All Crimes that Start with O

Orbit the ominous world of offenses beginning with the letter ‘O’. This diverse collection of crimes, ranging from the ordinary to the obscure, offers a panoramic view of acts deemed unlawful, each with its unique implications and legal considerations.

Crimes that Start with O

Below are crimes starting with the letter O.

  1. Obstruction of Justice: Interfering with legal processes or investigations.
  2. Organized Crime: Participation in structured criminal groups.
  3. Operating Under the Influence (OUI): Driving while intoxicated or impaired.
  4. Obtaining Money by Deception: Fraudulently acquiring funds.
  5. Outrageous Conduct: Behaviors extremely offensive to societal norms.
  6. Offensive Weapon Possession: Illegally carrying dangerous weapons.
  7. Obtaining Property by False Pretenses: Acquiring assets through lies.
  8. Order of Protection Violation: Disobeying a court-issued restraining order.
  9. Official Misconduct: Improper actions by a person in office.
  10. Obstruction of Emergency Services: Hindering first responders.
  11. Odometer Tampering: Altering a vehicle’s mileage indicator.
  12. Online Fraud: Deceptive practices conducted via the internet.
  13. Open Container Violation: Possessing open alcohol in public areas.
  14. Obscene Material Distribution: Spreading explicit or offensive content.
  15. Obstructing a Highway: Illegally blocking or impeding traffic.
  16. Obstructing a Police Officer: Hindering police in their duties.
  17. Occupational Fraud: Deception for gain in the workplace.
  18. Outrunning a Police Vehicle: Fleeing from law enforcement.
  19. Overcharging: Illegally raising prices beyond acceptable limits.
  20. Offensive Littering: Discarding waste in a public or private space.
  21. Online Harassment: Bullying or harassing individuals over the internet.
  22. Overfishing: Exceeding legal fishing quotas or limits.
  23. Overstaying a Visa: Remaining in a country beyond the permitted time.
  24. Oath Violation: Breaking a legally binding promise.
  25. Obstruction of a Search Warrant: Impeding a legal search.
  26. Occupational Safety Violations: Ignoring workplace health and safety rules.
  27. Overbilling: Charging excessively for goods or services.
  28. Ownership Document Forgery: Falsifying titles or deeds.
  29. Online Impersonation: Pretending to be someone else on the internet.
  30. Owning a Fighting Dog: Keeping dogs for illegal fighting.
  31. Overloading Vehicles: Exceeding legal weight or passenger limits.
  32. Out-of-State Fugitive: Fleeing to another state to avoid prosecution.
  33. Obstructing the Mail: Interfering with postal delivery.
  34. Over-the-counter Drug Abuse: Misusing non-prescription medications.
  35. Online Piracy: Illegally downloading or sharing digital content.
  36. Overdraft Fraud: Deliberately overdrawing a bank account.
  37. Obscene Phone Calls: Making lewd or offensive calls.
  38. Offensive Behavior in Public: Conduct causing public disturbance.
  39. Obstruction of Railroad Tracks: Blocking railway lines.
  40. Occupational Hazard Violation: Not adhering to industry safety standards.
  41. Overseas Bribery: Corrupt practices in foreign business dealings.
  42. Offshore Tax Evasion: Hiding assets or income in foreign accounts.
  43. Obscenity: Creating or distributing explicit material.
  44. Obstructing Firefighting: Hindering efforts to extinguish fires.
  45. Overprescription of Medication: Excessively dispensing drugs.
  46. Overexploitation of Wildlife: Exceeding sustainable hunting or fishing.
  47. Obstructing an Audit: Interfering with financial inspections.
  48. Overfertilization: Excessive use of fertilizers causing environmental harm.
  49. Omission of Facts: Deliberately leaving out crucial information.
  50. Operating Without a License: Conducting activities without legal authorization.

Crimes that Start with o

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