All Crimes that Start with N

Navigate the nuances of nefarious deeds beginning with ‘N’ in our latest exploration of criminal terminology. From the notorious to the nuanced, this list sheds light on a range of offenses, each offering a unique glimpse into the complex tapestry of unlawful acts.

Crimes that Start with N

Below are crimes starting with the letter n.

  1. Narcotics Trafficking: Illegal trade of controlled substances.
  2. Negligent Homicide: Causing death through neglect or carelessness.
  3. Nuisance: Acts causing annoyance or harm to the public.
  4. Negligence: Failure to exercise reasonable care.
  5. Non-disclosure Agreement Breach: Violating confidentiality agreements.
  6. Nepotism: Favoritism based on family relationships.
  7. Negotiable Instrument Fraud: Deception involving transferable documents.
  8. Nonpayment of Child Support: Failing to provide legally ordered support.
  9. Nuclear Smuggling: Illicit trade of nuclear materials.
  10. Nonpayment of Taxes: Failing to pay due taxes.
  11. Negligent Driving: Careless or inattentive driving.
  12. No-contact Order Violation: Breaching a court-ordered contact ban.
  13. Nuisance Calls: Making unwanted, disruptive phone calls.
  14. Name Dropping: Falsely using influential names for gain.
  15. Non-compliance with Regulations: Failing to follow legal rules.
  16. Neglect of Duty: Failure to fulfill job responsibilities.
  17. Narcotics Possession: Illegal holding of controlled drugs.
  18. Natural Resource Theft: Unlawful extraction of natural materials.
  19. Negotiable Instruments Alteration: Illegally modifying financial documents.
  20. Number Plate Theft: Stealing vehicle registration plates.
  21. Nuclear Espionage: Spying related to nuclear technology.
  22. Newspaper Theft: Stealing newspapers for resale or information.
  23. Negligent Entrustment: Allowing an unfit person to use a vehicle.
  24. Nontaxable Transaction Fraud: Evading taxes in financial dealings.
  25. Nonviolent Crime: Offenses without physical harm.
  26. Narcotic Production: Illegal manufacturing of drugs.
  27. Nighttime Burglary: Burglary committed during night hours.
  28. Noise Violation: Exceeding legally permissible noise levels.
  29. Noncompliance with a Court Order: Ignoring a legal directive.
  30. Nondelivery of Goods: Failing to supply paid-for items.
  31. Negligent Manslaughter: Unintentional killing due to negligence.
  32. Network Intrusion: Unauthorized access to a computer network.
  33. Non-Compete Clause Violation: Breaching a contractual employment restriction.
  34. Nonsupport of Dependents: Failing to provide for a family.
  35. Nondisclosure of Known Defects: Hiding known flaws in goods or property.
  36. Netbanking Fraud: Deception involving online banking.
  37. Noxious Substance Release: Unlawfully emitting harmful substances.
  38. Negligent Injury: Causing harm through carelessness.
  39. Nonconsensual Pornography: Distributing intimate images without consent.
  40. Neighborhood Watch Interference: Hindering community safety efforts.
  41. Negotiable Instruments Forgery: Faking financial documents.
  42. Nuisance Lawsuit: Filing a frivolous or annoying lawsuit.
  43. Nominal Damages Claim: Suing for a symbolic amount.
  44. Notary Fraud: Deceiving in a notarial capacity.
  45. Name Fraud: Using a false name for deception.
  46. Non-reporting of a Crime: Failing to inform authorities of criminal activities.
  47. Negotiating with Kidnappers: Illegally dealing with abductors.
  48. Noxious Odor Emission: Emitting foul smells unlawfully.
  49. Nonviolent Resistance: Civil disobedience without aggression.
  50. Nuisance Bar Operation: Running an establishment causing a public disturbance.

Crimes that Start with n

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