coccus cocci
code codes
coffee coffees
coincidence coincidences
collateral collaterals
colloquium colloquiums
color colors
colossus colossi
comma commas
committee committees
company companies
compass compasses
competence competences
complex complexes
compliance compliances
computer computers
comrade comrades
concerto concertos
concrete concretes
confetti confettis
congress congresses
conscience consciences
conscious conscious
consensus consensus
consortium consortiums
content contents
context contexts
continuum continua
conundrum conundra
coral corals
corn corns
cornea corneas
corps corps
corpse corpses
corpus corpora
correct corrects
cortex cortexes
cost costs
counsel counsels
couple couples
course courses
courtesy courtesies
coverage coverages
cow cows
cox coxes
coyote coyotes
crab crabs
cranium craniums
crayon crayons
criticism criticisms
cross crosses
crutch crutches
crux cruxes
cry cries
cuckoo cuckoos
cuff cuffs
cup cups
cupful cupfuls
cyclops cyclopes
dad dads
daddy daddies
daily dailies
dairy dairies
dais daises
daisy daisies
data data
database databases
date dates
day days
dear dears
decoy decoys
decubitus decubiti
degree degrees
deli delis
delivery deliveries
demo demos
denarius denarii
dentist dentists
design designs
desk desks

singular and plural

Singular Plural
dessert desserts
destiny destinies
device devices
diagnosis diagnoses
diary diaries
dice dices
die dies
different different
dilemma dilemmas
dinosaur dinosaurs
diploma diplomas
disco discos
discovery discoveries
discuses discuses
dispatch dispatches
ditch ditches
doctor doctors
dog dogs
doldrums doldrums
dolly dollies
dolphin dolphins
donkey donkeys
door doors
dove doves
dress dresses
duck ducks
duty duties
dye dyes
each eaches
ear ear
eclipse eclipses
education educations
effort efforts
ego egos
elementary elementaries
elephant elephants
elk elks
ellipsis ellipses
else else
email emails
embargo embargoes
embassy embassies
embolism embolisms
embolus emboli
embryo embryos
emoji emojis
employee employees
energy energies
entree entrées
entry entries
envelope envelopes
equilibrium equilibriums
equinox equinoxes
equipment equipment
era eras
eraser erasers
essay essays
etiquette etiquettes
euro euros
every every
evidence evidences
example examples
executive executives
executrix executrices
exodus exoduses
experience experiences
experiment experiments
expert experts
expertise expertises
explanation explanations
eye eyes
eyeglasses eyeglasses
eyelash eyelashes
fabric fabrics
face faces
factory factories
faculty faculties
fairy fairies
fan fans
fantasy fantasies
father fathers
fawn fawns
feedback feedbacks
female females
ferry ferries
fiance fiances
fiction fictions
ficus ficuses

singular and plural

Singular Plural
finch finches
fire fires
first firsts
flag flags
flare flares
flour flours
flower flowers
flu flus
fly flies
flyer flyers
focus foci
food foods
foot feet
foreman foremen
forest forests
fork forks
formation formations
formula formulas
forum forums
fossa fossae
fowl fowls
fox foxes
franchise franchises
french french
fresco frescos
freshman freshmen
friday fridays
fridge fridges
friend friends
fruit fruits
fun funs
furnace furnaces
furniture furnitures
galaxy galaxies
gallery galleries
gallows gallowses
garage garages
garden gardens
garlic garlics
gas gases
gazelle gazelles
gemi geminis
genius geniuses
gentleman gentlemen
genus genera
german germans
ghost ghosts
giraffe giraffes
gladiolus gladioli
glass glasses
go goes
goat goats
god gods
goddess goddesses
gold golds
goldfish goldfish
good goods
government governments
graffito graffiti
graffito graffitos
grapefruit grapefruits
grass grasses
greenfly greenflies
grief griefs
grocery groceries
group groups
grouse grouse
guaranty guaranties
guest guests
gymnasium gymnasiums
gypsy gypsies
gyrus gyri
habitat habitats
habitus habitus
haddock haddocks
hair hairs
halibut halibuts
hallux halluces
hand hands
handful handfuls
handsome handsome
hare hares
hat hats
head heads
health healths
hearse hearses
helix helices
hello hellos
help helps
hen hens
hepatitis hepatitides
herd herds
hex hexes
hickey hickeys
hijab hijabs
hilum hila
history histories
hobby hobbies
hobo hoboes
holiday holidays
home homes
homework homework
homunculus homunculi
honey honeys
honorarium honorariums
horse horses
hose hoses
host hosts
hostess hostesses
house houses
hovercraft hovercrafts
human humans
hummus hummuses
hut huts
hyperbole hyperboles
hypotenuse hypotenuses
hypothesis hypotheses
ibex ibexes
ibis ibises
ice ices
idea ideas
ides ides
igloo igloos
ignoramus ignorami
ilium ilia
illness illnesses
impetus impetuses
inca incas
inch inches
incidence incidences
incident incidents
industry industries
information informations
inoculum inoculum
insignia insignias
insurance insurances
insured insureds
intelligence intelligences
itinerary itineraries
jackfruit jackfruits
jar jeans
jeans jeans
jedi jedis
jellyfish jellyfish
jersey jerseys
jesus jesuses
jetty jetties
jewelry jewelry
job jobs
jockey jockeys
jones joneses
journey journeys
juice juices
jury jurys
kangaroo kangaroos
kata katas
kidney kidneys
kit kits
kite kites

singular and plural

Singular Plural
kitty Kitties
kiwi kiwis
knicker knickers
knife knives
knowledge knowledge
labia labia
labor labors
lamb lambs
lamp lamps
language languages
laptop laptops
lass lasses
laughter laughters
laundry laundries
lavra lavrae
lead leads
leave leaves
leg legs
legendary legendries
legislation legislations
lemon lemons
lens lenses
letter letters
levy levies
library libraries
libretto librettos
lice lice
license licenses
lich liches
lie lies
life lives
light lights
lightning lightnings
lily lilies
lion lions
lioness lionesses
list lists
liter liters
literature literatures
lives lives
loaf loaves
lobby lobbyists
lobster lobsters
locus loci
locust locusts
logo logos
lopez lopezes
lorry lorries
loss losses
lotus lotuses
love loves
lox loxes
luggage luggage
lullaby lullabies
lumen lumens
lunch lunches
lynching lynchings
lynx lynxes
macula maculae
macule macules
mad mads
madam madams
mafia mafias
mage magi/mages
magus magi
maid maidens
mail mails
majesty majesties
male males
malleolus malleoli
mammary mammaries
man mans
manatee manties
manga mangas
manifesto manifestoes
mantel mantels
mantis mantises
mantra mantras
march marches
market markets
marquis marquises
marriage marriages
martini martinis
mary marys
mass masses
massage massages
masseuse masseuses
mat mats
match matches
mate mates
material materials
math maths
matrix matrices
mattress mattresses
max maxes
maxilla maxillae
maximum maximums
maybe maybes
mean means
meat meats
meatus meatuses
media medias
medici medico
medicine medicines
medium mediums
megalopolis megalopolises
melody melodies
member members
memento mementos/mementoes
memo memos
memorabilia memorabilia
memorandum memorandums
memory memories
meniscus menisci
mensch menschen
menu menus
mercedes mercedes
merchandise merchandises
mess messes
messer messers
metamorphosis metamorphoses
metastasis metastases
metropolis metropolises
midwife midwives
military militaries
milk milks
millennia millenniums
million millions
minimum minima/minimums
mink minks
mir mirs
miscellaneous miscellanea
mischief mischiefs
misdiagnosis misdiagnoses
miss misses
missus missuses
mister mister’s
mitochondria mitochondria
modulus moduli
mom moms
mommy mommies
monday mondays
money money
mongoose mongooses
monkey monkey’s
monkfish monkfish
monsieur messieurs
month months
moon moons
moor moors
moose moose
moral morals
morris morrises
mosquito mosquitoes
moss mosses
moth moths
mother mothers
motif motifs
motto mottos
mouse mice
mousse mousses
mouth mouths
mullet mullets
mummy mummies
muse muses
museum museums
music music
mute mutes
muter muters
mutter mutters
mystery mysteries
mythos mythoi
nail nails
nail clipper nail clippers
nanny nannies
nautilus nautiluses
navy navies

singular and plural

Singular Plural
nazi Nazis
nebula nebulae
neck necks
necklace necklaces
necropolis necropolises
need needs
negro negroes/ negros
neighbor neighbors
nemesis nemeses
nest nests
neurosis neuroses
new new
nexus nexuses
niche niches
niece nieces
night nights
ninja ninjas
no noes
nobody nobodies
noise noises
noose nooses
nose noses
notary public notaries public/notary publics
notebook notebooks
novation novations
nucleus nuclei
nurse nurses
nursery nurseries
oasis oases
octopus octopuses
oculus oculi
office offices
offspring offsprings
omnibus omnibus
one omnibuses
opossum opossums
opus opera
orange oranges
orca orcas
organization organizations
orifice orifices
osprey ospreys
ostrich ostriches
ovary ovaries
ovum ova
owl owls
oxygen oxygens
pair pairs
pais paises
pancreas pancreases
panel panels
pansy pansies
pantry pantries
pants pants
paper papers
papyrus papyruses
paradox paradoxes
parent parents
parenthesis parentheses
park parks
pass passes
passerby passersby
passion fruit passion fruits
patella patellae
path paths
patient patients
patio patios
peach peaches
peacock peacocks
peer peers
pegasus pegasi
pelvis pelvises
pencil pencils
pendulum pendulums
people People
pepperoni pepperonis
percent percents
perfume perfumes
person people
persona personas
personnel personnel
pet pets
phallus phalli
pharmacy pharmacies
pharynx pharynges
phd phds
phenomenon phenomena
phoenix phoenixes
phone phones
photograph photographs
phylum phyla
piccolo piccolos
pierogi pierogies
pig pigs
pike pikes
pillow pillows
piranha piranhas
pizza pizzas
placenta placentas/placentae
plankton planktons
plant plants
plate plates
plateau plateaus
platform platforms
platypus platypuses
play plays
plea pleas
pleura pleuras/pleurae
plexus plexuses
pliers pliers
plus plusses
ply plies
pneumothorax pneumothoraces
podium podiums
poetry poetries
poinsettia poinsettias
police police
policy policies
polis poleis
politics politics
poppy poppies
porch porches
porpoise porpoises
portfolio portfolios
posse posses
possess possession/possessions
possum possums
post posts
poster posters
pouch pouches
poultry poultries
power powers
practice practices
practicum practicums
praxis praxes
praying mantis praying mantises
precis précis
prefix prefixes
premise premises
premium premiums
present presents
press presses
pretty pretties
prey preys
price prices
priest priests
prince princes
princess princesses
prix prix
pro pros
problem problems
proboscis proboscises
process processes
prodigy prodigies
proficiency proficiencies
prognosis prognoses
programme programs
proof proofs
property properties
prophecy prophecies
prospectus prospectuses
prosthesis prostheses s
protocol protocols
protozoan protozoa
proxy proxies
psyche psyches
psychosis psychoses
pulley pulleys
punctuation punctuations
pupil pupils
puppy puppies
purpose purposes
purse purses
pus puses
pussy pussies
put puts
puzzle puzzles
quail quails
quality qualities
quantum quanta
quartz quartz
quay quays
que ques
queen queens
questionnaire questionnaires
quiche quiches
quiz quizzes
rabbi rabbis
rabbit rabbits
raccoon raccoons
race races
rad rads
radio radios
radish radishes
radius radiuses
rally rallies
ranch ramses
rat rats
ratio ratios
rationale rationales
raven ravens
ravioli raviolis
read  reads
reality  realities
recipe  recipes
recommendation  recommendations
reef  reefs
reference  references
referendum  referendums
reflex  reflexes
refuge  refuges
regal  regals/regale
regimen  regimens
reindeer  reindeer
rendezvous  rendezvous
reply  replies
request  requests
research  researches
residence residences
resident  residents
restaurant  restaurants
resume  resumes
retina  retinas
rhinoceros  rhinoceroses
rho  rhombi
rhombus rhombuses
rice  rice
river  rivers
rock  rocks
rolex  rolexes
ross  rosses
royal  royals
ruler  Rulers
rum  rums
runner up  runner ups
sachet  sachets
safe  safes
sale  sales
salesman  salesmen
salmon  salmon
sand  sands
sandwich  sandwiches
sash  sashes
sasquatch  sasquatches
saturday  saturdays
sauce  sauces
say  says
scarves scarves/scarfs
scenario  scenarios
scenery  sceneries
schema  schemas
science sciences
scientist  scientists
scissors  scissors
sclera  sclerae
score  scores
scratch  scratches
sea  seas
secretary  secretaries
see sees
seed  seeds
senor  senors/senores
septum  septa
series  series
serum  serums
service  services
sew  sews
sex  sexes
shaman  shamans
shambles  shambles
shampoo  shampoos
shark  sharks
she  shes
sheaf sheaves
sheep  sheep
shelf  shelves
shellfish  shells
sheriff  sheriffs
shiny  shinies
ship  ships
shoe  shoes
shop  shops
shorts  shorts
shrimp  shrimps
shy  shies
signage  signages
signal  signals
silo  silos
simile  similes
simpatico  simpatici
singular  singulars
sinus  sinuses
sir sirs
sissy  sissies
sister  sisters
sister in law  sisters in law
six  sixes
ski  skis
sky  skies
sleep  sleeps
sloth sloths
smile  smiles
smiley  smileys/smilies
smithereens  smithereens
social media  social media
society  societies
sock  socks
software  software
soil  soils
soliloquy  soliloquies
solo  solos
some  some
someone  someones
something  somethings
son in law  sons-in-law
soprano  sopranos
sorry  sorrys/sorries
soul  souls
souvenir  souvenirs
spacecraft  spacecrafts
specimen  specimens
spectacle  spectacles
spectrum  spectrums
speech  speeches
sperm  sperms
spermatozoon  spermatozoa
spice  spices
spiegel  spiegels
splash  splashes
spoon spoons
spoonful  spoonfuls
spouse  spouses

singular and plural

Singular Plural
spy  Spies
squash  squashes
squid  squids
stadium  stadiums
staff  staffs
standby  standbys
star  stars
stare  stares
starfish  starfishes/starfish
starfruit  starfruits
stationery  stationeries
statue  statues
status  statuses
steer  steers
stegosaurus  stegosauri
stenosis  stenoses
step son  step sons
sternum  sternums
stigma  stigmas
stimulus  stimuli
stitch  stitches
stock  stocks
stoma stomata/stomas
stomach  stomachs
stomata stomas/stomata
stone  stones
story  stories
strata stratas/strata
stratum  stratums
strawberry  strawberries
strength  strengths
stress  stresses
strife  strifes
stromboli  strombolis
student  students
study  studies
stuff  stuffs
stylus  styli/styluses
subpoena  subpoenas
success  successes
succubus  succubi
sue  sues
suffix  suffixes
sugar  sugars
sulcus  sulci
summary  summaries
summons  summonses
superhero  superheros
supernova  supernovae
surgery  surgeries
surprise  surprises
survey  survey’s
suspense  suspenses
swan  swans
swine  swine/swines
syllable  syllables
syllabus syllabuses
symposium symposiums
synapse synapses
synopsis synopses
syntax  syntaxes
synthesis  syntheses
table  tables
tableau  tableaus
tablet  tablets
taco  Tacos
tail  tails
taj  tajes
talent  talents
talisman  talismans
tallit  tallaisim/tallites/tallites
talus  tali
tardy  tardies
task  tasks
taste  tastes
tattoo  tattoos
taurus  tauruses
taxi  taxis
tea  teas
teacher  teachers
team  teams
teaspoonful  teaspoonfuls
technology  technologies
teddy  teddies
tee  tees
teenager  teenagers
teeth  teeth
teller  tellers.
temperature  temperatures.
tempo  tempos
tense  tenses.
terminus  terminuses
test  tests
testicle  testicles
testimony  testimonies
testis  testes
text  texts
thank  thanks
thank you  thank yous
that  that’s/those
thermos  thermoses.
thesaurus  thesauri
thesis  theses
this  these
thomas thomases
thorax  thoraxes/thoraces.
thou  thous
thousand  thousand
thrombus  thrombi
tibia  tibiae.
tie  ties
tiger  tigers.
time  times.
timpani  timpani
titmouse  titmice
toast  toasts
toe  toes
ton  tons
tongs  tongs
top  tops
topaz  topazes
tor  tors
torch  torches
tornado  tornados
torpedo torpedoes
torso   torsos/torsi
tortoise  tortoises
torus  tori
touch  touches
toy  toys
trachea  tracheae
tragus  tragi
training  training
trapezius  trapezii
trash  trashs
trauma  traumas/traumata
travel  travels
tray  trays
treatise  treatises
treatment  treatments
trellis  trellises
trench  trenches
trolley  trolleys
trophy  trophies
trousers  trousers
trout  trout
truck  trucks
truth  truth
try  tries
tsunami  tsunamis
tuesday  tuesdays
tuna  tunas
tundra  tundras
turkey  turkeys
turnip  turnips
turtle  turtles
tux  tuxes
tv  tvs.
tweezers  tweezers
two  twos
types  types
typo  typos
ulna  ulnas
ultimatum  ultimatums
umbrella  umbrellas
un  uns
uncle  uncles
underwear  underwear
uniform  uniforms
universe  universes
university  universities
up  ups
us  us
usage  usages
user  users
uterus  uteruses
vagina  vaginas
varix  varices
vase  vases
vena cava  venae cavae
verbatim  verbatims
verruca  verrucae
vertebra  vertebras/vertebrae
vertex  vertices
vestment  vestments
veto  vetoes
video  videos
vinyl  vinyl
virus  viruses
vita  vitae
vocabulary  vocabularies
volcano  volcanos
volume  volumes
vortex  vortexes
vulva  vulvae
waitress  waitresses
wallet wallets
walrus  walruses
warranty  warranties
was  were
wash  washes
wasp  wasps
waste  wastes
watch  watches
water  waters
watermelon  watermelons
website  website
wednesday  wednesdays
were  weres
wharf  wharves
wheat  wheats