All Adverbs that Start With Z

Adverbs are an essential part of speech in the English language. They modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs to provide a more precise description of the action or state being described.

While many commonly used adverbs begin with letters like “a,” “b,” and “c,” there are also some less frequently used ones that begin with unique letters, such as Z.

In this article, we will explore 10 adverbs starting with Z that you can use to add variety and depth to your writing.

From zanily to zealously, these lesser-known adverbs can help you paint a more vivid picture for your readers.

Adverbs that Start With Z

Below are 21 Top Adverbs That Start with Z, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Zealously

Meaning: With great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or objective.

Example: They worked zealously to complete the project on time.

2. Zestfully

Meaning: With spirited enjoyment or gusto.

Example: The children played zestfully at the park.

3. Zestily

Meaning: In a lively and pleasurable manner.

Example: She spoke zestily about her travel adventures.

4. Zanily

Meaning: In a bizarrely comical, whimsical, or eccentric manner.

Example: The comedian performed zanily to the audience’s delight.

5. Zestily

Meaning: With keen enjoyment or gusto.

Example: He recounted his adventures zestily.

6. Zigzaggingly

Meaning: Moving or occurring in sharp angles alternately right and left.

Example: The rabbit moved zigzaggingly to evade the fox.

7. Zonally

Meaning: In a manner relating to a zone or zones.

Example: The earth is divided zonally in terms of climate.

8. Zoomorphically

Meaning: In a manner resembling animal forms.

Example: The ancient artifacts were often decorated zoomorphically.

9. Zoologically

Meaning: In terms of the science that deals with animals and their classification.

Example: They classified the new species zoologically.

10. Zenithally

Meaning: Directly overhead or at the peak.

Example: The sun was shining zenithally at noon.

11. Zestlessly

Meaning: Without zest; unenthusiastically.

Example: He completed the task zestlessly, eager to move on to something else.

12. Zero

Meaning: At a point of no quantity or result; not at all.

Example: The chances of that happening are zero.

13. Zymurgically

Meaning: In a way that pertains to the art of fermentation, as in brewing.

Example: He approached brewing very zymurgically, with precision and scientific know-how.

14. Zanily

Meaning: In a comically crazy or unorthodox way.

Example: He dressed zanily for the themed party.

15. Zigzaggingly

Meaning: With sudden turns from side to side.

Example: The skier went down the slope zigzaggingly.

16. Zippily

Meaning: Quickly and with energy.

Example: She walked zippily to keep up with his pace.

17. Zarzuelishly

Meaning: In the manner of a zarzuela, which is a Spanish traditional form of musical comedy.

Example: The play unfolded zarzuelishly, combining drama with catchy tunes.

18. Zygomorphically

Meaning: In a manner that exhibits bilateral symmetry, as in the structure of flowers.

Example: The orchids are arranged zygomorphically.

19. Zymologically

Meaning: Pertaining to zymology, the science dealing with fermentation.

Example: The brewing process was described zymologically.

20. Zodiacally

Meaning: In a way that relates to the zodiac.

Example: The positions of the planets were explained zodiacally.

21. Zydeco

Meaning: In a style related to a kind of popular music of southern Louisiana.

Example: They danced zydeco all night long.

All Adverbs Starting With Z

Zappily Zealously Zeitgeistily
Zenithally Zenithward Zenithwards
Zerothly Zestfully Zestily
Zestlessly Zeugmatically Zigzaggedly
Zigzaggingly Zingily Zingingly
Zionistically Zionwards Zippily
Zonally Zonularly Zoogeographically
Zoologically Zoomorphically Zoonotically
Zootomically Zygomatically Zygomorphically
Zygotically Zymographically Zymotically

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Negative Adverbs That Start With Z

  • Zealously (in the sense of being overly enthusiastic or fanatical)
  • Zealotically
  • Zero
  • Zestlessly
  • Zigzag
  • Zincographically
  • Zippily
  • Zonally
  • Zombie-like
  • Zoomorphically
  • Zestlessly
  • Zanily

Positive Adverbs That Start With Z

  • zestily
  • zealously
  • zingily
  • zestfully
  • zonally
  • zealously
  • zoomingly
  • zenithally
  • zanily
  • zestily
  • zappily
  • zoologically
  • zenithally
  • zanily
  • zestfully
  • zesty
  • zippily
  • zippily

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