All Crimes that Start with U

Unveil the underworld of unlawful acts beginning with the letter ‘U’. This list encompasses a variety of crimes, each underscoring unique challenges to legal and moral codes, from ubiquitous offenses to the unconventional.

Crimes that Start with U

Below are crimes starting with the letter u.

  1. Unauthorized Access: Illegally entering buildings, systems, or data.
  2. Usury: Charging excessively high interest on loans.
  3. Underage Drinking: Consuming alcohol by individuals below legal age.
  4. Untaxed Cigarette Sales: Selling cigarettes without paying required taxes.
  5. Unlawful Assembly: Gathering with the intent to disturb the peace.
  6. Upland Hunting Violation: Illegal hunting of upland game birds.
  7. Unlicensed Broadcasting: Operating a radio or TV station without a license.
  8. Unlawful Gambling: Participating in or operating illegal betting activities.
  9. Unlawful Manufacture of Drugs: Illegally producing controlled substances.
  10. Unemployment Insurance Fraud: Deceiving for unemployment benefits.
  11. Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle: Operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent.
  12. Underage Gambling: Participating in gambling activities by minors.
  13. Unlawful Detention: Holding a person against their will.
  14. Unlawful Disposal of Waste: Improperly disposing of garbage or hazardous material.
  15. Unlawful Eviction: Illegally forcing a tenant out of their residence.
  16. Unauthorized Practice of Law: Practicing law without a license.
  17. Unlicensed Sale of Alcohol: Selling alcohol without a proper license.
  18. Unjust Enrichment: Gaining at the expense of another without legal justification.
  19. Unlicensed Sale of Firearms: Selling firearms without necessary permits.
  20. Unlawful Search and Seizure: Conducting searches without legal authority.
  21. Underage Sale of Alcohol: Selling alcohol to minors.
  22. Unlawful Possession of a Firearm: Holding a firearm without legal authorization.
  23. Unsolicited Telemarketing: Making unwanted sales calls.
  24. Unlawful Surveillance: Illegally observing or recording others.
  25. Unregistered Securities Sales: Selling securities without proper registration.
  26. Unlawful Use of Computer: Using computers for illegal activities.
  27. Unfair Competition: Engaging in deceptive or wrongful business practices.
  28. Unlawful Possession of Weapons: Holding illegal or unlicensed weapons.
  29. Unlawful Interception of Communications: Illegally eavesdropping or recording conversations.
  30. Unauthorized Modifications: Making illegal changes to products or property.
  31. Unlawful Use of Trademarks: Using trademarks without permission.
  32. Unauthorized Wiretapping: Illegally tapping phone or communication lines.
  33. Underreporting Income: Misreporting earnings to avoid taxes.
  34. Usurping an Identity: Illegally assuming another person’s identity.
  35. Unauthorized Sale of Prescription Drugs: Selling medication without a license.
  36. Unethical Medical Practices: Conducting medical practices against professional ethics.
  37. Unauthorized Practice of Medicine: Practicing medicine without a license.
  38. Unlawful Advertising: Misleading or illegal advertising practices.
  39. Unlawful Capture of Wildlife: Illegally trapping or hunting animals.
  40. Use of Banned Substances: Ingesting or distributing prohibited drugs or chemicals.
  41. Unauthorized Access to Computer Systems: Illegally entering digital systems or networks.
  42. Unlawful Imprisonment: Holding someone captive illegally.
  43. Untaxed Earnings: Failing to pay taxes on income.
  44. Unauthorized Recording: Illegally capturing audio or video.
  45. Unlawful Claim of Authority: Falsely claiming legal or official power.
  46. Underage Sale of Tobacco: Selling tobacco products to minors.
  47. Unauthorized Banking Practices: Conducting banking activities without proper authorization.
  48. Use of Stolen Credit Cards: Using credit cards known to be stolen.
  49. Unlawful Distribution of Controlled Substances: Illegally selling or giving away drugs.
  50. Unlawful Insider Trading: Trading based on confidential, non-public information.

Crimes that Start with u

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