All Crimes that Start with L

Delve into the darker lexicon where lawbreaking and linguistics intersect. In this comprehensive exploration, we unveil a curious collection of crimes beginning with the letter ‘L’. Each nefarious act, starting from Larceny to Loitering, reveals a unique facet of criminal behavior.

Crimes that Start with L

Below are crimes starting with the letter l.

  1. Larceny: Unlawful taking of someone else’s property.
  2. Libel: Publishing false statements harmful to a person’s reputation.
  3. Looting: Stealing goods during a large-scale disturbance.
  4. Laundering: Disguising the origins of illegally obtained money.
  5. Loitering: Remaining in a place without lawful purpose.
  6. Lynching: Illegal execution by a mob.
  7. Littering: Disposal of waste in unauthorized areas.
  8. Loan Sharking: Offering loans at extremely high interest rates.
  9. Leakage of Information: Unauthorized disclosure of confidential data.
  10. Land Fraud: Illegal transactions involving real estate.
  11. License Fraud: Falsifying or using a fake license.
  12. Legal Malpractice: Lawyers’ failure to meet ethical standards.
  13. Liberticide: Destruction of individual freedom.
  14. Lewd Conduct: Indecent or obscene public behavior.
  15. Livestock Theft: Stealing animals from a farm or ranch.
  16. Lottery Fraud: Deceptive practices in lottery schemes.
  17. Larceny by Trick: Obtaining property through deception.
  18. Labor Racketeering: Organized control of a workforce for illegal benefits.
  19. Land Theft: Illegal seizure or occupation of land.
  20. Libel Tourism: Filing a libel suit in a foreign jurisdiction.
  21. Legislative Malfeasance: Misconduct by elected officials.
  22. Letter Bombing: Sending explosive devices via mail.
  23. Log Piracy: Illegal logging or timber theft.
  24. Leading on: Deceiving someone into a relationship or situation.
  25. Labor Exploitation: Abuse of workers’ rights.
  26. Light Pollution: Excessive or misdirected outdoor lighting.
  27. Liquidation Fraud: Concealing assets in bankruptcy proceedings.
  28. Loan Fraud: Misrepresentation to obtain a loan.
  29. Licensing Irregularities: Illegal practices in issuing licenses.
  30. Land Encroachment: Illegal extension onto another’s property.
  31. Line Theft: Unauthorized use of telephone services.
  32. Lookout: Assisting criminals by acting as a sentinel.
  33. Logbook Fraud: Falsifying driving or machine operation records.
  34. Lateral Violence: Aggression within a marginalized group.
  35. Literary Theft: Stealing another’s written work or ideas.
  36. Link Manipulation: Deceptive online linking practices.
  37. Loan Stacking: Taking multiple loans from different lenders.
  38. Lying to Authorities: Deliberately providing false information to law enforcement.
  39. Larceny by Finding: Keeping lost property without seeking the owner.
  40. Legal Intimidation: Using the legal system to harass.
  41. Laboratory Fraud: Falsification of scientific research data.
  42. Lurking: Staying hidden with a criminal intent.
  43. Laser Pointing: Pointing a laser beam at an aircraft.
  44. Landfill Violations: Illegal disposal in landfills.
  45. License Plate Fraud: Using fake or stolen vehicle plates.
  46. Lock Picking: Illegally opening locks without keys.
  47. Layaway Fraud: Fraudulent handling of layaway plans.
  48. Lease Fraud: Deceptive practices in property leasing.
  49. Lottery Scamming: Deceiving victims through fake lottery winnings.
  50. Link Farming: Creating networks of web pages for manipulation.

Crimes that Start with l

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