All Adverbs that Start With I

Adverbs play a crucial role in writing. They add depth and meaning to sentences, providing further insight into the action or description being provided.

With over 6,500 adverbs in the English language, it can be challenging to find the right word for every occasion. This is where our list of 150 adverbs starting with I comes into play.

From “ideally” to “incredibly,” these adverbs starting with I can help you convey your message more precisely and accurately.

Whether you are looking to add emphasis, describe mannerisms, or intensify an emotion, this comprehensive list will provide you with plenty of options. So let’s dive in and explore some of the best adverbs that start with I!

Adverbs that Start With I

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with I, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Immediately

Meaning: Without any delay; instantly.

Example: She responded immediately to the emergency.

2. Immensely

Meaning: To a great extent; extremely.

Example: He is immensely talented in music.

3. Impartially

Meaning: In a fair and just manner without showing favoritism.

Example: The judge ruled impartially on the case.

4. Impetuously

Meaning: Acting without thought or care; impulsively.

Example: He impetuously bought the car without checking its history.

5. Implicitly

Meaning: Without being directly expressed; absolutely.

Example: She implicitly trusted her mentor.

6. Impolitely

Meaning: In a rude manner.

Example: He impolitely interrupted the conversation.

7. Importantly

Meaning: In an important manner or to a significant degree.

Example: Importantly, always wear safety gear when cycling.

8. Imprecisely

Meaning: Not in a clear or detailed manner; vaguely.

Example: He described his whereabouts imprecisely.

9. Impressively

Meaning: In a manner that evokes admiration.

Example: The team performed impressively in the tournament.

10. Inadvertently

Meaning: Without intention; accidentally.

Example: She inadvertently spilled coffee on her report.

11. Incessantly

Meaning: Without interruption; continuously.

Example: The baby cried incessantly throughout the night.

12. Inclusively

Meaning: In a manner that does not exclude any.

Example: The school operates inclusively, welcoming all students.

13. Incoherently

Meaning: In a manner lacking logical or meaningful connection.

Example: He spoke incoherently after being awakened suddenly.

14. Increasingly

Meaning: More and more over time.

Example: The task became increasingly difficult.

15. Indefinitely

Meaning: For an unlimited or unspecified period of time.

Example: The project has been postponed indefinitely.

16. Independently

Meaning: Without outside help; autonomously.

Example: She lives independently from her family.

17. Indifferently

Meaning: Without interest or concern.

Example: He reacted indifferently to the news.

18. Indirectly

Meaning: Not in a straightforward way.

Example: He indirectly hinted at the problem.

19. Indiscreetly

Meaning: Lacking prudence, good judgment, or circumspection.

Example: She shared the secret indiscreetly.

20. Individually

Meaning: Separately, in terms of individual persons or things.

Example: Each item must be priced individually.

21. Indubitably

Meaning: Without doubt; unquestionably.

Example: The evidence was indubitably clear.

22. Inefficiently

Meaning: In a manner that doesn’t achieve maximum productivity.

Example: He completed the task inefficiently, wasting resources.

23. Inevitably

Meaning: As is certain to happen; unavoidably.

Example: The conflict led inevitably to war.

24. Infamously

Meaning: In a manner that is well known for some bad quality.

Example: He is infamously known for his mischief.

25. Inferentially

Meaning: By means of inference or deduction.

Example: They concluded inferentially based on the data.

26. Infinitely

Meaning: Without bounds or limits; immeasurably.

Example: The universe is infinitely vast.

27. Inflexibly

Meaning: In a manner that is unyielding or rigid.

Example: He held inflexibly to his beliefs.

28. Informally

Meaning: In a relaxed, friendly, or unofficial style or manner.

Example: They met informally over coffee.

29. Ingeniously

Meaning: In a manner that shows creativity or inventiveness.

Example: She solved the puzzle ingeniously.

30. Inherently

Meaning: In a permanent, essential, or characteristic way.

Example: The task is inherently challenging.

All Adverbs Starting With I

Ichily Icily Idealistically
Ideally Identically Idiotically
Idly Idolizingly Ignobly
Ignorantly Illegally Illegibly
Illicitly Illogically Illusively
Illustratively Imaginatively Imitatively
Immaculately Immaturely Immeasurably
Immediately Immensely Imminently
Immorally Immovably Impartially
Impatiently Impeccably Imperatively
Imperceptibly Imperfectly Impersonally
Impetuously Impishly Implausivly
Implicitly Impliedly Implorigly
Impolitely Importantly Importunely
Imposingly Impossibly Imprecisely
Impressionably Impressively Improbably
Improperly Improvisationally Imprudently
Impulsively Impurely Imputably
In Inaccurately Inactively
Inadequately Inadvertently Inappropriately
Inaptly Inarguably Inasmuch
Inattentively Inaudibly Incapably
Incautiously Incessantly Incidentally
Incitingly Inclusively Incoherently
Incompetently Incompletely Inconsequently
Inconsiderately Inconsolably Inconveniently
Incorrectly Incorrigibly Increasingly
Incredibly Incredulously Incrementally
Incurably Indebtedly Indecently
Indecisively Indeed Indefinitely
Independently Indeterminedly Indicatively
Indifferently Indignantly Indirectly
Individually Indoors Industrially
Ineffectively Inevitably Inexplicably
Infinitely Informally Infrequently
Inherently Initially Innocently
Inquisitively Insanely Insatiably
Insecurely Inside Inspiringly
Instantly Instead Instinctively
Intellectually Intelligently Intelligibly
Intendedly Intensely Intentionally
Intently Interchangeably Interestingly
Intermittently Internally Internationally
Intimately Intricately Intrinsically
Introvertedly Intuitively Invariably
Inward Inwardly Inwards
Irately Ironically Irrationally
Irregularly Irresolutely Irresponsibly
Irreverently Irrevocably Irritably
Irritatingly Isolatedly  

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Positive Adverbs That Start With I

  • Intensely
  • Incredibly
  • Immediately
  • Inclusively
  • Incomparably
  • Industriously
  • Ingeniously
  • Inherently
  • Innocently
  • Inquisitively
  • Insightfully
  • Inspiringly
  • Intelligently
  • Intrepidly
  • Invigoratingly
  • Irresistibly

Negative Adverbs That Start With I

  • Ibidem
  • Ice-coldly
  • Idiotically
  • Idly
  • Ignobly
  • Ignominiously
  • Ignorantly
  • Illegally
  • Illegitimately
  • Illiberally
  • Illicitly
  • Ill-naturedly
  • Ill-temperedly
  • Illogically
  • Illusorily
  • Immanently
  • Immaterially
  • Immediately
  • Imminently
  • Immoderately
  • Immodestly
  • Immorally
  • Immovably
  • Impassively
  • Impeccably
  • Impenetrably
  • Imperfectly
  • Imperiously
  • Impersonally
  • Impertinently
  • Impiously
  • Implacably
  • Implicitly
  • Impolitely
  • Importunately
  • Impossibly
  • Imprecisely
  • Impregnably
  • Impudently
  • Inability

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