All Crimes that Start with Z

Zoom into the zone of criminal acts that start with the letter ‘Z’, a category that, while small, encompasses a range of unique and specific offenses. Each of these crimes highlights different facets of legal boundaries and societal norms.

Crimes that Start with Z

Below are crimes starting with the letter z.

  1. Zoning Violations: Ignoring local laws on property use or development.
  2. Zoom Bombing: Illegally interrupting virtual meetings with disruptive behavior.
  3. Zoological Theft: Stealing animals from zoos or wildlife sanctuaries.
  4. Zoophilia: Engaging in sexual activities with animals, where illegal.
  5. Zebra Mussels Smuggling: Illegally transporting this invasive species.
  6. Zero Hour Contract Abuse: Exploiting workers under these flexible contracts.
  7. Zirconia Fraud: Selling fake diamonds as real.
  8. Zinc Mining Violations: Illegal or environmentally harmful zinc mining.
  9. Zip Gun Possession: Holding or manufacturing homemade firearms.
  10. Zolpidem (Ambien) Abuse: Illegally using or distributing this prescription drug.
  11. Zoning Permit Forgery: Falsifying documents for construction or land use.
  12. Zero-Tolerance Policy Violation: Breaking strict no-exception rules, typically in schools or workplaces.
  13. Zombie Debt Collection: Attempting to collect old, expired, or forgiven debts.
  14. Zigzag Scam: Swindling involving complex, confusing financial transactions.
  15. Zoological Park Vandalism: Damaging property in animal parks or zoos.

Crimes that Start with z

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