All Crimes that Start with K

The letter ‘K’ encompasses a range of crimes, many of which are known for their specific and often nuanced nature. From acts involving knowledge-based offenses to those dealing with kidnap, these ‘K’ crimes offer insights into various forms of illegality, each distinct in its execution and impact.

Crimes that Start with K

Below are crimes starting with the letter k.

  1. Kidnapping – Illegally abducting someone.
  2. Kleptomania – Compulsive stealing disorder.
  3. Keylogging – Unauthorized recording of keystrokes.
  4. Knockoff Products – Selling fake branded goods.
  5. Killing in Self-Defense – Homicide in self-protection.
  6. Kickbacks – Secret payments for referrals or services.
  7. Knowledge-Based Theft – Stealing confidential or proprietary information.
  8. Kite Flying (Financial) – Writing bad checks on insufficient funds.
  9. Knockoff Counterfeiting – Producing counterfeit replicas.
  10. Keeping Disorderly House – Using property for illegal activities.
  11. Killing of Protected Animals – Illegally hunting endangered species.
  12. Killing with a Vehicle – Causing death by vehicle, not DUI-related.
  13. Kangaroo Court Practices – Conducting biased, unofficial trials.
  14. Kiting (Financial) – Using float time on unavailable funds.
  15. Key Theft – Stealing keys for unlawful access.
  16. Knife Attacks – Assaults using a knife.
  17. Kicking an Officer – Assaulting a police officer with a kick.
  18. Knockout Game – Random violent attacks for amusement.
  19. Knowledge Espionage – Stealing intellectual or trade secrets.
  20. Keg Law Violations – Breaking regulations related to beer kegs.
  21. Khat Trafficking – Illegal trade of the stimulant khat.
  22. Keeping Stolen Goods – Possessing or storing stolen property.
  23. Knife Possession (Illegal) – Carrying a knife unlawfully.
  24. Killing Endangered Species – Illegally harming protected wildlife.
  25. Kerbside Betting – Conducting illegal street gambling.
  26. Key Card Theft – Stealing electronic access cards.
  27. Knowingly Spreading Disease – Intentionally transmitting a disease.
  28. Khat Possession – Illegally holding the stimulant khat.
  29. Kickback Schemes – Participating in illegal profit-sharing.
  30. Kneecapping – Shooting in the knee as punishment.
  31. Key Cloning – Illegally duplicating electronic keys.
  32. Knockoff Patent Infringement – Illegally copying patented designs.
  33. Kidnapping for Organ Harvesting – Abducting for illegal organ removal.
  34. Kidnapping for Religious Reasons – Abducting for religious coercion.
  35. Kidnapping for Revenge – Abducting someone as retribution.
  36. Knowingly Selling Defective Products – Trading flawed goods deliberately.
  37. Knock and Run – Knocking on doors and fleeing as a prank.
  38. Key Interference – Tampering with keys or locks.
  39. Kerosene Storage Violations – Storing kerosene unlawfully.
  40. Kiting Insurance Claims – Inflating insurance claims fraudulently.
  41. Kickback Extortion – Demanding illegal payments for services.
  42. Key Code Theft – Stealing codes for electronic access.
  43. Kremlinology Crimes – Unlawful activities relating to state secrets.
  44. Kid Gloves Treatment Violations – Unfair leniency in law enforcement.
  45. Kiosk Vandalism – Damaging public kiosks.
  46. Kiln Misuse – Illegal or unsafe use of industrial kilns.
  47. Kitchen Safety Violations – Breaching food preparation safety rules.
  48. Knapsack Theft – Stealing backpacks or bags.
  49. Kickback Fraud – Receiving illegal payments in business dealings.
  50. Kinesic Interrogation Abuse – Misusing body language analysis in interrogations.

Crimes that Start with k

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