50 Examples of Singular and Plural Nouns in Sentences

The English language can be complicated and confusing. One area that often confuses English learners is the distinction between singular and plural nouns. To help those navigating the complexities of English, this article provides 50 examples of singular and plural nouns in sentences. Each example sentence will show how using a singular or plural noun affects the meaning of the sentence.

50 Examples of Singular and Plural Nouns [Examples List]

  Singular Plural
1. Mr.  Messrs
2. Calf  Calves
3. Bacterium  Bacteria
4. Ray  Rays
5. Car  Cars
6. Thief  Thieves
7. Fauna  Faunas/Faunae
8. Step Son  Step Sons
9. Shrimp  Shrimp/Shrimps
10. Person  People
11. Barracks  Barracks
12. Moose  Moose
13. Wife  Wives
14. Woman  Women
15. Mango  Mangoes
16. Antenna  Antennae
17. Hypothesis  Hypotheses
18. Life  Lives
19. Scarf  Scarves
20. Goose  Geese
21. Toy  Toys
22. Deer  Deer
23. Leg  Legs
24. Sister-in-law  Sisters-in-law
25. Datum  Data
26. Swine  Swine
27. Mrs.  Mesdames
28. Cod  Cod
29. Axis  Axes
30. Boy  Boys
31. Man  Men
32. Leaf  Leaves
33. Erratum  Errata
34. Bird  Birds
35. Nebula  Nebulae/Nebulas
36. Knife  Knives
37. Foot  Feet
38. Ovum  Ova
39. Kudos  Kudos
40. Minimum  Minima/Minimums
41. Aircraft  Aircraft
42. Apex  Apices
43. Bus  Buses
44. Louse  Lice
45. Ass  Asses
46. Cod  Cod
47. Seraph  Seraphim
48. Octopus  Octopi
49. Boat  Boats
50. Flora  Floras

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50 Examples of Singular and Plural Nouns in Sentences

  1. Mr. – Messrs.
  • Mr. Patel is a kind man.
  • The letter was addressed to Messrs. Singh and Khan.
  1. Calf – Calves
  • The calf was following its mother in the field.
  • The farmer was raising several calves to sell as beef.
  1. Bacterium – Bacteria
  • A single bacterium is too small to see without a microscope.
  • Bacteria can be harmful or helpful to humans.
  1. Ray – Rays
  • The ray swam gracefully through the ocean.
  • We saw several rays jumping out of the water.
  1. Car – Cars
  • She drove her car to work every day.
  • There were many cars parked in the lot.
  1. Thief – Thieves
  • The thief stole my purse.
  • The police caught the thieves who robbed the bank.
  1. Fauna – Faunas
  • The fauna of the African savannah includes lions, zebras, and giraffes.
  • There are many different faunas around the world.
  1. Stepson – Stepsons
  • My stepson is coming to visit next weekend.
  • She has two stepsons from her husband’s previous marriage.
  1. Shrimp – Shrimp
  • He ordered a plate of fried shrimp.
  • The shrimp in this dish is overcooked.
  1. Person – People
  • There is a person waiting outside for you.
  • People should wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  1. Barracks – Barracks
  • The soldiers lived in the barracks on the base.
  • The new barracks are being constructed near the training ground.
  1. Moose – Moose
  • A moose walked across the road in front of us.
  • The moose population in this area has been increasing.
  1. Wife – Wives
  • His wife is a doctor.
  • The wives of the executives attended the company dinner.
  1. Woman – Women
  • She is a strong and independent woman.
  • Women have been fighting for equal rights for centuries.
  1. Mango – Mangoes
  • He bought a box of fresh mangoes from the market.
  • The mangoes in this smoothie are very sweet.
  1. Antenna – Antennae
  • The TV antenna on the roof was damaged in the storm.
  • The antennae of insects are used for sensing the environment.
  1. Hypothesis – Hypotheses
  • The scientist presented a hypothesis for the experiment.
  • The hypotheses of the research team were tested and refined.
  1. Life – Lives
  • Life is precious and should be valued.
  • The lives of many people were saved by the quick action of the first responders.
  1. Scarf – Scarves
  • She wrapped a warm scarf around her neck.
  • The colorful scarves in the store caught my eye.
  1. Goose – Geese
  • The flock of geese flew south for the winter.
  • The geese honked loudly as they landed in the pond.
  1. Toy – Toys
  • The child was playing with a toy car.
  • There were many toys scattered on the floor of the playroom.
  1. Deer – Deer
  • A deer darted across the road in front of the car.
  • The deer in the forest are shy and difficult to approach.
  1. Leg – Legs
  • He broke his leg in a skiing accident.
  • The legs of the table were wobbly and needed to be fixed.
  1. Sister-in-law – Sisters-in-law
  • My sister-in-law is an accountant.
  • She has three sisters-in-law from her husband’s side of the family.
  1. Datum – Data
  • The datum was used to calculate the coordinates of the point.
  • The data from the survey showed a clear trend.
  1. Swine – Swine
  • The farm had a large number of swine being raised for meat.
  • The swine were wallowing in the mud to cool down on a hot day.
  1. Mrs. – Mesdames
  • Mrs. Johnson is a retired teacher.
  • The Mesdames Smith and Jones were the guest speakers at the conference.
  1. Cod – Cod
  • The cod fillet was cooked to perfection.
  • The cod in this area has been overfished and is now endangered.
  1. Axis – Axes
  • The earth’s axis is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees.
  • The lumberjack sharpened his axes before starting to chop down the trees.
  1. Boy – Boys
  • The boy was playing with his toy truck.
  • The boys in the neighborhood were playing basketball in the park.
  1. Man – Men
  • He is a hardworking and responsible man.
  • Men and women should be treated equally in the workplace.
  1. Leaf – Leaves
  • The tree was shedding its leaves in the autumn breeze.
  • The leaves of this plant are toxic if ingested.
  1. Erratum – Errata
  • The book contained an erratum on page 235.
  • The errata in the report was corrected before it was published.
  1. Bird – Birds
  • The bird built its nest in the tree outside my window.
  • The birds were chirping loudly at dawn.
  1. Nebula – Nebulae
  • The nebula in the constellation Orion is a popular target for astronomers.
  • The Hubble telescope captured stunning images of distant nebulae.
  1. Knife – Knives
  • She used a sharp knife to slice the bread.
  • The knives in the kitchen were organized by size and type.
  1. Foot – Feet
  • He injured his foot while playing soccer.
  • The feet of the statue was firmly anchored to the base.
  1. Ovum – Ova
  • The ovum is the female reproductive cell.
  • The ova of fish are often laid in large numbers in the water.
  1. Kudos – Kudos
  • He received kudos from his boss for his hard work.
  • The kudos from the audience made the performer feel appreciated.
  1. Minimum – Minima
  • The temperature dropped to its minimum in the early hours of the morning.
  • The computer program was designed to detect minima in the data.
  1. Aircraft – Aircraft
  • The aircraft was delayed due to bad weather.
  • The aircraft in the hangar was being serviced and cleaned.
  1. Apex – Apices
  • The apex of the mountain provided a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.
  • The apices of the trees in the forest were swaying in the wind.
  1. Bus – Buses
  • She took the bus to get to work.
  • The buses in the city were equipped with air conditioning and comfortable seats.
  1. Louse – Lice
  • The louse infestation in the school was a major problem.
  • The lice were difficult to get rid of even with treatment.
  1. Ass – Asses
  • The donkey is a type of domesticated ass.
  • The asses in the zoo were popular with children.
  1. Cod – Cod
  • The cod fishery was an important industry in the region.
  • The cod was being processed into fish sticks at the factory.
  1. Seraph – Seraphim
  • The seraph is a type of angel in the Bible.
  • The seraphim were depicted with six wings in the artwork.
  1. Octopus – Octopi
  • The octopus is a highly intelligent and adaptable creature.
  • The plural of octopus can be either octopuses or oct
  1. Octopus – Octopi
  • The octopus is a highly intelligent and adaptable creature.
  • The octopi in the aquarium were fascinating to watch.
  1. Boat – Boats
  • They rented a boat for a day of fishing on the lake.
  • The boats in the marina were all lined up neatly.
  1. Flora – Floras
  • The flora of the desert includes cacti and other succulent plants.
  • There are many different florae around the world.

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