All Crimes that Start with S

Step into the shadowy sphere of crimes starting with ‘S’, a spectrum that spans from the streets to the cyber world. This comprehensive list unveils various offenses, each underscoring different aspects of criminality and its multifaceted nature within society.

Crimes that Start with S

Below are crimes starting with the letter s.

  1. Shoplifting: Stealing goods from a store.
  2. Smuggling: Illegally transporting goods or people.
  3. Stalking: Repeatedly following or harassing someone.
  4. Solicitation: Urging someone to commit a crime.
  5. Sexual Assault: Non-consensual sexual contact.
  6. Speeding: Driving over the legal speed limit.
  7. Securities Fraud: Deceptive practices in stock or commodities markets.
  8. Statutory Rape: Sexual activity with a minor.
  9. Sabotage: Deliberately destroying or damaging property.
  10. Spamming: Sending unsolicited bulk messages.
  11. Slander: Spreading false spoken statements damaging a person’s reputation.
  12. Subornation of Perjury: Inducing someone to commit perjury.
  13. Swatting: Falsely reporting an emergency to send police to someone’s address.
  14. Strangulation: Intentionally obstructing someone’s breathing.
  15. Sim Card Fraud: Using stolen sim card information for criminal activities.
  16. Scalping: Reselling tickets at a higher price than the face value.
  17. Squatting: Occupying property without permission.
  18. Securities Manipulation: Influencing the market for personal gain.
  19. Social Engineering Fraud: Manipulating people into revealing confidential information.
  20. Shill Bidding: Artificially inflating the price in an auction.
  21. Sedition: Inciting revolt against a government.
  22. Skimming: Stealing cash from a business before it is recorded.
  23. Spoofing: Tricking a network into accepting data by faking the source.
  24. School Threats: Making threats against a school or its students.
  25. Structural Code Violations: Not complying with building codes.
  26. Suicide Promotion: Encouraging someone to commit suicide.
  27. Software Piracy: Illegally copying or distributing software.
  28. Stock Theft: Stealing livestock.
  29. Sextortion: Blackmail using sexually explicit material.
  30. Staged Accidents: Deliberately causing an accident for financial gain.
  31. Synthetic Identity Fraud: Creating new identities using real and fake data.
  32. Street Racing: Illegal racing on public roads.
  33. Slavery: Holding and forcing individuals to work against their will.
  34. Signature Forgery: Falsifying a signature for fraudulent purposes.
  35. Snapchat Stalking: Using Snapchat to stalk individuals.
  36. Straw Purchasing: Buying something for someone who is legally barred from doing so.
  37. Sabotaging Computer Networks: Deliberately disrupting or damaging computer networks.
  38. Shrinkage (Retail Theft): Loss of inventory due to theft or error.
  39. Spreading False Information: Deliberately disseminating misinformation.
  40. Securities Insider Trading: Trading based on confidential information.
  41. Salvage Switching: Misrepresenting a vehicle’s salvage history.
  42. Sexting with Minors: Sending sexually explicit messages to minors.
  43. Subletting Without Permission: Renting out a property without the owner’s consent.
  44. Street Gambling: Participating in unauthorized gambling on the streets.
  45. Spice Distribution: Selling synthetic marijuana.
  46. Smash and Grab: Breaking into a place to steal quickly.
  47. Signal Jamming: Disrupting communications by blocking signals.
  48. Serial Killing: Murdering several people over a period.
  49. Spiking Drinks: Adding substances to someone’s drink without consent.
  50. Scheme to Defraud: Planning a systematic fraud.

Crimes that Start with s

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