All Adverbs that Start With W

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Adverbs are an essential component of the English language. They help to modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs, making your writing more precise and vivid.

But with so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your sentence. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 200 adverbs that start with W to help you expand your vocabulary and enhance your writing.

From “wastefully” to “wondrously,” this comprehensive list covers a wide range of meanings and intensities.

Whether you’re looking for an adverb to add emphasis or simply searching for a subtle way to modify your verb or adjective, this article has got you covered.

Adverbs that Start With W

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with W, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Wholly

Meaning: Entirely; fully.

Example: The statement is wholly true.

2. Widely

Meaning: Over a large area or among many people.

Example: The book is widely read around the world.

3. Wisely

Meaning: In a way that shows good judgment or discernment.

Example: She invested her money wisely.

4. Wildly

Meaning: In an uncontrolled manner; frenzied.

Example: The crowd cheered wildly.

5. Warmly

Meaning: In a cordial, affectionate manner.

Example: He was warmly greeted by his family.

6. Wrongly

Meaning: In a mistaken or inappropriate manner.

Example: He was wrongly accused of theft.

7. Willfully

Meaning: On purpose; intentionally.

Example: He acted willfully to deceive his friends.

8. Wistfully

Meaning: In a manner showing yearning or longing.

Example: She gazed wistfully at the horizon.

9. Woefully

Meaning: In a manner expressing sorrow or misery.

Example: The project was woefully behind schedule.

10. Wearily

Meaning: In a tired manner.

Example: He sighed wearily.

11. Wonderfully

Meaning: In a manner that inspires delight or admiration.

Example: The orchestra played wonderfully.

12. Warily

Meaning: Cautiously; being on one’s guard.

Example: She eyed the stranger warily.

13. Whimsically

Meaning: In a playful or fanciful manner.

Example: The artist’s work is always whimsically imaginative.

14. Willingly

Meaning: Readily; without reluctance.

Example: She willingly offered her assistance.

15. Weakly

Meaning: Without strength or vigor.

Example: He nodded weakly in response.

16. Wryly

Meaning: In a way that expresses dry, especially mocking, humor.

Example: He smiled wryly at the irony.

17. Wantonly

Meaning: Maliciously or unjustifiably.

Example: The vandals wantonly destroyed public property.

18. Weirdly

Meaning: In a manner that’s strange or unconventional.

Example: The lights flickered weirdly.

19. Wastefully

Meaning: In an extravagant or prodigal manner.

Example: Resources were being used wastefully.

20. Wholesomely

Meaning: In a manner suggesting good health or moral well-being.

Example: The farm produces wholesomely organic food.

21. Woundingly

Meaning: In a manner that inflicts hurt or harm.

Example: His words were woundingly harsh.

22. Wrathfully

Meaning: In a very angry manner.

Example: He looked at the culprit wrathfully.

23. Waggishly

Meaning: In a playful and mischievous manner.

Example: He made a waggishly clever remark.

24. Wantingly

Meaning: In a deficient or lacking manner.

Example: The building was maintained wantingly.

25. Waxingly

Meaning: Increasing in extent or quantity.

Example: The interest in the topic is waxingly evident.

26. Wobbly

Meaning: In an unsteady manner.

Example: The table stood wobbly on the uneven floor.

27. Wincingly

Meaning: In a manner that suggests pain or distress.

Example: She looked at the wound wincingly.

28. Wittily

Meaning: In a clever and amusing way.

Example: He responded wittily to the humorous question.

29. Whisperingly

Meaning: In a soft and hushed manner.

Example: The kids spoke whisperingly during the movie.

30. Writhingly

Meaning: In a twisting or contorting manner.

Example: The snake moved writhingly on the ground.

All Adverbs Starting With W

Wryly Wackily Waddlingly
Waggishly Waifishly Wailingly
Waitingly Wakefully Wanderingly
Wantingly Wantonly Warblingly
Warily Warmly Warningly
Waspishly Wastefully Watchfully
Waveringly Waywardly Weakly
Wealthily Wearily Wearisomely
Weekly Weepily Weepingly
Weetingly Weightily Weirdly
Well Westward Westwardly
Westwards Wetly Whatever
Whatsoever Wheedlingly Wheezily
Wheezingly When Whenever
Where Whereas Whereby
Wherever Whiggishly While
Whimperingly Whimsically Whinily
Whiningly Whisperingly Whistly
Whizzingly Wholeheartedly Wholesomely
Wholly Wickedly Widely
Widewhere Wiggly Wildly
Willfully Willingly Wimpily
Wimpishly Wincingly Windedly
Windily Windingly Windward
Winkingly Winningly Winsomely
Wintrily Wisely Wishedly
Wishfully Wispily Wistfully
Wistly Witheringly Witily
Witlessly Wittily Wittingly
Woefully Wofully Wolfishly
Womanly Wonderfully Wonderingly
Wonderly Wondrously Wontedly
Woodenly Woodly Wooingly
Woozily Wordily Wordlessly
Workably Workmanly Worldly
Worriedly Worrisome Worryingly
Worshipfully Worshippingly Worthily
Worthlessly Woundedly Woundily
Woundy Wrathfully Wrathily
Wrenchingly Wretchedly Wrily
Wrong Wrongfully Wrongly

Positive Adverbs That Start With W

  • wholesomely
  • wonderfully
  • warm-heartedly
  • worthily
  • well
  • whole-heartedly
  • wisely
  • willingly
  • winningly
  • wondrously
  • wholly
  • warmly

Negative Adverbs That Start With W

  • Wailfully
  • Wantonly
  • Warily
  • Washily
  • Wastefully
  • Waywardly
  • Weakly
  • Wearily
  • Weirdly
  • Weightily
  • Whimperingly
  • Whimsically
  • Wholly
  • Wickedly
  • Widely (in the sense of being off the mark or inaccurate)
  • Wildly
  • Willfully
  • Wiltedly
  • Wistfully
  • Without merit
  • Woefully
  • Wonderingly
  • Woodenly
  • Wornly
  • Worryingly
  • Worsely
  • Worthlessly
  • Wretchedly
  • Wrily
  • Wrongly
  • Wryly
  • Wretchedly
  • Wrestingly
  • Writhingly
  • Wryly
  • Wistfully
  • Waveringly
  • With a vengeance
  • With regret
  • Withholdingly

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Adverbs starting with W to describe someone Positively PDF -InfoGraphics

Adverbs starting with W to describe someone Positively PDF Adverbs starting with W to describe someone Positively PDF

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