All Crimes that Start with A

Embark on an alphabetical adventure into the world of crime, beginning with the letter ‘A’. From acts of audacity to ancient offenses, this list unveils a comprehensive catalog of crimes, each accompanied by a succinct definition. Delve into the darker side of linguistics and law as we explore ‘Crimes that Start with A’.

Crimes that Start with A

Below are all crimes that start with a:

  1. Arson – Deliberate and unlawful burning of property.
  2. Assault – Intentional infliction of bodily harm to another.
  3. Abduction – Illegal taking or kidnapping of a person.
  4. Armed Robbery – Theft with the use of weapons.
  5. Aggravated Assault – Assault causing serious bodily injury.
  6. Accessory (to a crime) – Assisting in the commission of a crime.
  7. Animal Cruelty – Infliction of suffering or harm upon animals.
  8. Auto Theft – Unlawful taking of a vehicle.
  9. Arms Trafficking – Illegal trade of firearms and ammunition.
  10. Aiding and Abetting – Helping someone commit a crime.
  11. Attempted Murder – Trying to kill someone but failing.
  12. Antitrust Violations – Actions that stifle competition in a market.
  13. Art Theft – Stealing art from a gallery or individual.
  14. Anarchism – Acts promoting political disorder or rebellion.
  15. Appropriation – Unauthorized use of someone’s property or ideas.
  16. Ambush – A surprise attack, often violent.
  17. Aggravated Battery – Physical attack causing severe injury.
  18. Alcohol Offenses – Crimes involving illegal alcohol use or sale.
  19. Alien Smuggling – Illegal transport of non-citizens across borders.
  20. Affray – Public fight causing a disturbance of peace.
  21. Absconding – Fleeing to avoid legal prosecution.
  22. Adultery – Voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and another, not their spouse.
  23. Affiliation Fraud – Misrepresenting one’s association for personal gain.
  24. Apostasy – Renunciation of a religious or political belief.
  25. Aiding Suicide – Helping another person to commit suicide.
  26. Asset Forfeiture – Seizure of assets related to criminal activity.
  27. Attempted Larceny – Unsuccessful attempt to steal property.
  28. Anti-Competitive Practices – Actions that harm fair competition.
  29. Aircraft Hijacking – Illegal seizure of an airplane.
  30. Abuse of Power – Misuse of authority for harmful objectives.
  31. Advance Fee Fraud – Scam promising rewards for upfront payments.
  32. Age of Consent Violations – Sexual activity with minors.
  33. Agroterrorism – Terrorist acts aimed at disrupting agriculture.
  34. Aggravated Stalking – Repeatedly following someone causing fear or distress.
  35. Aiding an Offender – Helping a criminal evade law enforcement.
  36. Aggravated Trespass – Entering property to cause harm.
  37. Aggravated Kidnapping – Abduction with intent to harm or ransom.
  38. Antisocial Behavior – Conduct disrupting societal norms and peace.
  39. Accounting Fraud – Manipulating financial records for gain.
  40. Adulteration of Products – Tampering with products to deceive.
  41. Asbestos Violations – Illegal handling of hazardous asbestos materials.
  42. Assassination – Murder for political or monetary gain.
  43. Aiding Escape – Assisting someone in escaping custody.
  44. Arbitrary Detention – Holding someone without legal justification.
  45. Art Forgery – Creating and selling fake artworks.
  46. Acid Attacks – Throwing corrosive substances to harm someone.
  47. Abuse of Trust – Exploiting a position of trust for harm.
  48. Anabolic Steroid Distribution – Illegal distribution of performance-enhancing drugs.
  49. Auction Fraud – Deceptive practices in auctions.
  50. Assumption of Identity – Pretending to be someone else for deceit.

Crimes that Start with A

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