All Crimes that Start with R

Embark on a revealing journey through the realm of criminal acts beginning with ‘R’. From the rampant to the rare, this extensive list uncovers a wide range of offenses, each shedding light on different facets of illegality and its consequences in society.

Crimes that Start with R

Below are crimes starting with the letter r.

  1. Robbery: Taking property from a person using force or fear.
  2. Rape: Non-consensual sexual intercourse.
  3. Racketeering: Operating illegal businesses for profit.
  4. Receiving Stolen Property: Possessing goods known to be stolen.
  5. Resisting Arrest: Hindering or opposing a law enforcement officer.
  6. Retail Theft: Stealing goods from a retail establishment.
  7. Reckless Driving: Operating a vehicle in a dangerous manner.
  8. Ransomware Attacks: Using malware to extort money.
  9. Rioting: Participating in a violent public disturbance.
  10. Revenge Porn: Distributing explicit images without consent.
  11. Real Estate Fraud: Deceptive practices in property transactions.
  12. Racial Profiling: Discriminating based on race during law enforcement.
  13. Running a Red Light: Illegally passing through a red traffic signal.
  14. Reckless Endangerment: Acting with disregard for human life.
  15. Railroad Vandalism: Damaging or obstructing railway systems.
  16. Reckless Homicide: Causing death through reckless behavior.
  17. Racial Harassment: Intimidation or abuse based on race.
  18. Refusal to Pay Child Support: Not providing legally mandated support.
  19. Rigging Evidence: Tampering with or fabricating evidence.
  20. Refusal to Aid Police: Not assisting law enforcement when required.
  21. Ransom Kidnapping: Abducting someone to demand a ransom.
  22. Retail Fraud: Deceptive practices in retail settings.
  23. Reckless Burning: Carelessly starting a fire.
  24. Road Rage: Aggressive or violent behavior while driving.
  25. Regulatory Violations: Failing to comply with legal regulations.
  26. RICO Violations: Crimes under the RICO Act.
  27. Receiving Kickbacks: Accepting bribes for professional favors.
  28. Ritual Killing: Murder for ceremonial or religious reasons.
  29. Risk of Injury to a Minor: Endangering a child’s wellbeing.
  30. Revenge Extortion: Threatening harm for revenge or gain.
  31. Rogue Trading: Unauthorized speculative trading.
  32. Rent Skimming: Misappropriating rental income.
  33. Replica Weapon Possession: Holding realistic fake weapons.
  34. Recreational Drug Use: Using illegal substances for pleasure.
  35. Runaway Child: A minor leaving home without permission.
  36. Reckless Investment: Carelessly risking others’ finances.
  37. Reverse Mortgage Scams: Deceptive reverse housing loans.
  38. Rubbish Dumping: Illegally discarding waste or trash.
  39. Reckless Felling: Carelessly cutting down trees.
  40. Refusal to Testify: Not complying with a subpoena.
  41. Resale of Prescription Drugs: Selling prescribed medication illegally.
  42. Retail Smuggling: Importing goods to avoid duties.
  43. Revenge Hacking: Unauthorized computer access for vengeance.
  44. Rental Property Damage: Intentionally damaging leased properties.
  45. Residential Burglary: Breaking into a dwelling to commit theft.
  46. Retail Credit Fraud: Deceptive practices using retail credit.
  47. Reproduction of Copyrighted Material: Illegally copying protected works.
  48. Refusal to Disperse: Not leaving an area when lawfully ordered.
  49. Rogue Dialing Scams: Charging hidden fees through phone calls.
  50. Railroad Crossing Violation: Disobeying railroad crossing signals.

Crimes that Start with r

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