All Adverbs that Start with N

Adverbs that start with N to describe a Person! A list of all daily use adverbs in English that begin with to describe a person positively is here. These adverbs are of great importance in your writing and professional communication.

Adverbs that Start With N

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with N, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Nearly

Meaning: Almost, but not quite.

Example: The project is nearly complete.

2. Neatly

Meaning: In a clean or organized manner.

Example: She neatly arranged the documents.

3. Nervously

Meaning: In an anxious or apprehensive manner.

Example: He looked around nervously.

4. Notably

Meaning: Especially; particularly.

Example: The actor gave a notably powerful performance.

5. Naturally

Meaning: As a natural result.

Example: Naturally, everyone was upset about the news.

6. Nauseatingly

Meaning: Causing or liable to cause nausea.

Example: The room was nauseatingly hot.

7. Negligibly

Meaning: In a manner so small or unimportant as to be not worth considering.

Example: The system has changed negligibly over the years.

8. Narrowly

Meaning: By a small margin.

Example: She narrowly missed the target.

9. Nimbly

Meaning: In a manner that is quick and light in movement or action.

Example: The dancer moved nimbly across the stage.

10. Nominally

Meaning: In name only; not in reality.

Example: He was nominally in charge, but she ran the show.

11. Negatively

Meaning: In a negative manner; adversely.

Example: The news impacted the market negatively.

12. Nasally

Meaning: In a manner resembling the sound produced through the nose.

Example: His voice sounded nasally due to the cold.

13. Nightly

Meaning: Every night.

Example: He took the medicine nightly.

14. Naughtily

Meaning: In a disobedient or mischievous way.

Example: The child smiled naughtily after stealing the cookie.

15. Necessarily

Meaning: As a necessary result; inevitably.

Example: All participants necessarily must follow the rules.

16. Nefariously

Meaning: In a wicked, villainous, or criminal manner.

Example: The villain nefariously plotted against the hero.

17. Nonchalantly

Meaning: In a casually calm and relaxed manner.

Example: She nonchalantly sipped her tea, unfazed by the chaos.

18. Noticeably

Meaning: In a way that is easily seen or noticed.

Example: The quality has improved noticeably.

19. Nuttily

Meaning: In a crazy or silly manner.

Example: He behaved rather nuttily at the party.

20. Nostalgically

Meaning: In a manner that demonstrates a sentimental longing for the past.

Example: She spoke nostalgically of her childhood.

21. Numerously

Meaning: In large numbers.

Example: The stars shone numerously in the sky.

22. Noisily

Meaning: With much noise or loud sound.

Example: The children played noisily in the yard.

23. Nakedly

Meaning: Without concealment, disguise, or embellishment.

Example: His ambition was nakedly apparent.

24. Nurturingly

Meaning: In a manner that provides care and encouragement.

Example: She spoke nurturingly to the young child.

25. Neutrally

Meaning: Without taking sides; impartially.

Example: The moderator responded neutrally to both participants.

26. Newly

Meaning: Recently; not long ago.

Example: The newly wed couple arrived at the venue.

27. Nicely

Meaning: In a pleasant or satisfactory manner.

Example: The event went off nicely.

28. Nattily

Meaning: In a smart and fashionable manner.

Example: He was dressed nattily for the occasion.

29. Nobly

Meaning: In a manner showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles.

Example: She acted nobly in the face of adversity.

30. Normally

Meaning: Under normal or usual conditions.

Example: He doesn’t normally act this way.

All Adverbs Starting With N

Nakedly Namelessly Namely
Narcotically Narratively Narrowingly
Narrowly Nasally Nastily
Natantly Nationally Natively
Nattily Naturally Naturedly
Naughtily Nauseously Nautically
Navally Navigably Nearly
Neatly Needily Needly
Needsly Negatively Neglectfully
Neglectingly Negligently Negotiably
Neighborly Nematically Neocortically
Neolithically Neologically Neonatally
Neoterically Nepotically Nervously
Netherward Nettlingly Neurally
Neurotically Neutrally Never
Newfangly Newly Nibblingly
Nicely Niftily Niggardly
Nigglingly Nightly Nightmarishly
Nighttime Nightwards Nilpotently
Nimbly Ninthly Nippingly
Nitpickingly Nittily Nobbily
Nobly Nocturnally Nodally
Nodosely Noetically Nohow
Noiselessly Noisily Noisomely
Nominally Nominatively Noncausally
Nonchalantly Nonfinitely Nonnormally
Nonsocially Nontrivially Nonverbally
Nonvertically Nonzonally Noonly
Normally Normatively Northeasterly
Northeastward Northeastwardly Northeastwards
Northerly Northernly Northly
Northward Northwardly Northwards
Northwestward Northwestwardly Northwestwards
Nosely Nosily Notably
Notarially Notedly Noteworthily
Noticeably Notionally Notoriously
Noumenally Nounally Nourishingly
Novelly Now Noway
Noxiously Numberlessly Numerably
Numerally Numerically Numerously
Numinously Nutly Nutritionally
Nutritiously Nutritively  

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Positive Adverbs that Start with N

  • Necessarily
  • Neatly
  • Nobly
  • Noticeably
  • Nurturingly
  • Normally
  • Naturally
  • Newly
  • Nimbly
  • Necessarily
  • Nonchalantly (in some contexts)
  • Notably
  • Now
  • Near (in some contexts like “near perfectly”)
  • Nightly (in contexts like “nightly improvements”)
  • Nondescriptly (can be seen positive in contexts where blending in is beneficial)
  • Nonstop (like “working nonstop”)
  • Nonviolently
  • Natively
  • Nudgingly (as in gently pushing towards a positive direction)

Negative Adverbs That Start With N

  1. Negatively
  2. Nervously
  3. Never
  4. Noisily
  5. Nonchalantly (in some contexts)
  6. Noncommittally
  7. Nonconstructively
  8. Nonsensically
  9. Not
  10. Notoriously
  11. Nowhere (as in “getting nowhere”)
  12. Neglectfully
  13. Narrowly (in contexts like “narrowly missed”)
  14. Naughtily
  15. Nastily

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