All Adverbs that Start With Y

Are you tired of using the same old adverbs in your writing? Do you want to add some variety and spice up your sentences? Look no further than this list of Adverbs Starting with Y.

From words that add emphasis, like “yawningly” and “yearningly,” to adverbs that modify verbs, such as “yieldingly” and “youthfully,” this comprehensive list has something for every writer.

Whether you’re a seasoned novelist or a student working on a paper, incorporating these unique adverbs into your writing will bring depth and creativity to your work.

So why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your writing with these exciting Y-adverbs? Let’s dive in!

Adverbs that Start With Y

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with Y, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Yearlong

Meaning: Throughout the year.

Example: She engaged in yearlong preparations for the event.

2. Yawningly

Meaning: In a manner that expresses boredom or tiredness.

Example: He stretched yawningly as the meeting dragged on.

3. Yearningly

Meaning: With deep longing or desire.

Example: She looked yearningly at the old photographs.

4. Yes

Meaning: Used to give an affirmative response or to emphasize a statement.

Example: He said yes, he would attend the meeting.

5. Yieldingly

Meaning: In a flexible or submissive manner.

Example: The material bent yieldingly under pressure.

6. Yonder

Meaning: At or in that indicated more or less distant place usually within sight.

Example: The children played yonder by the stream.

7. Youthfully

Meaning: In a manner characteristic of young people.

Example: He aged but remained spirited and youthfully energetic.

8. Yieldingly

Meaning: With a tendency to give way under pressure; compliantly.

Example: She responded yieldingly to their requests.

9. Ytterbically

Meaning: In a manner relating to the rare earths of the ytterbium group.

Example: The elements were arranged ytterbically on the periodic table.

10. Yesternight

Meaning: During the previous night.

Example: The stars shone brightly yesternight.

11. Yttrically

Meaning: Pertaining to or containing yttrium.

Example: The compounds were tested yttrically for their properties.

12. Yesteryear

Meaning: Referring to a time in the past, usually fondly remembered.

Example: The music evoked the style of yesteryear.

13. Yestermorning

Meaning: During the morning of the day before.

Example: They had arrived yestermorning, ready for the conference.

14. Yappingly

Meaning: With a high, shrill bark; noisily.

Example: The small dog greeted us yappingly.

15. Yummily

Meaning: In a very tasty or palatable manner.

Example: The cake was decorated yummily with icing and sprinkles.

16. Yieldably

Meaning: In a manner that can relent or give way under influence.

Example: The negotiations progressed yieldably after initial resistance.

17. Yammeringly

Meaning: In a loud and sustained or repetitive manner.

Example: The toddler voiced his displeasure yammeringly.

18. Yippingly

Meaning: With a sharp, high-pitched bark.

Example: The puppy expressed excitement yippingly.

19. Yawpingly

Meaning: With a harsh, loud cry.

Example: The crowd reacted yawpingly to the sudden blackout.

20. Yellingly

Meaning: With a loud, sharp cry; loudly.

Example: The fans cheered yellingly when the goal was scored.

21. Yearly

Meaning: Annually; by the year.

Example: The rent is paid yearly.

22. Yeastily

Meaning: In a manner resembling the fermentation of yeast; bubbly and active.

Example: The bread dough rose yeastily.

23. Yarely

Meaning: With agility; readily; nimbly.

Example: The sailors moved yarely to secure the ropes.

24. Yellowly

Meaning: With a yellow color or appearance.

Example: The walls were painted yellowly, brightening up the room.

25. Yieldingly

Meaning: In a manner showing readiness to give in or comply.

Example: The discussion ended yieldingly with a compromise.

26. Yawnily

Meaning: In a tired or bored manner, characterized by yawning.

Example: He sat there yawnily during the long lecture.

27. Yuppily

Meaning: In the manner of a young urban professional; materialistically.

Example: The neighborhood has become populated yuppily in recent years.

28. Youthwardly

Meaning: Towards youth; in a younger direction.

Example: The trend was moving youthwardly, focusing on the tastes of younger consumers.

29. Yesterevening

Meaning: During the evening of the day before.

Example: They had discussed the issue yesterevening.

30. Yellowly

Meaning: In a cowardly manner; without courage.

Example: He acted yellowly in the face of conflict.

All Adverbs Starting With Y

Yawnily Yawningly Yearlong
Year-long Yearly Yearnfully
Yearningly Yearward Yeastily
Yellowishly Yeomanlike Yeomanly
Yestercentury Yesterday Yestereven
Yestermonth Yestermorrow Yesternight
Yestertime Yesterweek Yieldingly
Yobbishly Yogically Youthfully
Youthward Youthwards Yowlingly
Yuckily Yummily  

Positive Adverbs That Start With Y

  • yarely
  • ywis
  • youthfully
  • yogically
  • yes
  • yummily
  • yearningly
  • youngly

Negative Adverbs That Start With Y

  • Yearningly
  • Yellowly
  • Yellingly
  • Yet
  • Yieldingly
  • Yuckily
  • Yawningly
  • Yea
  • Yesterday
  • Yesternight
  • Yesterday’s
  • Yuckily
  • Yonder
  • Youthfully (in the sense of being immature or lacking experience)
  • Yuckily
  • Yowlingly
  • Yuckily
  • Yelpingly
  • Yuckily
  • Yucky

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