All Adverbs that Start With L

Are you tired of using the same old adverbs in your writing? Do you want to add some variety and spice up your language? Look no further than this comprehensive list of 100 adverbs starting with L.

From the commonly used “lightly” to the more obscure “lackadaisically,” this list has something for every writer.

Adverbs are an essential part of any writer’s toolbox. They add depth, nuance, and color to our language, allowing us to convey meaning more precisely and effectively.

With so many options beginning with the letter L, there is sure to be an adverb that perfectly captures what you’re trying to say.

Adverbs that Start With L

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with L, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Largely

Meaning: For the most part; mainly.

Example: The project was largely successful due to her efforts.

2. Lazily

Meaning: In a slow, relaxed manner.

Example: The cat stretched lazily in the sun.

3. Loudly

Meaning: With a great deal of volume.

Example: He laughed loudly at the joke.

4. Literally

Meaning: In a literal or exact sense.

Example: I was literally over the moon with happiness.

5. Lovingly

Meaning: With love or affection.

Example: She looked lovingly at her newborn child.

6. Ludicrously

Meaning: So as to arouse or deserve laughter.

Example: He was ludicrously dressed for the fancy-dress party.

7. Lively

Meaning: In an energetic, spirited manner.

Example: The kids played lively games all afternoon.

8. Lengthily

Meaning: At considerable length, especially in time.

Example: The speaker went on lengthily about the topic.

9. Lamentably

Meaning: Regrettably; in a manner that calls for sorrow or regret.

Example: The project was lamentably delayed.

10. Limply

Meaning: Without rigidity or firmness.

Example: The flower hung limply from its stem.

11. Luridly

Meaning: In a manner that is vivid in color, especially so as to create an unpleasantly harsh or unnatural effect.

Example: The sky was lit luridly by the city lights.

12. Luminously

Meaning: With brightness and light.

Example: The stars shone luminously in the night sky.

13. Laxly

Meaning: In a careless or negligent manner.

Example: Rules were applied rather laxly in that department.

14. Linguistically

Meaning: In terms of language.

Example: The two dialects are linguistically distinct.

15. Lushly

Meaning: In a manner that is richly luxurious or opulent.

Example: The garden grew lushly with abundant rainfall.

16. Laggardly

Meaning: In a manner that lags behind; sluggishly.

Example: He moved laggardly, always the last to finish.

17. Lopsidedly

Meaning: In an uneven or unbalanced manner.

Example: The cake was cut lopsidedly, with one side larger than the other.

18. Lustrously

Meaning: In a manner that shines brightly and steadily.

Example: Her hair shone lustrously in the sunlight.

19. Logically

Meaning: In a manner consistent with logic or reasoning.

Example: He explained his decision logically.

20. Languidly

Meaning: In a slow and relaxed manner.

Example: She waved languidly from the balcony.

21. Liberally

Meaning: Generously; in large amounts.

Example: Salt was applied liberally to the dish.

22. Laudably

Meaning: In a manner deserving praise or commendation.

Example: The team acted laudably in the crisis.

23. Legitimately

Meaning: In a manner that conforms to the law or rules.

Example: She acquired the property legitimately.

24. Lingeringly

Meaning: In a manner that remains or stays on in a place longer than is usual or expected.

Example: She looked back lingeringly as she left her childhood home.

25. Liberatingly

Meaning: In a manner that sets free from confinement or oppression.

Example: The news was liberatingly good.

26. Lackadaisically

Meaning: Without interest, vigor, or determination; listlessly.

Example: He answered the questions lackadaisically.

27. Locally

Meaning: In a particular place, area, location, etc.

Example: The fruit is sourced locally.

28. Lengthwise

Meaning: In the direction of the length; longitudinally.

Example: Cut the cucumber lengthwise.

29. Lamely

Meaning: In a manner lacking effectiveness or convincing quality.

Example: He tried to make an excuse, but it sounded lamely executed.

30. Latterly

Meaning: Recently; in the time just before the present.

Example: Latterly, she had been feeling quite fatigued.

All Adverbs Starting With L

Lyrically Labially Laboriously
Labouredly Lackadaisically Lacklustrely
Laconically Lacteally Ladylike
Laggingly Lagly Laically
Lamely Lamentably Lamentingly
Landly Landward Landwards
Languidly Languishingly Lankly
Large Largely Lasciviousluy
Last Lastingly Lastly
Late Lately Latently
Later Laterally Latterly
Laudably Lauditorialy Laughably
Laughingly Lavishly Lawfully
Lawlessly Laxly Lazily
Leadingly Leanly Leapingly
Leastways Leastwise Leeward
Left Leftward Leftwardly
Legalistically Legally Legibly
Leisurably Leisurely Lengthily
Lengthwise Leniently Lerringly
Less Lethally Lethargically
Levelly Lewdly Lexically
Libelously Licentiously Licitly
Lifeless Lightfootedly Lightheadedly
Lightheartedly Lightly Like
Likely Likewise Limitedly
Limpidly Limpingly Limply
Lineally Linearly Lingeringly
Lingually Linguistically Liquidly
Lispily Lispingly Listlessly
Literally Lithely Little
Live Livelily Lively
Lividly Livingly Loathingly
Locally Loftily Logically
Lonesomely Long Longest
Longingly Longly Longwise
Loosely Lopsidedly Losingly
Lostly Lot Lots
Loud Louder Loudly
Lovingly Low Lower
Loweringly Lowlily Lowly
Loyally Lucidly Luciferously
Luckily Ludicrously Lukewarmly
Lullingly Lumberingly Luminously
Lusciously Lushly Lustfully
Lustily Lustrelessly Luxuriously

Positive Adverbs That Start With L

  • Lightly
  • Literately
  • Lushly
  • Liberatingly
  • Lucratively
  • Luckily
  • Lustrously
  • Laughingly
  • Luxuriously
  • Lovably
  • Lustily
  • Luminously
  • Lithely
  • Lavishly
  • Lawfully
  • Likely
  • Loyally
  • Luxuriantly
  • Liberally
  • Lusciously
  • Lordly
  • Limberly
  • Learnedly
  • Lucidly
  • Laudably
  • Lovingly
  • Level-headedly
  • Legitimately
  • Light-heartedly
  • Leniently

Negative Adverbs That Start With L

  • Lackingly
  • Lamentably
  • Languidly
  • Languishingly
  • Larcenously
  • Largely
  • Lasciviously
  • Lately
  • Laxly
  • Lazily
  • Lecherously
  • Lethargically
  • Lewdly
  • Lightly
  • Like a dog
  • Limply
  • Lineally
  • Lingeringly
  • Lion-heartedly
  • Listlessly
  • Little
  • Loathingly
  • Lobotomously
  • Locally
  • Lock, stock, and barrel
  • Logarithmically
  • Longingly
  • Loosely
  • Lopsidedly
  • Loudly
  • Loutishly
  • Low
  • Loweringly
  • Lowest
  • Lowlily
  • Loyalistically
  • Lubberly
  • Lucidly
  • Ludicrously
  • Lugubriously

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