All Crimes that Start with D

Delving deeper into our criminal alphabet, we encounter the diverse and often intricate offenses beginning with ‘D’. This section not only highlights the variety of crimes under this letter but also underscores the complexity and breadth of unlawful activities. From digital deceit to direct acts of violence, these entries encapsulate the multifaceted nature of ‘D’ related crimes.

Crimes that Start with D

Below are crimes starting with the letter d.

  1. Drug Trafficking – Illegal drug distribution or trade.
  2. Domestic Violence – Abuse within a household.
  3. Drunk Driving – Operating a vehicle under alcohol influence.
  4. Defamation – Damaging someone’s reputation through false statements.
  5. Disorderly Conduct – Disruptive public behavior.
  6. Driving Without a License – Operating a vehicle without a valid license.
  7. Document Forgery – Falsifying official papers.
  8. Drug Possession – Holding illegal drugs.
  9. Deception – Gaining advantage through deceit.
  10. Disturbing the Peace – Behaving disruptively in public.
  11. Double Jeopardy – Prosecuting someone twice for the same offense.
  12. Data Theft – Stealing digital information.
  13. Debt Evasion – Avoiding payment of owed debts.
  14. Desecration – Damaging a sacred place or object.
  15. Driving While Intoxicated – Driving under the influence of drugs.
  16. Drug Manufacturing – Producing illegal drugs.
  17. Dogfighting – Organizing fights between dogs.
  18. DUI (Driving Under Influence) – Driving under alcohol or drug influence.
  19. Destruction of Property – Damaging or destroying property.
  20. Digital Piracy – Illegally copying or distributing digital content.
  21. Disobeying a Court Order – Ignoring legal directives.
  22. Disseminating Propaganda – Spreading manipulative information.
  23. Deadbeat Parents – Failing to provide child support.
  24. Disarming an Officer – Taking a weapon from a law enforcement officer.
  25. Driving with Suspended License – Driving despite license suspension.
  26. Depositing Harmful Substances – Unlawfully disposing of hazardous materials.
  27. Disclosure of Classified Information – Leaking secret government data.
  28. Driving Without Insurance – Operating a vehicle without insurance.
  29. Disorderly House Keeping – Maintaining a property for unlawful activities.
  30. Dowry Death – Killing a woman over dowry issues.
  31. Drug Paraphernalia Possession – Holding equipment for drug use.
  32. Distributing Counterfeit Goods – Selling fake products.
  33. Disrespecting a Corpse – Improper treatment of a dead body.
  34. Discharging a Firearm – Recklessly firing a gun.
  35. Drug Cultivation – Growing plants used for illegal drugs.
  36. Draft Evasion – Avoiding compulsory military service.
  37. Debt Bondage – Forcing someone to work to pay off debts.
  38. Digital Forgery – Falsifying digital documents or data.
  39. Deceptive Advertising – Misleading consumers through ads.
  40. Demolition Without Permit – Unlawfully tearing down a structure.
  41. Disturbance of Public Order – Causing public unrest or commotion.
  42. Drug Smuggling – Illegally importing drugs.
  43. Driving Recklessly – Careless or dangerous driving.
  44. Death Threats – Threatening someone with death.
  45. Drinking in Public – Consuming alcohol in public places.
  46. Dumping Toxic Waste – Illegally disposing of hazardous materials.
  47. Domestic Espionage – Spying within one’s own country.
  48. Deprivation of Liberty – Unlawfully restricting someone’s freedom.
  49. Deceptive Business Practices – Unfair or fraudulent business operations.
  50. Dine and Dash – Leaving a restaurant without paying.

Crimes that Start with d

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