All Adverbs that Start With A

Adverbs are an essential part of the language that helps to modify verbs, adjectives, other adverbs, and even entire sentences. They play a significant role in improving the quality of writing by providing more vivid and precise descriptions.

Adverbs starting with A are particularly interesting because they come in different forms, including those that indicate manner, time, frequency, and degree.

In this article, we will explore some common adverbs starting with A that you can use to enrich your writing. Whether you’re a professional writer or someone who wants to improve their communication skills, these adverbs will help you express yourself better and make your writing more engaging. So let’s dive in!

Adverbs that Start With A

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with A, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Aback

Meaning: By surprise or suddenly.

Example: She was taken aback by the unexpected compliment.

2. Abeam

Meaning: At right angles to the length of a ship or aircraft.

Example: The ship was sighted abeam of our position.

3. Aboard

Meaning: On or onto a ship, aircraft, bus, or train.

Example: All passengers must be aboard before the plane takes off.

4. Abroad

Meaning: In or to a foreign country or countries.

Example: She’s currently traveling abroad.

5. Absently

Meaning: In a way that shows a person is not paying attention to what is being said or done.

Example: He nodded absently, lost in his thoughts.

6. Absolutely

Meaning: With no limitation, restriction, or qualification; totally.

Example: I absolutely agree with you.

7. Abstractly

Meaning: In a way that is theoretical and not based on particular instances.

Example: He discussed the idea abstractly, without going into details.

8. Acutely

Meaning: To a severe or intense degree.

Example: She was acutely aware of the eyes watching her.

9. Adamantly

Meaning: In a way that suggests one is refusing to be persuaded or to change one’s mind.

Example: He adamantly refused to discuss the matter.

10. Adorably

Meaning: In a very charming or captivating manner.

Example: The kitten looked up adorably with big blue eyes.

11. Adversely

Meaning: In a way that prevents success or development; harmfully or unfavorably.

Example: Smoking adversely affects health.

12. Aesthetically

Meaning: In a way that relates to beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

Example: The garden was aesthetically pleasing.

13. Afar

Meaning: At, to, or from a great distance.

Example: He could see the mountains from afar.

14. Affably

Meaning: In a friendly and good-natured manner.

Example: He greeted us affably at the entrance.

15. Affectionately

Meaning: In a way that displays fondness or tenderness.

Example: She hugged her daughter affectionately.

16. Afloat

Meaning: Out of debt or difficulty.

Example: The loan kept the company afloat.

17. Afoot

Meaning: In preparation or progress; happening or beginning to happen.

Example: Plans are afoot for a new museum.

18. Afresh

Meaning: In a new or different way.

Example: Let’s start afresh in the morning.

19. Afterward

Meaning: At a later or future time; subsequently.

Example: She found out about it long afterward.

20. Again

Meaning: Another time; once more.

Example: He’ll try again tomorrow.

21. Ago

Meaning: Before the present; earlier.

Example: I saw him a few days ago.

22. Alike

Meaning: In the same or similar way.

Example: The twins dress alike.

23. Allegedly

Meaning: As stated by others, but without proof.

Example: He was allegedly involved in the robbery.

24. Alone

Meaning: Having no one else present.

Example: She wanted to be alone.

25. Aloud

Meaning: Audibly; not silently or in a whisper.

Example: Read the instructions aloud.

26. Already

Meaning: Before the specified time; by now.

Example: The show had already started when we arrived.

27. Alright

Meaning: In a satisfactory manner or to a satisfactory extent.

Example: I hope you’re feeling alright now.

28. Alternatively

Meaning: As another option or possibility.

Example: We can go to the beach, or alternatively, we could visit the museum.

29. Always

Meaning: At all times; invariably.

Example: I always get up at six o’clock.

30. Amicably

Meaning: In a friendly and peaceful manner.

Example: They settled the dispute amicably.

All Adverbs Starting With A

Aback Abandonedly Abashedly
Abeam Abhorrently Abidingly
Abjectly Abloom Ably
Abnormally Aboard Abominably
Aboriginally About Above
Abreast Abroad Abruptly
Absently Absentmindedly Absolutely
Absorbedly Abstractedly Abstractly
Absurdly Abundantly Aburst
Academically Accentually Accessibly
Accessorily Accidentally Accordingly
Accountably Accurately Accusatively
Accusatorially Accusingly Acoustically
Acquisitively Acrimoniously Across
Acrostically Actively Actually
Acutely Adaptly Additionally
Adequately Adhesively Adjacently
Adjectively Adjunctly Admirably
Admittedly Adorably Adoringly
Adventurously Adverbially Adversely
Advisably Affectedly Afresh
After Afterward Again
Aggravatingly Aggressively Ago
Agonizingly Agreeably Ahead
Alarmedly Alike All
Allegedly Almost Alone
Along Aloud Already
Alright Also Alternatively
Altogether Always Amazingly
Amblingly Amorously Amply
Analogically Analytically Anatomically
Ancestrally Anciently Angelically
Angrily Angularly Animatedly
Annually Anxiously Any
Anyhow Anymore Anyway
Anywhere Apart Apparently
Appropriately Approximately Aptly
Arguably Arrogantly Ashore
Aside Astonishedly Astonishingly
Astray Astringently Asunder
Atmostphereically Atomically Attributively
Audaciously Audibly Authentically
Automatically Auxiliarly Aversely
Away Awfully Awhile
Awkwardly Axially

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Positive Adverbs That Start With A

  • Agelessly
  • Astoundingly
  • Authentically
  • Appetizingly
  • Anew
  • Authoritatively
  • Avidly
  • Assiduously
  • Aesthetically
  • Amiably
  • Auspiciously
  • Always
  • Ambitiously
  • Awesomely
  • Assertively
  • Augustly
  • Altruistically
  • Ardently
  • Amenably
  • Arrestingly
  • Artistically
  • Affectingly
  • Affluently
  • Autonomously
  • Appropriately
  • Agilely
  • Agreeably
  • Amply
  • Aptly
  • Amusingly
  • Astutely
  • Articulately
  • Astonishingly
  • Appreciably
  • Attractively
  • Appreciatively
  • Affectionately
  • Approvingly
  • Atypically
  • Affirmatively
  • Angelically
  • Assuredly
  • Attentively
  • Affably
  • Alertly
  • Amazingly

Negative Adverbs That Start With A

  • Abnormally
  • Abruptly
  • Absentmindedly
  • Accidentally
  • Acutely
  • Adamantly
  • Adversely
  • Aggressively
  • Aimlessly
  • Alarmingly
  • Ambiguously
  • Amorally
  • Angrily
  • Anxiously
  • Appallingly
  • Arrogantly
  • Ashamedly
  • Asynchronously
  • Atrociously
  • Austerely
  • Automatically
  • Awfully
  • Awkwardly
  • Abusively
  • Acrimoniously
  • Actively
  • Admittedly
  • Affrontedly
  • Agedly
  • Alarmedly
  • Aloud
  • Amiss
  • Anemically
  • Angrily
  • Anxiously
  • Apprehensively
  • Aptly
  • Arbitrarily
  • Artfully
  • Ashamedly

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