All Crimes that Start with F

The letter ‘F’ brings forth a spectrum of crimes, from financial frauds to acts of force. This section dives into offenses characterized by deception, financial manipulation, and outright forceful actions, each uniquely associated with ‘F’. Delve into these definitions to understand the varied nature of these law-breaking acts.

Crimes that Start with F

Below are crimes starting with the letter f.

  1. Fraud – Deception for personal or financial gain.
  2. Forgery – Falsifying documents or signatures.
  3. Felony Murder – Killing during the commission of a felony.
  4. False Imprisonment – Unlawfully restraining someone.
  5. Financial Exploitation – Misusing another’s financial resources.
  6. Felony Assault – Aggravated assault with severe consequences.
  7. Fencing Stolen Goods – Selling or buying stolen property.
  8. False Advertising – Misleading consumers through ads.
  9. Felony DUI – Driving under the influence causing serious harm.
  10. False Pretenses – Obtaining property through deception.
  11. Food Tampering – Deliberately contaminating food products.
  12. Felony Theft – Theft of large value or property.
  13. False Testimony – Lying under oath.
  14. Firearm Trafficking – Illegal trade of firearms.
  15. Financial Fraud – Cheating in financial transactions.
  16. Felony Battery – Serious physical assault.
  17. Fly Tipping – Illegally dumping waste.
  18. Financial Terrorism – Disrupting financial systems for terror.
  19. Forgery of Currency – Creating fake money.
  20. Felony Vandalism – Major property damage.
  21. Fraudulent Trading – Deceptive business practices.
  22. False Reporting – Lying to authorities.
  23. Firebombing – Attack with incendiary devices.
  24. Forced Labor – Making someone work against their will.
  25. Firearm Possession – Illegal carrying of a gun.
  26. Fratricide – Killing one’s brother.
  27. Falsification of Records – Altering official records untruthfully.
  28. Fundraising Fraud – Scamming through fake fundraising.
  29. Fraudulent Bankruptcy – Hiding assets in bankruptcy.
  30. Financial Identity Theft – Stealing another’s financial identity.
  31. Forcible Entry – Breaking into a property.
  32. Felony Drug Possession – Possessing large amounts of illegal drugs.
  33. Fish and Wildlife Violations – Breaching wildlife conservation laws.
  34. Felony Child Abuse – Severe abuse of a child.
  35. Foreign Travel for Illegal Purposes – Traveling abroad for criminal activities.
  36. Falsifying Evidence – Creating fake legal evidence.
  37. Failure to Pay Child Support – Ignoring child support obligations.
  38. Firearms Smuggling – Illegally transporting guns.
  39. Felonious Escape – Escaping from lawful custody as a felon.
  40. Felony Stalking – Repeatedly following or harassing causing fear.
  41. False Claims Act Violations – Making fraudulent claims to the government.
  42. Federal Tax Evasion – Illegally avoiding federal taxes.
  43. Fictitious Name Usage – Using a fake name for deception.
  44. Felony Hit and Run – Leaving an accident scene involving injury.
  45. Familicide – Killing one’s own family.
  46. Financial Insider Trading – Trading based on confidential information.
  47. Forced Marriage – Compelling someone into marriage.
  48. Failure to Report a Crime – Not reporting known criminal activities.
  49. False Bomb Threat – Making a fake bomb warning.
  50. Felony Kidnapping – Abducting someone with aggravated circumstances.

Crimes that Start with f

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