All Crimes that Start with H

The letter ‘H’ introduces a range of crimes, highlighting both high-tech cyber offenses and heinous acts of personal violation. This section illuminates the diverse nature of criminal acts starting with ‘H’, encompassing everything from digital fraud to direct physical harm. Each entry provides a brief yet comprehensive look into these specific unlawful activities.

Crimes that Start with H

Below are crimes starting with the letter h.

  1. Homicide – Unlawfully killing another person.
  2. Hacking – Unauthorized access to computer systems.
  3. Harassment – Unwanted, aggressive behavior towards others.
  4. Human Trafficking – Illegal trade of humans for exploitation.
  5. Hate Crimes – Offenses motivated by bias or prejudice.
  6. Heist – A planned robbery or burglary.
  7. Harboring a Fugitive – Hiding a person wanted by the law.
  8. Health Care Fraud – Deception in health care services or billing.
  9. Hijacking – Illegally seizing control of a vehicle or aircraft.
  10. Hit and Run – Leaving the scene of an accident.
  11. Hoax Bomb Threat – Making a false bomb alert.
  12. Hazing – Initiating others through dangerous activities.
  13. Heroin Trafficking – Illegal distribution of heroin.
  14. High Treason – Betraying one’s country.
  15. Hate Speech – Speaking to incite hatred against groups.
  16. Hunting Violations – Breaching hunting laws.
  17. Harboring Criminals – Providing shelter to criminals.
  18. Home Invasion – Illegally entering a residence to commit a crime.
  19. Horse Theft – Stealing horses.
  20. Hostage Taking – Capturing someone for leverage.
  21. Hawala Transactions – Informal, unregulated money transfers.
  22. Hindering Prosecution – Obstructing justice.
  23. Hacking Government Systems – Illegally accessing state computers.
  24. Heroin Possession – Holding heroin illegally.
  25. Housebreaking – Breaking into a house for theft.
  26. Harassment by Communication – Pestering using messages or calls.
  27. Hate Propaganda – Distributing material inciting hatred.
  28. Highway Robbery – Robbing on a public road.
  29. Human Organ Trafficking – Illegal trade of body parts.
  30. Hot Checks – Writing checks without sufficient funds.
  31. Hashish Production – Illegally manufacturing hashish.
  32. Harassment in the Workplace – Workplace bullying or intimidation.
  33. Health Code Violations – Ignoring health regulations.
  34. Hidden Asset Transfer – Illegally moving undisclosed assets.
  35. Homicidal Poisoning – Poisoning to commit murder.
  36. Heritage Crime – Damaging historical or cultural sites.
  37. High-Speed Pursuit – Evading police at high speed.
  38. Hoarding Criminal Proceeds – Keeping money from crimes.
  39. Hate Group Involvement – Participating in a hate group.
  40. Historical Artifact Theft – Stealing cultural artifacts.
  41. Hush Money – Paying to suppress information.
  42. House Arson – Deliberately setting fire to a house.
  43. Handbag Snatching – Stealing handbags.
  44. Habitual Offending – Repeatedly committing crimes.
  45. Hacktivism – Hacking for political or social reasons.
  46. Human Cloning – Unlawfully cloning humans.
  47. Hedge Fund Fraud – Deceptive management of hedge funds.
  48. Harassment Online – Bullying or threatening over the internet.
  49. Habitual Drunk Driving – Repeated DUI offenses.
  50. Hostile Work Environment – Creating a threatening or harassing workplace.

Crimes that Start with h

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