All Crimes that Start with P

Plunge into the perplexing world of crimes that commence with the letter ‘P’. From petty theft to profound breaches of trust, this list traverses the spectrum of offenses, each illustrating a unique aspect of criminality and its impact on society.

Crimes that Start with P

Below are crimes starting with the letter p.

  1. Petty Theft: Minor act of stealing.
  2. Perjury: Lying under oath.
  3. Piracy: Hijacking ships or maritime robbery.
  4. Possession of Stolen Goods: Holding items known to be stolen.
  5. Prostitution: Engaging in sexual activity for money.
  6. Public Intoxication: Being visibly drunk in public spaces.
  7. Ponzi Scheme: A fraudulent investment operation.
  8. Public Nuisance: Acts disrupting public order or comfort.
  9. Poaching: Illegal hunting or capturing of wildlife.
  10. Prescription Fraud: Illegally obtaining prescription drugs.
  11. Price Fixing: Illegal control of prices by conspiring groups.
  12. Pandering: Facilitating or promoting prostitution.
  13. Public Indecency: Lewd behavior in public.
  14. Passing Bad Checks: Writing checks with insufficient funds.
  15. Product Counterfeiting: Imitating goods to deceive consumers.
  16. Plagiarism: Copying someone’s work without permission.
  17. Probation Violation: Breaking the terms of probation.
  18. Purse Snatching: Stealing handbags, typically by force.
  19. Peeping Tom: Spying on people in private settings.
  20. Public Urination: Urinating in a public place.
  21. Picketing Violations: Illegal conduct during public demonstrations.
  22. Payroll Fraud: Deceptive practices in employee payment.
  23. Possession of Illegal Weapons: Holding unauthorized firearms or arms.
  24. Pump and Dump: Inflating stock prices for personal gain.
  25. Phishing: Online attempts to acquire sensitive information.
  26. Public Corruption: Misuse of public office for personal gain.
  27. Packing Fraud: Misrepresenting content or weight of packages.
  28. Permit Violations: Operating without required licenses or permits.
  29. Paternity Fraud: Falsely identifying a child’s father.
  30. Possession of Burglary Tools: Holding tools intended for break-ins.
  31. Pimping: Managing prostitutes for profit.
  32. Privacy Violation: Unlawfully intruding into someone’s personal life.
  33. Paternity Fraud: Misleading about the identity of a child’s father.
  34. Proxy Voting Fraud: Illegal voting on behalf of others.
  35. Pilfering: Stealing small items or amounts.
  36. Price Gouging: Raising prices to unfair levels during crises.
  37. Public Lewdness: Indecent exposure or actions in public.
  38. Parole Violation: Breaking the terms of parole.
  39. Pirated Software Distribution: Illegally copying and selling software.
  40. Panhandling: Begging in public places.
  41. Postal Fraud: Deception involving the postal system.
  42. Picketing: Unlawful assembly to protest or demonstrate.
  43. Property Damage: Intentional destruction of property.
  44. Procuring: Obtaining something by special effort.
  45. Public Mischief: Causing disturbance or harm in public.
  46. Prison Contraband: Smuggling forbidden items into jail.
  47. Pandering Obscenity: Distributing obscene materials.
  48. Phone Cloning: Copying a phone’s identity for illegal use.
  49. Pyramid Schemes: Fraudulent multi-level marketing practices.
  50. Passport Fraud: Falsifying or misusing travel documents.

Crimes that Start with p

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