50 Examples of Plural Nouns in Sentences

50 Examples of Plural Nouns in Sentences50 Examples of Plural Nouns in Sentences

  1. I can’t seem to locate my car keys.
  2. It’s strange that my keys have vanished!
  3. He was stranded on his yacht for three days.
  4. Trim the bushes to the same height as the fence.
  5. The room was littered with boxes stacked in piles.
  6. Make an outline for your essays at all times.
  7. Across the country, towns and cities have been flooded.
  8. The bullet was about six inches away from her.
  9. The monkeys scatter when the tree falls.
  10. The women travelled to cities in seven different states.
  11. My glasses have mysteriously vanished.
  12. Her cries sent the neighbours fleeing.
  13. Damn! My keys are locked in the car.
  14. She was able to catch the keys as they fell to the ground.
  15. I can’t seem to locate my keys.
  16. His cries were echoed by the cavern walls.
  17. Aspen now has nonstop flights from a number of US cities.
  18. There are no tomorrows on drunken days.
  19. He also fixes watches and clocks.
  20. He has the ability to imitate bird cries.
  21. It’s a deuce! I’ve misplaced my keys!
  22. Roads in Mid-Wales were blocked by six inches of snow.
  23. Angry cries greeted his speech.
  24. Tom was last seen three days ago.
  25. You most likely took my keys instead of yours.
  26. Three days have passed since the fish and visitors have smelt.
  27. Have you got plastic lenses in your glasses?
  28. We’re off to Spain’s sunny skies.
  29. The kids had a great time hiding in the bushes.
  30. The bullet pierced the wall by three inches.
  31. In the bushes, the rabbit vanished.
  32. The skies are scouted by jet fighters.
  33. Rome is one of the world’s great cities.
  34. The old goose does not interact with foxes.
  35. She meticulously labelled all of the book boxes.
  36. What will cities look like in the future?
  37. Have you seen my keys to my car?
  38. Do foxes and dogs ever mate?
  39. The tourists returned to their home countries.
  40. It takes three days for the eggs to hatch.
  41. Before leaving, leave your keys at reception.
  42. ‘How are things going for you these days?
  43. One foot equals twelve inches.
  44. The skies were engulfed in dark clouds.
  45. My height is five feet and three inches.
  46. Our armies have been subjected to a barrage of fire.
  47. Climbers, such as monkeys, are extremely quick.
  48. Babies enjoy being tickled and cuddled.
  49. In the world, socialist and capitalist countries coexist.
  50. My keys are in the pocket of my coat.