All Crimes that Start with V

Venture into the variegated realm of violations beginning with the letter ‘V’. This assortment of crimes reveals the vast and varied nature of illegal activities, from acts of violence to intricate violations of law and order.

Crimes that Start with V

Below are crimes starting with the letter v.

  1. Vandalism: Willful destruction or damage to property.
  2. Vehicle Theft: Stealing automobiles.
  3. Voyeurism: Spying on people in private moments.
  4. Violation of Privacy: Infringing on someone’s personal space or information.
  5. Verbal Assault: Threatening or intimidating someone through words.
  6. Vagrancy: Wandering without a visible means of support.
  7. Vote Rigging: Manipulating election results.
  8. Violation of Probation: Breaking the terms of probation.
  9. Violation of Restraining Order: Disobeying a court-ordered restriction.
  10. Vehicular Manslaughter: Causing death through negligent driving.
  11. Vice Crimes: Offenses related to gambling, drugs, or prostitution.
  12. Violating Curfew: Being out beyond legally set times.
  13. Vicarious Liability: Being responsible for another’s actions.
  14. Vendor Fraud: Deceptive practices by sellers or suppliers.
  15. Value Added Tax (VAT) Fraud: Deceiving tax authorities in VAT reporting.
  16. Voter Impersonation: Voting under someone else’s name.
  17. Virtual Theft: Stealing digital assets or online identities.
  18. Violation of Fire Codes: Not adhering to fire safety regulations.
  19. Vandalizing Mailboxes: Destroying or damaging mail receptacles.
  20. Voluntary Manslaughter: Killing in the heat of passion.
  21. Vagrancy Laws Violation: Breaking laws relating to homelessness.
  22. Violation of Civil Rights: Infringing upon legally protected rights.
  23. Vandalism of Public Property: Defacing or damaging public facilities.
  24. Vaccine Fraud: Deceptions relating to vaccinations.
  25. Violation of Child Labor Laws: Employing minors illegally.
  26. Vishing (Voice Phishing): Phone scams seeking personal information.
  27. Violating Embargo: Trading with a sanctioned country or entity.
  28. Violation of Emission Standards: Exceeding legal pollution limits.
  29. Vehicle Cloning: Replicating vehicle identification to disguise stolen cars.
  30. Violation of Environmental Laws: Breaking laws designed to protect the environment.
  31. Visa Fraud: Deceiving authorities for immigration benefits.
  32. Vandalizing Religious Property: Damaging places of worship or sacred objects.
  33. Violation of Wildlife Protection Laws: Harming or trading protected species.
  34. Volunteer Worker Exploitation: Misusing volunteers for unlawful gain.
  35. Virtual Currency Fraud: Scams involving digital currencies.
  36. Vexatious Litigation: Filing lawsuits with the intent to harass.
  37. Violation of Noise Ordinances: Exceeding permissible sound levels.
  38. Vigilantism: Taking the law into one’s own hands.
  39. Vehicle Registration Fraud: Falsifying vehicle documentation.
  40. Violation of Antitrust Laws: Engaging in anti-competitive practices.
  41. Voter Suppression: Hindering or manipulating voter participation.
  42. Vulnerable Adult Abuse: Mistreating adults with diminished capacity.
  43. Vehicle Insurance Fraud: Faking accidents or thefts for insurance claims.
  44. Violation of Parole: Breaking the conditions of parole.
  45. Video Piracy: Unauthorized copying or distribution of videos.
  46. Voyeuristic Recording: Secretly recording private activities.
  47. Virtual Child Pornography: Creating or distributing explicit images of minors.
  48. Violent Disorder: Participating in violent public disturbances.
  49. Venture Capital Fraud: Deceiving investors in startup financing.
  50. Vehicle Emissions Tampering: Altering a vehicle to bypass emissions controls.

Crimes that Start with v

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