Words that Rhyme with Life (Life Rhyme Words)

In today’s useful lesson, we’re going on a fun adventure with words that sound like “life.” Imagine words as playful friends who love to rhyme and sing together. We’ll meet some new words, learn what they mean, and see how they can be buddies with “life” because they sound so alike. It’s like finding a group of friends who all wear the same colorful hats!

Life Rhyme Words

Here is the list of words that perfectly rhyme with life:

  1. Knife: A tool for cutting food or other items.
  2. Wife: A woman who is married to someone.
  3. Strife: When people disagree or fight.
  4. Rife: Full of something, often used for something not good.
  5. Fife: A small flute used in marching bands.
  6. Life: The experience of being alive; what living things do.
  7. Rife: Full of something, usually not good.
  8. Scribe: Someone who writes or copies documents.
  9. Tribe: A group of people with the same culture and traditions.
  10. Vibe: The feeling or mood a place or person gives off.
Archive Hive Drive
Jive Thrive Dive
Conceive Deceive Sleeve
Believe Grieve Weave
Shrive Arrive Contrive
Derive Revive Five
Chive Clive Hive
Jive Live Pensive
Reprieve Misgive Relive
Sieve Spive Swive
Skive Snive Tive
Quive Enlive Forgive
Outlive Overdrive Archive
Uplive Survive Endive

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One Syllable Life Rhymes

Knife Wife Strife
Rife Fife Dive
Hive Jive Live
Chive Drive Five
Shrive Thrive Grieve
Sieve Blythe Skive
Clive Swipe Blithe
Blythe Breathe Glide
Grime Guide Heist
Kite Light Might
Night Plight Prize
Right Sight Slight
Smite Tight Trite

Two Syllable Life Rhymes

Archive Arrive Contrive
Derive Revive Survive
Relive Misgive Forgive
Outlive Belive Deceive
Conceive Perceive Reprieve
Unlive Disbelieve Interleave
Overdrive High-five  

Three Syllable Life Rhymes

  1. Underdrive
  2. Overstrive
  3. Misderive
  4. Recontrive
  5. Disbelieve
  6. Preconceive
  7. Misconceive
  8. Overachieve
  9. Counterdrive

Short Words That Rhyme with Life

Bife Cife Dife
Gife Hife Jife
Kife Lipe Mife
Nife Pipe Ripe
Sife Tife Vife
Wipe Xipe Yipe
Zipe Fipe  

Positive Words That Rhyme with Life

Thrive Drive Jive
Hive Strive Alive
Arrive Revive Archive
Survive Five Hive
Skive High-five Connive
Derive Enlive Outdrive

Life Rhyme Words With Meanings

Here is the list of rhyme words with their meanings:

  1. Archive: A place where historical records and documents are stored.
  2. Hive: A structure where bees live and produce honey.
  3. Drive: To operate and control the direction and speed of a motor vehicle.
  4. Jive: A lively style of dance or to speak in a way that is not sincere.
  5. Thrive: To grow, develop, or be successful.
  6. Dive: To jump into water head first or to quickly go down.
  7. Conceive: To come up with an idea or plan.
  8. Deceive: To make someone believe something that is not true.
  9. Sleeve: The part of a garment that covers the arm.
  10. Believe: To accept something as true.
  11. Grieve: To feel deep sadness, especially because someone has died.
  12. Weave: To make cloth by crossing threads over and under each other.
  13. Shrive: To confess, especially to a priest.
  14. Arrive: To reach a place.
  15. Contrive: To plan with cleverness or ingenuity.
  16. Derive: To get something from a source.
  17. Revive: To bring back to life or consciousness.
  18. Five: The number after four.
  19. Chive: A small, edible onion-like plant used in cooking.
  20. Clive: A personal name (no widely known general meaning).
  21. Hive (duplicate): A structure where bees live and produce honey.
  22. Jive (duplicate): A lively style of dance or insincere talk.
  23. Live: To be alive or to reside somewhere.
  24. Pensive: Deep in thought, often with a hint of sadness.
  25. Reprieve: A temporary relief from harm or discomfort.
  26. Misgive: To create doubt or apprehension.
  27. Relive: To experience something again in the mind.
  28. Sieve: A utensil for sifting or straining.
  29. Spive: A man, especially one engaged in shady dealings (British slang).
  30. Swive: An archaic term for having sexual intercourse.

Words that Rhyme with Life

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