Top 15 Crimes that Start with Q

Quirky yet questionable, the list of crimes beginning with ‘Q’ might be shorter but is no less significant. These offenses, though fewer in number, highlight unique aspects of criminal behavior and the law’s response to such distinctive transgressions.

Crimes that Start with Q

Below are crimes starting with the letter q.

  1. Quackery: Fraudulently pretending to have medical skills.
  2. Qualified Theft: Stealing with an aggravating circumstance like trust.
  3. Quarantine Breach: Violating imposed health isolation measures.
  4. Quiet Enjoyment Breach: Disturbing someone’s peaceful property use.
  5. Quick Change Scam: Confusing a cashier to receive more change.
  6. Queuing Fraud: Cutting in line or manipulating queues for gain.
  7. Quasi Criminal Actions: Acts resembling but not legally defined as crimes.
  8. Questioned Document Examination Forgery: Tampering with documents under legal scrutiny.
  9. Quota System Corruption: Manipulating quotas for personal benefit.
  10. Quarrel Instigation: Provoking or inciting disputes.
  11. Quid Pro Quo Harassment: Demanding favors for job benefits.
  12. Quarry Theft: Stealing from a mine or quarry.
  13. Quack Medicine Sale: Selling fake or unapproved medical treatments.
  14. Quarrelsome Behavior: Engaging in disruptive arguments.
  15. Questionable Solicitation: Suspicious fundraising or charity requests.

Crimes that Start with q

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