All Adverbs that Start With S

Adverbs are an essential part of writing, as they add depth and meaning to sentences. A well-placed adverb can change the entire tone of a sentence, enhancing its effect on the reader.

The letter “S” has its fair share of adverbs that can be used in various contexts.

In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 1000 adverbs starting with S.

From simple and straightforward ones like “slowly” and “suddenly” to more complex ones like “subsequently” and “sacrificially,” this list includes every possible adverb that starts with the letter S.

Adverbs that Start With S

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with S, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Suddenly

Meaning: Quickly and unexpectedly.

Example: The weather changed suddenly.

2. Slowly

Meaning: At a low speed; over a long period of time.

Example: The snail moved slowly.

3. Swiftly

Meaning: In a very fast manner; quickly.

Example: The message was delivered swiftly.

4. Solely

Meaning: Only and not involving anyone or anything else.

Example: The responsibility lies solely with him.

5. Silently

Meaning: Without any sound; not speaking.

Example: He silently entered the room.

6. Surely

Meaning: Without doubt; certainly.

Example: Victory will surely be ours.

7. Sneakily

Meaning: In a secretive or dishonest manner.

Example: He sneakily took the last cookie.

8. Sincerely

Meaning: In a genuine way; without pretense.

Example: I sincerely apologize for the mistake.

9. Strongly

Meaning: With great force or determination.

Example: She strongly opposed the decision.

10. Subtly

Meaning: In a manner that is delicate or understated.

Example: The fragrance was subtly pleasant.

11. Sparingly

Meaning: In a restricted or infrequent manner.

Example: Use the spice sparingly as it’s very potent.

12. Specifically

Meaning: For a particular reason, purpose, etc.

Example: The tool was designed specifically for this task.

13. Simultaneously

Meaning: At the same time.

Example: The two events happened simultaneously.

14. Surprisingly

Meaning: In a manner that causes surprise or disbelief.

Example: Surprisingly, he declined the offer.

15. Seamlessly

Meaning: Smoothly and continuously, with no apparent gaps or spaces between.

Example: The transition was done seamlessly.

16. Sternly

Meaning: In a strict and serious manner.

Example: She looked at him sternly.

17. Strangely

Meaning: In a manner that is unusual or hard to understand.

Example: He acted strangely after the incident.

18. Steadily

Meaning: At an even, regular pace.

Example: The rain fell steadily throughout the day.

19. Safely

Meaning: Without any harm or risk.

Example: Ensure you operate the machinery safely.

20. Sarcastically

Meaning: In a manner that mocks or conveys contempt.

Example: “Oh, great job,” she said sarcastically.

21. Severely

Meaning: To an intense degree.

Example: The town was severely affected by the flood.

22. Suddenly

Meaning: Quickly and unexpectedly.

Example: He suddenly stopped talking.

23. Stylishly

Meaning: In a manner that is fashionable and attractive.

Example: She dresses very stylishly.

24. Solemnly

Meaning: In a sincere and serious manner.

Example: He swore solemnly to tell the truth.

25. Suspiciously

Meaning: In a manner that shows a cautious distrust.

Example: He looked at the package suspiciously.

26. Systematically

Meaning: According to a fixed plan or system.

Example: The data was systematically collected and analyzed.

27. Shamelessly

Meaning: Without shame or embarrassment.

Example: He shamelessly lied about his actions.

28. Spontaneously

Meaning: Without being caused by anything; naturally and unexpectedly.

Example: The crowd began to applaud spontaneously.

29. Sensibly

Meaning: In a way that shows good judgment or reasonableness.

Example: She invested her money sensibly.

30. Sweetly

Meaning: In a pleasant or charming manner.

Example: The bird sang sweetly.

All Adverbs Starting With S

Sacerdotally Sacramentally Sacredly
Sacrilegiously Sadly Safely
Sagaciously Sagely Salaciously
Saleable Saleably Saliently
Saltirewise Saltly Salutatorily
Salutiferously Same Sanctifyingly
Sanctimoniously Sanely Sanguinarily
Sanguinely Sanskritist Sapiently
Sarcastically Sardonically Satirically
Satisfactorily Satisfyingly Saucily
Saufly Savagely Savely
Savingly Savorily Savorly
Scabbily Scandalously Scant
Scantily Scantly Scarce
Scarcely Scarily Scathingly
Scatteringly Scenically Sceptically
Schematically Scherzando Schismatically
Scholarly Scholastically Schoolward
Scienter Scientifically Scilicet
Scoffingly Scoldingly Scorching
Scornfully Scowlingly Scraggily
Scrappily Scratching Screamingly
Scribblingly Scripturally Scrumptiously
Scrupulously Scurrilously Scurvily
Seaboard Seasonally Seaward
Seawards Second Secondarily
Secondhand Secondly Secretly
Securely Sedately Seductively
Seemingly Seldom Selectively
Selfishly Selflessly Semiannually
Semimonthly Semiweekly Sens
Sensibly Sensually Sensuously
Sentimentally Separably Separately
Sequentially Serenely Serially
Seriatim Seriously Several
Severally Severely Sexually
Shabbily Shadily Shaggily
Shakily Shallowly Shambolically
Shamefacedly Shamefully Shamelessly
Shapelessly Sharp Sharply
Sheenly Sheepishly Sheer
Sheerly Shiftily Shiftingly
Shilling Shily Shipshape
Shiveringly Shockingly Shoddily
Shoreward Short Shortly
Showily Shrewdly Shrewishly
Shrilly Shrinkingly Shudderingly
Shuttlewise Shyly Sic
Sickeningly Sicker Sickerly
Sickly Sidearm Sidelong
Sidesaddle Sidesplittingly Sideward
Sidewards Sideway Sideways
Sidewise Signally Significantly
Siker Silently Silkily
Sillily Silverly Similarly
Simperingly Simply Simultaneously
Since Sincerely Singly
Singularly Sinuously Sinusoidally
Sithen Sithence Sithens
Sixfold Sixthly Skeptically
Sketchily Skew Skilfully
Skillfully Skimmingly Skimpily
Skippingly Skittishly Skulkingly
Skyey Skyward Skywards
Slack Slackly Slam
Slanderously Slangily Slantingly
Slantways Slantwise Slap
Slapdash Slatternly Slavishly
Sleek Sleekly Sleepily
Sleeplessly Slenderly Slickly
Slight Slightingly Slightly
Slily Slimly Slope
Slopingly Sloppily Slouchily
Slouchingly Slovenly Slow
Slower Slowest Slowly
Sluggishly Sly Slyly
Smack Small Smally
Smarmily Smartly Smash
Smashingly Smickly Smilingly
Smirkingly Smokily Smolderingly
Smooth Smoothly Smotheringly
Smoulderingly Smugly Smuttily
Snailfish Snappishly Snatchingly
Sneakily Sneakingly Sneeringly
Snidely Snobbishly Snootily
Snuffingly Snugly Soaking
Soberly Sociably Socially
Soft Softly Solely
Solemnly Solidly Solo
Somberly Sombrely Some
Someday Somehow Sometime
Sometimes Somewhat Soon
Sooner Sopping Sordidly
Sorely Soullessly Sound
Soundly Sourly Souse
South Southeast Southeaster
Southerly Southward Southwards
Southwest Spaceward Spaciously
Sparely Sparingly Sparsedly
Sparsely Spasmodically Spastically
Spatially Specially Specifically
Speciously Spectacularly Spectrally
Speculatively Speechlessly Speedfully
Speedily Spherically Spicily
Spinally Spirally Spiritedly
Spiritoso Spiritually Spitefully
Splendidly Spontaneously Spookily
Spoonily Sporadically Sportingly
Sportively Spotlessly Sprucely
Spuriously Squab Squalidly
Squanderingly Square Squarely
Squeakingly Squeamishly Squirely
Stably Staccato Staggeringly
Staidly Stark Starkly
Startlingly Stately Steadfastly
Steadily Steady Steaming
Steeply Sternly Stiff
Stiffly Still Stilly
Stingily Stinking Stockily
Stodgily Stonily Stormily
Stoutly Straight Straightway
Strait Strange Strangely
Strictly Strikingly Strongly
Stuffily Stupidly Sturdily
Suavely Subjectively Sublimely
Submissively Subsequently Subserviently
Substantially Subtly Successfully
Successively Succinctly Such
Sudden Suddenly Sufficiently
Suicide Suitably Sulkily
Sullenly Sultrily Summarily
Sumptuously Super Superbly
Superlatively Supernaturally Supinely
Supposedly Supra Supremely
Sure Surely Surgically
Surlily Surprisingly Suspiciously
Swa Swarthily Sweatily
Sweepingly Sweet Sweetly
Swift Swiftly Swimmingly
Swithe Swoopstake Swythe
Syker Syllabically Syllogistically
Symbiotically Symbolically Symmetrically
Sympathetically Symptomatically Synchronously
Syne Synecdochically Synergistically
Synodically Synonymally Synonymously
Syntactically Synthetically Syphilitically

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Positive Adverbs That Start With S

  • scintillantly
  • sententially
  • statuesquely
  • symbiotically
  • salutiferously
  • sanguinely
  • swankily
  • splendidly
  • subtly
  • studiously
  • sultrily
  • saliently
  • strategically
  • superheroically
  • seductively
  • systematically
  • suavely
  • smoothly
  • significantly
  • sweetly
  • simultaneously
  • steadfastly
  • succulently
  • superhumanly
  • stoutly
  • singularly
  • substantively
  • superiorly
  • sharply
  • sturdily
  • sleekly
  • softly
  • sheerly
  • sympathetically
  • successfully
  • singingly
  • sheenly
  • soon
  • similarly
  • substantially
  • straightforwardly
  • strong-mindedly
  • swiftly
  • seriously
  • struttingly
  • sentiently
  • symmetrically
  • swingingly
  • scholarly
  • sincerely
  • stupefyingly
  • silently
  • supportively
  • solemnly
  • sure-footedly
  • staggeringly
  • sufficiently
  • swimmingly
  • skippingly
  • sensibly
  • sustainably
  • seamlessly
  • salutatorily
  • strong-heartedly
  • specially
  • stainlessly
  • sapiently
  • stupendously
  • steadily
  • serenely
  • superabundantly
  • sociably
  • spiritually
  • safely
  • smartly
  • summarily
  • sovereignly
  • spicily
  • suitably
  • snugly
  • scientifically
  • speedfully
  • solidly
  • smilingly
  • surely
  • superlatively
  • surprisingly
  • synergistically
  • stately
  • strictly
  • supplementarily
  • sure-handedly
  • sublimely
  • sumptuously
  • soundly
  • supremely
  • sportingly
  • supplementally
  • speedily
  • simply
  • silverly
  • savorily
  • sunnily
  • strongly
  • strong-handedly
  • soothingly
  • sweepingly
  • stunningly
  • sagely
  • stalwartly
  • satisfyingly
  • securely
  • swingeingly
  • sensually
  • surpassingly
  • succinctly
  • stylishly
  • sanctifyingly
  • sveltely
  • susurrantly

Negative Adverbs That Start With S

  • Sadly
  • Sagaciously
  • Salaciously
  • Sanctimoniously
  • Sandpapery
  • Sanely
  • Sanguinely
  • Sardonically
  • Sassily
  • Savagely
  • Scandalously
  • Scarce
  • Scarily
  • Scathingly
  • Sceptically
  • Schizophrenically
  • Scornfully
  • Scrappily
  • Screamingly
  • Scrupulously
  • Scurrilously
  • Secludedly
  • Secondarily
  • Secretively
  • Sedately
  • Seductively
  • Seemingly
  • Segregatively
  • Selfishly
  • Senilely
  • Sensationally
  • Sensitively
  • Serially
  • Severely
  • Sexually
  • Shabbily
  • Shamelessly
  • Shapelessly
  • Sharply
  • Sheerly

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