All Adverbs that Start With F

Adverbs are an essential part of the English language. They are used to modify verbs, adjectives, and even other adverbs.

Adverbs that start with F are particularly interesting as they can represent a wide range of emotions, feelings, and actions. From fast to foolishly, these adverbs starting with F can add depth and nuance to your writing.

In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 200 adverbs starting with F.

Whether you are a writer looking to expand your vocabulary or someone who simply wants to improve their understanding of the English language, this list is perfect for you.

From common words like frequently and fully to more obscure ones like furtively and fervently, this list has something for everyone.

Adverbs that Start With F

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with F, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Faintly

Meaning: In a weak and indistinct way.

Example: The music played faintly in the background.

2. Fairly

Meaning: Reasonably, moderately, or to a satisfactory degree.

Example: The job was fairly done.

3. Faithfully

Meaning: In a loyal manner or in a way that can be trusted.

Example: He served the company faithfully for decades.

4. Falsely

Meaning: In a dishonest or untruthful manner.

Example: She was falsely accused of theft.

5. Famously

Meaning: In a way that is well known.

Example: He famously declined the award.

6. Far

Meaning: At, to, or by a great distance.

Example: The village is far from the city.

7. Fast

Meaning: At high speed.

Example: He ran fast to catch the bus.

8. Fatally

Meaning: In a manner that results in death.

Example: He was fatally injured in the accident.

9. Favorably

Meaning: With approval or pleasure.

Example: The proposal was received favorably by the committee.

10. Fearfully

Meaning: In a way that shows fear.

Example: She glanced fearfully over her shoulder.

11. Fearlessly

Meaning: Without fear; bravely.

Example: He tackled the challenge fearlessly.

12. Fervently

Meaning: With passionate intensity.

Example: She fervently hoped for a change.

13. Fiercely

Meaning: With great force or violence; intensely.

Example: The wind blew fiercely throughout the night.

14. Firmly

Meaning: With little possibility of movement; securely.

Example: He held the railing firmly.

15. Firstly

Meaning: In the first place; to begin with.

Example: Firstly, we need to address the immediate problem.

16. Flatly

Meaning: In a very definite and uncompromising manner.

Example: He flatly refused the offer.

17. Flawlessly

Meaning: Without any imperfections or defects; perfectly.

Example: She performed the routine flawlessly.

18. Flexibly

Meaning: In a manner that can be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances.

Example: The system was designed to work flexibly.

19. Fluidly

Meaning: In a way that flows smoothly and gracefully.

Example: She moved fluidly across the dance floor.

20. Foolishly

Meaning: In a way that shows a lack of good sense or judgment.

Example: He foolishly spent all his savings in one day.

21. Forcefully

Meaning: In a strong and assertive manner.

Example: He argued his point forcefully.

22. Formally

Meaning: In accordance with convention or etiquette.

Example: They were formally introduced at the event.

23. Formerly

Meaning: In the past.

Example: The building was formerly a school.

24. Forthrightly

Meaning: Directly and straightforwardly.

Example: She spoke forthrightly about the challenges.

25. Fortuitously

Meaning: By chance rather than intention.

Example: They fortuitously discovered the hidden treasure.

26. Frequently

Meaning: On many occasions; many times.

Example: He visits the city frequently.

27. Fully

Meaning: Completely or entirely.

Example: She was fully aware of the consequences.

28. Furtively

Meaning: In a way that attempts to avoid notice or attention; secretively.

Example: He glanced furtively at his watch.

29. Futilely

Meaning: In a way that has no practical effect or result.

Example: He argued futilely against the decision.

30. Fittingly

Meaning: In a manner that is suitable or appropriate.

Example: He received an award, and fittingly so, for his contributions.

All Adverbs Starting With F

Facially Factually Fadedly
Faintheartedly Faintly Fair
Fairly Faithfully Fallibly
Falsely Familiarly Famously
Fantastically Far Farther
Farthest Fashionably Fast
Fastly Fatally Fatly
Favorably Favoredly Fawningly
Fearfully Federally Feebly
Feelingly Femininely Ferociously
Fervently Festally Fetisely
Feudally Feverously Fickly
Fiducially Fiercely Fifthly
Fightingly Figurately Figuratively
Finally Financially Fine
Finely Finitely Firmly
First Firsthand Firstly
Fitly Fittingly Fivefold
Fixatedly Fixedly Flagrantly
Flakily Flamingly Flaringly
Flashily Flashingly Flat
Flatly Flatteringly Flauntingly
Flawlessly Fleetingly Fleetly
Flimsily Flirtatiously Flittingly
Floatingly Florally Fluently
Fluffily Fluidly Foamingly
Focally Fondly Foolishly
Forbiddenly Forcefully Forcibly
Forebodigly Forever Forgetfully
Forlornly Formally Formerly
Formidably Forth Forthwith
Fortnightly Fortunately Forward
Fourfold Fourthly Foxily
Fractionally Fractiously Fragilely
Fragrantly Frankly Frantically
Fraudulently Freakishly Free
Freely Freezingly Frequently
Fresh Freshly Fretful
Friday Friendly Frightenedly
Frightfully Frigidly Friskily
Frivolously Frolicly Frolicsomely
Frontally Frontwards Frostily
Frothily Frowningly Frozenly
Frugally Fruitfully Fruitlessly
Frumpily Frumpishly Frustratedly
Full Fully Fulsomely
Fumblingly Fumingly Functionally
Fundamentally Furiously Further
Furthermore Furthest Furtively

Positive Adverbs That Start With F

  • Forthrightly
  • Finely
  • Futuristically
  • Flat out
  • Fair
  • Facilely
  • Flavorfully
  • Fully
  • Flexibly
  • Fervently
  • Funnily
  • Flamboyantly
  • Fluently
  • Flourishingly
  • Free
  • Fertilely
  • Fittingly
  • Forgivingly
  • Freshly
  • Fashionably
  • Favorably
  • Felicitously
  • Frankly
  • Fleetly
  • Famously
  • Foremost
  • Fascinatingly
  • Fabulously
  • Fondly
  • Firm
  • Fraternally
  • Frolicsomely
  • Forcefully
  • Fruitfully
  • Fearlessly
  • Fetchingly
  • Fairly
  • Forward
  • Formally
  • Fortunately
  • First-rate
  • Faithfully
  • Fortuitously
  • Fantastically
  • Fitly
  • Fain
  • Festively
  • Full
  • First
  • Forever

Negative Adverbs That Start With F

  • Faintly
  • Falteringly
  • Famishedly
  • Fanatically
  • Far-fetchedly
  • Fascistically
  • Fatally
  • Faultily
  • Fawningly
  • Fearfully
  • Fearlessly
  • Feebly
  • Feignedly
  • Ferociously
  • Fiercely
  • Fiery
  • Filthily
  • Finickily
  • Fishily
  • Fitfully
  • Flagrantly
  • Flakily
  • Flashily
  • Flimsily
  • Flippantly
  • Flirtatiously
  • Foggily
  • Foolhardily
  • Foolishly
  • Forcibly
  • Forebodingly
  • Forgetfully
  • Formidably
  • Fortuitously
  • Foully
  • Fractiously
  • Fraudulently
  • Freakishly
  • Frenetically
  • Frightfully

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