All Crimes that Start with M

Embark on an intriguing journey through the criminal world, where misdemeanors and malevolence manifest starting with the letter ‘M’. From the well-known to the obscure, each crime in this list is a gateway into the diverse and complex realm of unlawful activities.

Crimes that Start with M

Below are crimes starting with the letter m.

  1. Murder: Unlawfully killing another person.
  2. Manslaughter: Killing without premeditation or malice.
  3. Money Laundering: Concealing the origins of illegal funds.
  4. Mail Fraud: Deceptive practices using postal services.
  5. Mugging: Attacking someone to steal their possessions.
  6. Malpractice: Professional negligence causing harm.
  7. Mutiny: Rebellion against lawful authority.
  8. Misappropriation: Improper use of funds or property.
  9. Molestation: Sexual assault or abuse.
  10. Malfeasance: Illegal or dishonest conduct by a public official.
  11. Mobbing: Group harassment or bullying.
  12. Manslaughter by Negligence: Causing death through careless actions.
  13. Mortgage Fraud: Falsifying information for a mortgage.
  14. Misrepresentation: False or misleading statements.
  15. Money Muling: Transferring illegal funds for others.
  16. Menacing: Threatening behavior or actions.
  17. Market Manipulation: Illegal interference in financial markets.
  18. Material Support: Providing resources to terrorists.
  19. Malicious Mischief: Intentionally damaging property.
  20. Medicaid Fraud: Cheating Medicaid for personal gain.
  21. Misprision: Failing to report a known felony.
  22. Motor Vehicle Theft: Stealing or unlawfully taking a vehicle.
  23. Minor in Possession: Underage possession of alcohol or drugs.
  24. Misbranding: Falsely labeling products.
  25. Misuse of Public Funds: Illegal spending of government money.
  26. Moral Turpitude: Conduct contrary to community standards.
  27. Marital Rape: Non-consensual sex by a spouse.
  28. Misuse of Signals: Tampering with safety signals.
  29. Modifying Identification Numbers: Altering serial numbers.
  30. Mail Theft: Stealing mail from mailboxes or postal trucks.
  31. Malingering: Faking illness to avoid duty or work.
  32. Misdemeanor: A lesser criminal act.
  33. Monopolizing: Dominating a market to exclude competitors.
  34. Mischief: Minor harm or annoyance.
  35. Mutual Combat: A consensual fight or duel.
  36. Misuse of Visas: Fraudulent use of travel documents.
  37. Merger Violations: Illegal consolidations of companies.
  38. Methamphetamine Production: Illegally manufacturing meth.
  39. Misuse of Trust: Betraying a position of trust.
  40. Match Fixing: Manipulating outcomes in sports.
  41. Misappropriation of Funds: Unauthorized use of money.
  42. Misuse of Authority: Abusing a position of power.
  43. Mischarging: Falsely billing or invoicing.
  44. Mail Tampering: Interfering with postal correspondence.
  45. Masked Robbery: Robbery committed while masked.
  46. Mystery Shopper Scam: Deceptive employment scams.
  47. Misuse of Corporate Assets: Using company resources for personal gain.
  48. Moral Corruption: Acts degrading societal morals.
  49. Money Mule Scam: Tricking individuals into laundering money.
  50. Misapplication of Funds: Inappropriately using allocated funds.

Crimes that Start with m

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