All Crimes that Start with E

As we explore crimes beginning with the letter ‘E’, we encounter a range of offenses that span from economic malpractices to environmental violations. This section sheds light on the various ways in which ‘E’ encapsulates specific criminal acts, each reflecting different facets of unlawful behavior.

Crimes that Start with E

Below are crimes starting with the letter e.

  1. Embezzlement – Misappropriating funds entrusted to one’s care.
  2. Espionage – Spying for a foreign power.
  3. Extortion – Forcing someone to give up property or rights.
  4. Elder Abuse – Mistreating or neglecting older adults.
  5. Election Fraud – Illegal interference in the electoral process.
  6. Environmental Crime – Violating environmental laws.
  7. Eavesdropping – Secretly listening to private conversations.
  8. Entrapment – Inducing someone to commit a crime.
  9. Evidence Tampering – Altering or destroying legal evidence.
  10. Economic Espionage – Stealing trade secrets for economic gain.
  11. Eluding Police – Fleeing from law enforcement.
  12. Email Fraud – Deceptive practices through email.
  13. Employment Fraud – Deceiving for employment benefits.
  14. Encroachment – Illegal use of another’s property.
  15. Exhibition Driving – Reckless or showy driving.
  16. Exploitation of Minors – Abusing or taking advantage of children.
  17. Extortionate Credit – Lending at extremely high interest rates.
  18. Extradition Evasion – Avoiding lawful extradition.
  19. Electronic Harassment – Harassing using electronic means.
  20. Endangerment – Putting someone at risk of harm.
  21. Economic Sabotage – Deliberate damage to an economy.
  22. Explosives Possession – Illegal ownership of explosive materials.
  23. Escape from Custody – Fleeing from legal confinement.
  24. Email Spoofing – Sending emails from a forged address.
  25. Excessive Use of Force – Unreasonable force by law enforcement.
  26. Environmental Degradation – Damaging the natural environment.
  27. Elder Exploitation – Taking advantage of older individuals.
  28. Election Interference – Disrupting electoral processes.
  29. Eavesdropping on Communication – Illegally intercepting communications.
  30. Ethnic Intimidation – Harassing based on ethnicity.
  31. Evidence Destruction – Deliberately destroying legal evidence.
  32. Employment Discrimination – Unfair treatment in a workplace.
  33. Extortionate Lending – Loaning money at excessive rates.
  34. Electronic Theft – Stealing through digital means.
  35. Eco-Terrorism – Terrorism aimed at environmental targets.
  36. Entering Without Breaking – Unlawful entry without force.
  37. Evasion of Taxes – Avoiding tax payments.
  38. Electric Meter Tampering – Altering electric meters to reduce charges.
  39. Ethics Violation – Breaching ethical standards.
  40. Electioneering – Unlawful advocacy at a polling place.
  41. Engaging in Organized Crime – Participating in criminal groups.
  42. Exploitation – Taking unfair advantage of someone.
  43. Extortionate Harassment – Harassing for money or favors.
  44. Exotic Animal Smuggling – Illegally trading endangered animals.
  45. Economic Sanctions Evasion – Bypassing trade restrictions.
  46. Elder Neglect – Failing to care for an older person.
  47. Evidence Fabrication – Making fake legal evidence.
  48. Election Tampering – Manipulating electoral outcomes.
  49. Explosive Manufacturing – Illegal creation of explosives.
  50. Email Phishing – Scamming through deceptive emails.

Crimes that Start with e

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