All Crimes that Start with I

The list of crimes beginning with ‘I’ offers a window into offenses characterized by intellectual deceit, invasions of privacy, and infringements of laws. This range of ‘I’ crimes includes everything from internet-based fraud to more traditional forms of illegal activities, each carrying its unique implications.

Crimes that Start with I

Below are crimes starting with the letter I.

  1. Identity Theft – Stealing someone’s personal information for fraud.
  2. Insider Trading – Illegal trading based on confidential information.
  3. Insurance Fraud – Deceiving insurers for financial gain.
  4. Impersonation – Pretending to be someone else.
  5. Illegal Wiretapping – Unauthorized interception of communications.
  6. Intellectual Property Theft – Stealing creative or patented work.
  7. Intimidation – Threatening someone to force action.
  8. Illegal Gambling – Conducting or participating in unlicensed gambling.
  9. Immigration Fraud – Deceiving immigration processes.
  10. Indecent Exposure – Publicly displaying nudity or sexual acts.
  11. Invasion of Privacy – Interfering with someone’s private life.
  12. Illicit Drug Use – Consuming illegal drugs.
  13. Inciting a Riot – Encouraging violent public disturbance.
  14. Illegal Fishing – Fishing in restricted areas or seasons.
  15. Income Tax Evasion – Avoiding payment of income taxes.
  16. Infanticide – Killing of an infant.
  17. Internet Fraud – Scams conducted via the Internet.
  18. Investment Fraud – Deceptive financial investment schemes.
  19. Impaired Driving – Driving under the influence of substances.
  20. Illegal Logging – Unlawfully cutting down trees.
  21. Incest – Sexual relations between close relatives.
  22. Illegal Dumping – Unlawful disposal of waste.
  23. Intellectual Property Infringement – Unlicensed use of protected works.
  24. Incitement to Violence – Urging others to commit violent acts.
  25. Illegal Search and Seizure – Unwarranted searching or confiscating property.
  26. Insurrection – Rebellion against authority.
  27. Illegal Possession of Weapons – Holding weapons unlawfully.
  28. International Smuggling – Smuggling goods across borders.
  29. Involuntary Manslaughter – Accidental killing without intent.
  30. Industrial Espionage – Spying for commercial secrets.
  31. Impersonating an Officer – Pretending to be a law enforcement official.
  32. Insider Cyber Attacks – Cyberattacks from within an organization.
  33. Illegal Alien Smuggling – Transporting non-citizens illegally.
  34. Injury to a Child – Causing physical harm to a minor.
  35. Illegal Sale of Alcohol – Selling alcohol unlawfully.
  36. Interfering with a Flight Crew – Disrupting aircraft crew operations.
  37. Internet Piracy – Illegal downloading or distribution online.
  38. Invasion of Property – Unlawfully entering someone’s property.
  39. Intoxication Assault – Assaulting someone while intoxicated.
  40. Illegal Adoption – Unlawfully arranging an adoption.
  41. Inciting to Commit a Crime – Encouraging illegal acts.
  42. Illegal Exporting – Unlawfully shipping goods out of a country.
  43. Intimidating a Witness – Threatening a witness to influence testimony.
  44. Involuntary Servitude – Forcing someone to work against their will.
  45. Illicit Substance Manufacturing – Producing illegal drugs.
  46. Interference with Emergency Communication – Disrupting emergency communication systems.
  47. Illegal Occupation – Unlawfully residing on property.
  48. Illegal Detention – Holding someone without legal authority.
  49. Insurance Scam – Faking incidents for insurance claims.
  50. Interstate Stalking – Harassing someone across state lines.

Crimes that Start with i

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