All Crimes that Start with T

Traverse the terrain of transgressions beginning with the letter ‘T’. This array of crimes takes us through a spectrum of offenses, from those occurring in the tangible world to the realms of technology and trade. Each crime reveals unique challenges to law and ethics.

Crimes that Start with T

Below are crimes starting with the letter t.

  1. Theft: Stealing property belonging to another.
  2. Trespassing: Entering property without permission.
  3. Trafficking: Illegal trade of goods or people.
  4. Tax Evasion: Illegally avoiding paying taxes.
  5. Terrorism: Violent acts for political or religious purposes.
  6. Tampering with Evidence: Altering or destroying evidence.
  7. Telemarketing Fraud: Deceptive practices over the telephone.
  8. Torture: Inflicting severe pain or suffering on others.
  9. Trademark Infringement: Unauthorized use of a registered trademark.
  10. Threatening Behavior: Intimidating or menacing conduct.
  11. Ticket Scalping: Reselling tickets at inflated prices.
  12. Towing Scams: Illegitimate or overpriced vehicle towing.
  13. Typosquatting: Registering misspelled domains to exploit traffic.
  14. Transmission of Harmful Material to Minors: Sending inappropriate content to underage persons.
  15. Terroristic Threatening: Making threats to terrorize others.
  16. Textbook Piracy: Illegally copying or distributing academic books.
  17. Tombstone Theft: Stealing markers from graves or cemeteries.
  18. Trade Secret Theft: Stealing confidential business information.
  19. Tunneling: Digging tunnels for illegal activities.
  20. Trademark Counterfeiting: Producing fake items with trademarked logos.
  21. Tying Agreements: Forcing buyers to purchase unrelated products.
  22. Traffic Ticket Fixing: Illegally voiding traffic citations.
  23. Television Piracy: Unauthorized broadcasting or streaming of TV content.
  24. Tree Poisoning: Illegally harming or killing trees.
  25. Timecard Fraud: Misrepresenting work hours for payment.
  26. Trespass by Technology: Unauthorized digital intrusion.
  27. Tampering with Food: Altering or contaminating food products.
  28. Ticket Forgery: Creating fake event or transport tickets.
  29. Tailing: Following someone closely for surveillance.
  30. Trust Fund Theft: Stealing from a trust account.
  31. Tampering with a Jury: Influencing jurors outside of court proceedings.
  32. Tag Switching: Changing price tags to pay less for items.
  33. Tech Support Scams: Deceiving people into paying for unnecessary technical support.
  34. Telephone Fraud: Using the phone system for scams.
  35. Transnational Crime: Crimes that cross international borders.
  36. Towaway Theft: Stealing a vehicle by towing it away.
  37. Threatening a Public Official: Making threats against government officials.
  38. Threatening a Witness: Intimidating someone involved in legal proceedings.
  39. Tilting at Windmills: Pursuing legal actions based on fanciful or imaginary grievances.
  40. Timber Theft: Illegally cutting and removing trees.
  41. Trade Embargo Violation: Defying international trade restrictions.
  42. Traffic Signal Tampering: Interfering with traffic control devices.
  43. Trolling: Posting provocative messages online to upset others.
  44. Train Hopping: Illegally boarding and riding trains.
  45. Truancy: Unlawful absence from school by a minor.
  46. Trust Breach: Violating the terms of a trust agreement.
  47. Threats to National Security: Actions endangering a country’s safety.
  48. Tax Fraud: Deliberately falsifying information to reduce tax liability.
  49. Tainted Evidence: Using compromised evidence in legal proceedings.
  50. Trade-Based Money Laundering: Using trade transactions to launder money.

Crimes that Start with t

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