All Adverbs that Start With D

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Adverbs are important parts of speech in the English language that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. They add depth and detail to sentences and help convey a message more effectively. With so many adverbs to choose from, finding the right one can be challenging at times.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 350 adverbs starting with D which will be useful for writers and students alike. These adverbs encompass a wide range of meanings from time to manner to degree and frequency.

Whether you are looking for an appropriate word to describe an action or trying to enhance your writing skills, this comprehensive list of D-adverbs is sure to prove valuable. So let’s dive in!

Adverbs that Start With D

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with D, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Daily

Meaning: Every day.

Example: He goes for a walk daily.

2. Daringly

Meaning: In an adventurous or bold manner.

Example: She daringly climbed the steep mountain.

3. Darkly

Meaning: In a mysterious or hidden way; also, in a gloomy manner.

Example: He looked darkly into the distance, lost in thought.

4. Dearly

Meaning: At a high cost or great effort.

Example: She values those memories dearly.

5. Decidedly

Meaning: Without a doubt; definitely.

Example: The weather is decidedly cooler today.

6. Deeply

Meaning: In a profound or intense manner.

Example: He was deeply affected by the news.

7. Defiantly

Meaning: In a manner that shows open resistance or bold disobedience.

Example: She looked at the teacher defiantly.

8. Deliberately

Meaning: In a careful, thoughtful manner or on purpose.

Example: He spoke deliberately, choosing his words with care.

9. Delicately

Meaning: In a manner that is fine in texture or sensitive.

Example: She handled the fragile item delicately.

10. Densely

Meaning: In a compact or concentrated manner.

Example: The forest was densely packed with trees.

11. Desperately

Meaning: In a manner that shows a great need or desire for something.

Example: They were desperately looking for shelter.

12. Differently

Meaning: Not in the same way.

Example: We all see things differently.

13. Directly

Meaning: Without changing direction or stopping; immediately.

Example: He went directly to the office.

14. Discreetly

Meaning: In a careful and prudent manner, especially to keep something confidential.

Example: She asked about the issue discreetly.

15. Distinctly

Meaning: In a way that is unmistakably separate and different.

Example: I remember that day distinctly.

16. Divinely

Meaning: In a way that is excellent or delightful, often with a heavenly characteristic.

Example: The cake tasted divinely delicious.

17. Downright

Meaning: Thoroughly; absolutely.

Example: The idea is downright ridiculous.

18. Dramatically

Meaning: In a striking or exciting way.

Example: Sales have increased dramatically.

19. Duly

Meaning: As is appropriate or to be expected.

Example: The letter was duly delivered.

20. Dynamically

Meaning: In a manner characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.

Example: The team worked dynamically to achieve their goals.

21. Dutifully

Meaning: In a conscientious or obedient manner.

Example: He dutifully followed the instructions.

22. Doubtfully

Meaning: In a manner that shows a lack of conviction or certainty.

Example: She looked at the unfamiliar dish doubtfully.

23. Downwardly

Meaning: Towards a lower place or position.

Example: The path led downwardly.

24. Doggedly

Meaning: In a manner that shows tenacity and grim persistence.

Example: She pursued her dream doggedly.

25. Distantly

Meaning: From a place that is far away in space or time.

Example: They could hear the bells ringing distantly.

26. Drowsily

Meaning: In a sleepy manner.

Example: He nodded drowsily during the lecture.

27. Dominantly

Meaning: In a controlling or prevailing manner.

Example: The color blue features dominantly in the painting.

28. Dexterously

Meaning: In a skillful manner, especially with the hands.

Example: She dexterously juggled the balls.

29. Destructively

Meaning: In a manner that causes harm or damage.

Example: The hurricane moved destructively through the city.

30. Decisively

Meaning: In a manner that settles an issue conclusively.

Example: She spoke decisively and with authority.

All Adverbs Starting With D

Dabbingly Daftly Daily
Daintily Damnably Damply
Dancingly Dangerously Daringly
Darkly Dartingly Dashingly
Dazzlingly Dead Deadly
Deafly Dear Dearly
Deaththy Debatefully Debatingly
Debauchedly Debonairly Deceitfully
Deceivingly Decidedly Decieiveably
Decimally Declaratively Decoratively
Decorously Decreasingly Decretorily
Decussately Dedicatedly Deducibly
Deductively Deep Deeply
Defensively Deferentially Definitely
Definitively Defly Degenerately
Degradingly Dejectedly Delayingly
Delectably Deliberately Delicately
Deliciously Delightedly Delightfully
Deliriously Demandingly Demissily
Demonstratively Dependably Deprecatingly
Depressingly Deservedly Despairingly
Desperately Despondently Destructively
Determinedly Detestably Diagonally
Dialectically Diametrically Diatonically
Differentially Differently Differingly
Digressively Diligently Dimply
Dingily Diplomatically Direct
Directly Dirtily Dirty
Disagreeably Disapprovingly Disarmingly
Disbelievingly Discontentedly Discouragingly
Discourteously Discreetly Dishonestly
Disrespectfully Doctorally Doctrinally
Dogmatically Domestically Dorsally
Double Doubly Doubtfully
Doubtless Down Downhill
Downright Downstairs Downstream
Downward Dramatically Dreadfully
Dreadingly Dreamily Dreamingly
Drearily Dropigly Droppingly
Drowsily Drudgingly Drunkenly
Dryly Dubiously Dully
Duly Dumbly Durably
Duskily Dutifully Dyingly

Positive Adverbs That Start With D

  • Devoutly
  • Discretely
  • Deeply
  • Delightedly
  • Differently
  • Distinctively
  • Decently
  • Diplomatically
  • Divinely
  • Dearly
  • Durably
  • Dashingly
  • Delightfully
  • Dependably
  • Delectably
  • Debonairly
  • Defiantly
  • Diversely
  • Decisively
  • Decorously
  • Diligently
  • Definitely
  • Discerningly
  • Desirably
  • Directly
  • Deftly
  • Determinedly
  • Deservingly
  • Dexterously
  • Dazzlingly
  • Disarmingly
  • Devotedly
  • Dynamically
  • Deliberately
  • Delicately
  • Daringly
  • Dapperly
  • Dreamily
  • Discriminatingly

Negative Adverbs That Start With D

  • Daintily
  • Damagingly
  • Dangerously
  • Darkly
  • Dastardly
  • Dauntingly
  • Dazedly
  • Deadpan
  • Deafeningly
  • Deceitfully
  • Deceptively
  • Decidedly
  • Declamatory
  • Defeatedly
  • Defectively
  • Defensively
  • Defiantly
  • Deficiently
  • Definitively
  • Dejectedly
  • Deliberately
  • Delicately
  • Delinquently
  • Deliriously
  • Demanding
  • Demonstratively
  • Densely
  • Deplorably
  • Depressingly
  • Derisively
  • Desolately
  • Despairingly
  • Desperately
  • Despondently
  • Destructively
  • Detachedly
  • Determinedly
  • Detrimentally
  • Devastatingly
  • Diabolically
  • Diagnostically
  • Differently
  • Difficulty
  • Diggidly
  • Dimly
  • Direly
  • Disagreeably

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