Top 10 Crimes that Start with X

Explore the rare realm of crimes beginning with ‘X’, a list that may be short but is intriguingly diverse. These offenses, though less common, highlight unique challenges to legal systems and societal norms.

Crimes that Start with X

  1. Xenophobia-Related Crimes: Offenses driven by prejudice against foreigners.
  2. Xylophone Theft: Stealing this specific musical instrument.
  3. X-Rated Material Distribution: Unlawfully sharing explicit content.
  4. Xanax Illegal Sale: Illegally selling this prescription drug.
  5. Xylography Art Theft: Stealing woodcut or woodblock artworks.
  6. Xerographic Forgery: Copying documents illegally using photocopiers.
  7. Xenotropic Virus Spreading: Deliberately spreading foreign viruses.
  8. X-Linked Genetic Discrimination: Biased actions based on genetic information.
  9. X Marks Vandalism: Vandalism involving ‘X’ marks.
  10. Xenolithic Smuggling: Illegally trading foreign geological materials.

Crimes that Start with x

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