All Adverbs that Start With C

Adverbs play a crucial role in the English language, as they help to modify and enhance the meaning of verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.

With over 6,000 adverbs in the English language, it can be challenging to find the right word that accurately expresses what you’re trying to say. If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of adverbs starting with “C,” then look no further.

In this article, we’ve compiled an extensive list of 350 adverbs beginning with “C.

Adverbs that Start With C

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with C, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Calmly

Meaning: In a peaceful and relaxed manner.

Example: He calmly explained the situation to everyone.

2. Carefully

Meaning: In a way that avoids potential problems or dangers.

Example: She carefully placed the vase on the shelf.

3. Casually

Meaning: In a relaxed and informal manner.

Example: He casually mentioned that he’d be going on vacation next week.

4. Cautiously

Meaning: In a way that is careful to avoid potential problems or dangers.

Example: She opened the door cautiously.

5. Certainly

Meaning: Used to emphasize the speaker’s belief that what is said is true.

Example: He is certainly one of the best players in the league.

6. Cheerfully

Meaning: In a happy and positive manner.

Example: She cheerfully greeted everyone in the morning.

7. Clearly

Meaning: In a way that is easy to see, hear, read, or understand.

Example: He spoke clearly so everyone could understand.

8. Cleverly

Meaning: In a way that shows intelligence or skill.

Example: She cleverly solved the puzzle.

9. Closely

Meaning: In close proximity; with little or no space in between.

Example: He followed her closely.

10. Commonly

Meaning: Typically; usually.

Example: Apples are commonly grown in this region.

11. Constantly

Meaning: Continually over a period of time.

Example: The situation is constantly changing.

12. Continuously

Meaning: Without interruption.

Example: The rain fell continuously for hours.

13. Correctly

Meaning: In a way that is accurate or true.

Example: Make sure to correctly fill out the form.

14. Curiously

Meaning: Eager to know or learn something.

Example: The child looked curiously at the new toy.

15. Currently

Meaning: At the present time.

Example: She is currently working on her new book.

16. Customarily

Meaning: According to what is generally done or believed.

Example: They customarily have dinner at 7 pm.

17. Cynically

Meaning: In a way that shows mistrust of others’ motives.

Example: He cynically commented on the politician’s promises.

18. Conveniently

Meaning: In a way that fits well with particular needs, activities, and plans.

Example: The hotel is conveniently located near the airport.

19. Collectively

Meaning: In a combined way; as a group.

Example: They collectively decided to go on a trip.

20. Consciously

Meaning: With awareness of one’s actions.

Example: He consciously chose to avoid the topic.

21. Comically

Meaning: In a humorous way.

Example: He comically imitated the professor’s mannerisms.

22. Chronologically

Meaning: In order of time.

Example: Events were listed chronologically in the timeline.

23. Cordially

Meaning: In a warm and friendly way.

Example: She cordially invited them to her wedding.

24. Cosmically

Meaning: In a way that relates to the universe or cosmos.

Example: Some believe our fates are cosmically aligned.

25. Covertly

Meaning: In a secretive manner.

Example: He covertly glanced at the clock.

26. Critically

Meaning: In a way that expresses adverse or disapproving comments or judgments.

Example: The film was critically acclaimed.

27. Crucially

Meaning: In a way that is of great importance.

Example: Crucially, we must not forget the primary objective.

28. Cruelly

Meaning: In a way that causes pain or suffering.

Example: Fate can sometimes be cruelly ironic.

29. Culturally

Meaning: With regard to the arts and intellectual achievements.

Example: The city is culturally rich with museums and theaters.

30. Cumulatively

Meaning: Increasing by successive additions.

Example: The effects of pollution can be seen cumulatively over the years.

All Adverbs Starting With C

Calmingly Calmly Candescently
Candidly Cankeredly Cannily
Cantankerously Capably Capaciously
Capitally Captivatingly Carefully
Carelessly Caringly Carnally
Carousingly Cartographically Casually
Catechetically Categorically Catholicly
Causally Causeless Caustically
Cautiously Cavalierly Celestially
Centennially Centrally Cerebrally
Ceremonially Ceremoniously Certain
Certainly Chance Chanceably
Changeably Chaotically Characteristically
Charitably Charmingly Chastely
Cheap Cheaply Cheerfully
Cheerily Cheeringly Cheerly
Chemically Chiefly Childishly
Childly Chirpingly Chivalrously
Choicely Chorally Christianly
Chromatically Churlishly Circularly
Clairvoyantly Clammily Clancularly
Clashingly Classically Clatteringly
Cleanlily Cleanly Clear
Clearly Clemently Cleverly
Clinically Clockwise Closely
Cloudily Clumsily Clusteringly
Coarsely Coaxingly Coequally
Cogently Cognizably Coherently
Coincidentally Coincidently Cold
Coldly Collect Collectedly
Collectively Colorfully Comely
Comfortably Comically Commandingly
Commercially Commonly Compactedly
Comparably Comparatively Compassionately
Competently Competitively Complacently
Completely Compliantly Comprehensively
Conceivably Conclusively Concurrently
Confidently Conscientiously Consciously
Consecutively Consequently Conservatively
Considerably Considerately Consistently
Conspicuously Constantly Continually
Continuously Conveniently Conversely
Convincingly Coolly Correctly
Correspondingly Courageously Craftily
Crazily Creatively Credibly
Credulously Creepingly Crescendo
Cretaceously Criminally Crisply
Critically Crookedly Crossly
Crucially Crudely Cruelly
Cryptically Culinarily Culturally
Cunningly Curiously Currently
Curtly Customarily Cynically

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Positive Adverbs That Start With C

  • coolly
  • courageously
  • contemplatively
  • congenially
  • comically
  • clairvoyantly
  • charitably
  • correctly
  • coherently
  • cannily
  • conscientiously
  • comfortingly
  • commendably
  • creditably
  • cleverly
  • calmly
  • captivatingly
  • commandingly
  • cutely
  • caringly
  • comfortably
  • chicly
  • considerately
  • credibly
  • civilly
  • courteously
  • convincingly
  • clearly
  • companionably
  • carefreely
  • compellingly
  • consistently
  • calmingly
  • conclusively
  • cosily
  • cooperatively
  • cheerily
  • celebratorily
  • contently
  • clemently
  • creatively
  • capaciously
  • certainly
  • candescently
  • catchily
  • cerebrally
  • capably
  • convivially
  • celestially
  • carefully
  • candidly
  • competently
  • commiseratively
  • concisely
  • charmingly
  • compactly
  • compatibly
  • colorfully
  • catchingly
  • compassionately
  • communicatively
  • centrally
  • conversantly
  • chivalrously
  • cheerfully
  • casually
  • congruously
  • cleanly
  • conveniently
  • cordially
  • cosmically
  • completely
  • cogently
  • constructively
  • confirmingly
  • confidently

Negative Adverbs That Start With C

  • Callously
  • Candidly
  • Capriciously
  • Carelessly
  • Cattily
  • Cautiously
  • Ceaselessly
  • Censoriously
  • Chaotically
  • Charily
  • Chastely
  • Chauvinistically
  • Cheerlessly
  • Childishly
  • Chillingly
  • Churlishly
  • Clamorously
  • Clumsily
  • Coarsely
  • Coldly
  • Collusively
  • Combatively
  • Comfortlessly
  • Commonly
  • Compulsively
  • Conceitedly
  • Condescendingly
  • Confidently
  • Confusedly
  • Consciously
  • Conspicuously
  • Contemptibly
  • Contemptuously
  • Continuously
  • Contrarily
  • Contritely
  • Contumaciously
  • Convolutedly
  • Coquettishly
  • Corruptly

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