All Crimes that Start with W

Wander into the world of wrongdoing with crimes that begin with the letter ‘W’. This collection ranges from widely recognized offenses to more obscure violations, each highlighting different aspects of criminal behavior and legal boundaries.

Crimes that Start with W

Below are crimes starting with the letter W.

  1. Wire Fraud: Deceiving others using electronic communications.
  2. White-Collar Crime: Financially motivated, non-violent crime by professionals.
  3. Witness Tampering: Influencing or intimidating a witness.
  4. Wildlife Trafficking: Illegal trade in endangered species.
  5. Wrongful Death: Causing death through negligent or criminal actions.
  6. Welfare Fraud: Misusing government assistance programs.
  7. Weapons Trafficking: Illegally selling or distributing weapons.
  8. War Crimes: Serious violations of the laws of war.
  9. Workplace Theft: Stealing from an employer or coworkers.
  10. Wiretapping: Unauthorized interception of communications.
  11. Willful Blindness: Intentionally ignoring illegal activities.
  12. Witness Intimidation: Threatening a witness to influence their testimony.
  13. Web Piracy: Illegally copying or distributing content on the internet.
  14. Water Pollution: Contaminating water bodies illegally.
  15. Wage Theft: Denying workers their rightful pay.
  16. Wobbler Crimes: Offenses that can be charged as either a felony or misdemeanor.
  17. Willful Neglect: Intentionally failing to provide necessary care.
  18. Weed Possession: Holding cannabis where it’s illegal.
  19. Willful Destruction: Intentionally damaging property.
  20. White-Collar Theft: Stealing through non-violent means in a business setting.
  21. Wrongful Imprisonment: Detaining someone without legal authority.
  22. Wrongful Conviction: Convicting an innocent person of a crime.
  23. Wrongful Disposal of Assets: Illegally disposing of property to avoid debt.
  24. Wardrobe Malfunction Scam: Staging accidental exposure for compensation.
  25. Window Peeping: Spying on people through their windows.
  26. Whistleblower Retaliation: Punishing someone for exposing wrongdoing.
  27. Wrongful Termination: Illegal firing of an employee.
  28. Wobbler Drug Offenses: Drug crimes that vary in severity.
  29. Wildlife Poaching: Illegal hunting or capturing of wild animals.
  30. Workplace Harassment: Unwelcome behavior in a work environment.
  31. Workplace Sabotage: Deliberately damaging work operations or environment.
  32. Witchcraft Accusation: Falsely accusing someone of witchcraft.
  33. Willful Infringement: Intentionally violating someone’s rights.
  34. Wrongful Enlistment: Falsifying information to join the military.
  35. Walking Away from an Accident: Leaving the scene of an accident.
  36. Weaponization of Social Media: Using social platforms for harassment or threats.
  37. Wrongful Use of Public Funds: Misusing government money.
  38. Website Defacement: Illegally altering the content of a website.
  39. Willful Exposure: Intentionally spreading a contagious disease.
  40. Water Theft: Illegally taking water from public or private sources.
  41. Workplace Discrimination: Unfair treatment based on protected characteristics.
  42. Wine Counterfeiting: Producing fake or mislabeled wine.
  43. Warranty Fraud: Deceiving to get unjust warranty services.
  44. Wire Service Fraud: Scams using wire service companies.
  45. Wrongful Prescription: Prescribing medication inappropriately.
  46. Welfare Dependency Fraud: Falsely claiming the need for welfare.
  47. Wasting Police Time: Making false reports to law enforcement.
  48. Withholding Evidence: Not providing evidence in legal proceedings.
  49. Wrongful Arrest: Detaining someone without proper legal basis.
  50. Will Contests: Legally disputing the validity of a will.

Crimes that Start with w

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