All Crimes that Start with J

The assortment of crimes beginning with ‘J’ highlights judicial transgressions, juvenile offenses, and other acts of illegality. This segment underlines the diverse nature of criminal activities associated with ‘J’, revealing how they range from acts of judicial deception to jeopardizing public safety.

Crimes that Start with J

Below are crimes starting with the letter J.

  1. Jaywalking – Illegally or unsafely crossing the street.
  2. Judicial Corruption – Corruption within the judicial system.
  3. Juvenile Delinquency – Criminal acts committed by minors.
  4. Jury Tampering – Influencing or intimidating jurors.
  5. Joyriding – Taking a vehicle without intent to keep.
  6. Jacking (Vehicle) – Illegally taking a vehicle.
  7. Judicial Misconduct – Inappropriate actions by a judge.
  8. Jailbreak – Escaping from prison.
  9. Jewelry Theft – Stealing jewelry.
  10. Jostling – Bumping or pushing to facilitate pickpocketing.
  11. Juvenile Trafficking – Trafficking minors for various crimes.
  12. Justice Obstruction – Interfering with the legal process.
  13. Joyriding in Stolen Property – Using stolen property for fun.
  14. Jury Intimidation – Threatening jurors to influence a decision.
  15. Jumping Bail – Failing to appear in court after bail.
  16. Junk Mail Fraud – Scamming through unsolicited mail.
  17. Juvenile Drug Abuse – Minors using illegal drugs.
  18. Jacking Telecom Equipment – Stealing telecommunication devices.
  19. Jail Assault – Assaulting someone in prison.
  20. Juvenile Pornography – Exploiting minors in pornography.
  21. Jostling in Crowds – Pickpocketing in crowded areas.
  22. Justice System Manipulation – Exploiting legal processes.
  23. Joyriding on Watercraft – Illegally using boats for fun.
  24. Joint Enterprise Crime – Participating in a crime as a group.
  25. Jamming Communications – Interfering with communication signals.
  26. Jumping Turnstiles – Illegally bypassing public transit payment.
  27. Journalistic Fraud – Falsifying news or media content.
  28. Juvenile Gang Activity – Minors participating in gang crimes.
  29. Judicial Bribery – Bribing judges or court officials.
  30. Junkyard Violations – Illegal activities in a junkyard.
  31. Juror Misconduct – Inappropriate behavior by a jury member.
  32. Jacking Digital Equipment – Stealing digital devices.
  33. Jungle Justice – Unlawful vigilante justice.
  34. Job Fraud – Deception in employment or hiring.
  35. Juvenile Smuggling – Smuggling minors across borders.
  36. Juggling Fraudulent Accounts – Managing multiple fraudulent accounts.
  37. Juvenile Prostitution – Involving minors in prostitution.
  38. Jilted Partner Revenge – Seeking revenge after a breakup.
  39. Jumping Claims РIllegally taking over someone’s claim or property.
  40. Judicial Extortion – Judges demanding bribes or favors.
  41. Junk Food Violations – Breaking laws related to food safety.
  42. Jewelry Fraud – Deceiving in the buying or selling of jewelry.
  43. Juvenile Cybercrime – Minors committing digital crimes.
  44. Juggling Illegal Goods – Handling various illegal items.
  45. Jacking Network Services – Illegally accessing network services.
  46. Judicial Document Tampering – Altering legal documents.
  47. Jail Contraband – Bringing illegal items into a prison.
  48. Joint Criminal Enterprise – Collaborative criminal activities.
  49. Journalistic Plagiarism – Copying others’ work in journalism.
  50. Jilted Spouse Crimes – Offenses committed due to marital issues.

Crimes that Start with j

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